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IP Magazine: Rosebush – Poetry Corner June Vol. 1 by Khalida
June 16, 2008, 4:50 am
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Poem by Baji Halimah

I have a rosebush and each flower is a friend,
And through the years this bush keeps growing, and some new flowers begin.

Among these are my close companions, who’ve grown roots here in my heart,
And every day I love them more, even though in earthly miles, some are apart.

But the “Bond” of Bonds unites us. And all across the universe,
For the love of Him, who loves us most, our beams of love are sent forth.

And on occasions, when we are all together again, the joyfulness of our union is great!
O my sisters! My brothers! True family are we! We are one, all for Allahu’s sake.

And just to let you know how special you are,
Upon each of you beautiful roses, I have placed a bright shining star.

For, my love for you overflows, my sisters, my brothers, my friends.
Our bounding grows stronger and stronger as we approach this life’s journey’s end!

And to my many beautiful children, I’ve attended some of you in birth and watched you grow
Into very fine adults and Muslims. Please! Keep the faith in every seed that you sow.

For it is for you we’ve paved the roads. And you or yours must shield the banner.
Through you Islam shall prevail. Its victory will come in like manner.

Many of us have grown old together, and together yet we still strive,
As the fingers of “Maut” come closer to carry us over to the other side.

To those whom I have wronged, I ask forgiveness, in case I haven’t managed in the past.
The same for you I have already sent forth; my forgiveness you don’t have to ask.

You know the path of Deen-ul-Islam is so awesome and splendid to me,
And I hope to ride the rainbow across to eternity.

Here’s hoping we all make it to Heaven’s gate, and that its doors be open wide
To receive all of you, my friends and me, when we are home on the other side..

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