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IP Magazine: Writing of Love…and Hope by Khalida

By Maryam A. Latif,

the Dominican Republic

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Sometimes, I have thought…
Here with the most humble remembrance,
that awakens during the night, when I’m sleepy;

He soothes me, He overwhelms me, matchless,
covering more than half my thoughts, those that
turn around in my mind and finally turn to You…

I hold on, in hope of some sign that will end
the uncertainty of that longing, for You, and what
You represent to me.

You love me with a pure love, sincere and with
compassion, and this is in what I hope.

You make me happy with each small thing, You give me
everything and at the end, after finding You and
knowing You, I will not have to hope nor desire,
for You are here.

You turn my shadow, in the light it travels, and
returns to me filling me with hope, an immense
serenity of peace that clothes my being, my soul
flaming to have found You, and to be taught by

What happiness is this which overwhelms
the uncertainty, arriving at Your path and coming
to know You?

So I come to understand that You are the
most pure and beautiful, all that I hoped for.

Never does it matter the stones, rocks, voids in
my path, every pain is worth you in the end. I
will come back to You and I place my hope in you
because You have filled me with life and flashes
of light, having fallen upon a dry earth, which
made me into Spring, for You.

For You are who I love in truth, Who has made me happy, so…
Can I live my life to Your desire, because
of You and for You, and renounce that which I
thought at one time was happiness?

Can I accept a way of living created by You which will bring me
nearer to You?
The answer is, yes, ya Allah
From me to Thee, oh Merciful One.

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Beautifully written.

Comment by tasithoughts

Thanks. I’ll let the author know.

Comment by ipinfo

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