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International Quranic Open University Sponsors Its Annual “Boys’ Summer Program” by Khalida
July 21, 2008, 3:41 am
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Attention neighbors, come join us at our annual summer program held in the Catskill Mountains for anyone coming with a positive attitude.

The International Quranic Open University (IQOU) is pleased to announce the Annual Boys’ Summer Program in the rural upstate New York village of Holy Islamberg. The Program is for all boys 15 years of age and older, and lasts for 30 days, beginning on the 5th of July, 2008. Participants are invited to attend with open minds, a positive attitude, and a willingness to follow the Ten Commandments.
Outdoor activities for the Program include: basic hiking and mountaineering; wrestling; swimming; boating; fishing; and basketball. The ancient sport of kabbadi will be featured as well for various levels of competition.
The standard IQOU curriculum includes: recitation of Holy Quran, to be completed by all within 30 days; studies from Bukhari Sharif and knowledge of Hadiths; research in Islamic Studies and Islamic Law;  the Sirah, or life study, of the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him and his family); as well as Conversational Arabic, which will be taught beginning with Book One by the IQOU staff , including staff members who have recently returned from studies at The National University of Modern Languages in Islamabad , Pakistan .
Seniors may look forward to a curriculum including an in-depth study of Holy Quran, Islamic History, Islamic Calligraphy, and Modern English reading and writing.
To qualify as a senior one must have at least a High School Diploma; and must have graduated from three previous IQOU summer programs with the completion of the Holy Quran and its translation at least once.  Basic knowledge of Sharia, or Islamic Law, is also necessary to qualify.
The fee for the 30 day program is $125 per student participant, to be collected at the time of registration.
For further information, please contact IQOU staff members: Khalifa Khalid Ihsan (607) 624-3338, or M. Ahmed A. Mumin (434) 426-5083.


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