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Miracles Abound at the Banaatun Noor Third Annual Reunion by Khalida
July 21, 2008, 3:36 am
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By Nafisah Begum & Zahidah Faruq, Islamic Post Staff Writers.

Above, the Holy Khanqah Gilaniya where many, including some reunion participants, have been blessed with beholding the blessed names of Allah and of the Holy Last Messenger Muahammad, sal Allahu alayhe wa sallam.

A few of the hundreds of ladies present at 2008 Banaatun Noor reunion.

Holy Islamville, SC– “This is your second chance at life, in this life.”
These divine words were spoken by his Eminence Sheikh Mubarik Ali Shah Jilani, prior to the blessed Third Annual Banaatun Nur Reunion. The reunion took place in Holy Islamville, SC on June 7-17, 2008. Holy Islamville is where the beautiful Holy Khanqa Gilania is located.  Many miracles have been revealed in this blessed Holy Khanqa of the Sufis. People have been spiritually healed, spiritually blessed and physical health conditions have been improved and/or  totally healed, just by entering into this blessed and revered place. Miracles do continue to happen, even during the Banaatun Nur reunion participants beheld the brilliant shining Nur of the Almighty Creator that turned into rainbows.
Ladies from all around the coun­try  traveled to Holy Islamville, South Carolina to attend the BanaatunNoor Reunion. The air crackled with excitement in the triple digit heat as ladies began to trickle in, in hopes of seeing fellow members of their individual chapters. All fall under the umbrella of BanaatunNoor (Daughters of Light) International, established in 1987 by his Eminence Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani. Some of the ladies had not seen each other in  the years since they had the unique op­portunity to travel abroad, where they each underwent extensive studies in Islamic educa­tion and culture, home econom­ics, and had the opportunity to live with our beloved Murshid, Pir Sahib Sultan Muhyuddin Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, Hash­mi, affording them an opportunity to see, breathe, and live the sunnah of the Beloved of Allah, Syedina Rasooli Akram (peace and blessing be upon his noble person).
They then returned home to their respective areas where they taught what they learned to their families, friends, and fellow countrymen.
Over the years there have been many other opportunities to educate other Muslim ladies at various camps. This reunion has allowed the members to continue their education and brush up on their various skills.
As the ladies set up the campsite, outdoor kitchen, and atrium where classes would be held, the camarade­rie, love, and kinship could be seen everywhere.
At the request of our Murshid, we came together as a group to make a special du’a (sup­plication) for El Sheikh’s dear friend, Mr.. Sher Khan, who was scheduled to have surgery during the reunion. We were honored to be given the privilege to aid our beloved in this way. This du’a was composed of 12,000 x’s Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, ArRahman, ArRaheem), twelve nawaful rakaats made in sets of two (to be made after every 1,000 x’s reci­tation of the Basmala); then the du’a was said and continued in this manner until its completion.
This du’a,  composed of words specifically requesting the Almighty Creator to grant good health, free­dom from calamities, prosperity, and long life for ourselves, community, participants, and the dear friend of  El Sheikh, was to be done over the course of three nights following the evening prayer.
On the second night of the pro­gram, over 60 ladies filled the Holy Khanqah Gilaniyah, to continue im­ploring Almighty Allah for the good health of Mr.. Sher Khan.
Upon the completion of the pro­gram, one of the ladies pointed to the foyer in the Holy Khanqah (the site of numerous miracles) where two rays of light could be seen. These rays were filled with rainbow colors, each color vibrant and distinct from the other; each ray was about 6 feet in length, going from the upper wall near the ceiling down to the floor and both were pulsating, swaying to and fro in dhikr. Some witnessed the name of Allah and the name of the Holy Last Mes­senger Muhammad (peace and bless­ings be upon his noble person) written in white noor (light), while many saw his Em­inence leading dhikr and guiding the program.
In an­other room of Bai­tun Noor (house of light), a lady had Almighty Al­lah’s name, and the name of the Beloved Holy Last Messenger written as Muhammad (peace and bless­ings be upon his noble person), and the face of our beloved Murshid on her right thumbnail and on the back side of the thumb. Many ladies gathered around her to see this blessed miracle.
The rainbows were witnessed by all present. Upon seeing this miracu­lous manifestation all went immedi­ately into sajdah, thanking Almighty Allah for this great benefit. The rain­bow gives assurance to the believers that Allah Almighty hears and answers the prayers of His sincere devotees.
At tahajjad on another morning, we did a spiritual program for Samia Begum and for our Jamaat. After a few days, we were informed that both people were doing very well and had sent their sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the programs for them. The reality of both of those programs is that the participants of this intensive ibadah were personally and spiritually invigorated themselves.
Our beloved Murshid Kamil personally refined and directed all of the essential aspects of this reunion. He was  in contact daily, sending messages regarding the program and changing the course outline as directed by Allah subhana wa ta Ala. He wrote a discourse on Adaab & Iklaq which was dictated by Dr. Jawwiriya A. Abdallah-Shahid. This discourse covered, in a condensed form, everything that a Muslim lady should know and do, regarding proper conduct in life. He continued to stress the importance of reading and understanding the Holy Quran. He said “at night, when your family has retired read the Holy Quran, this is your personal conversation with Allah subhana wa ta Ala.”
After our morning worship was performed, the following classes were given: Arabic, Surah  Baqarah DVD, 99 Names of Allah ta ‘ala, 40  Hadith Jami, On the Authority of the Sunna, Marriage, Gardening, Raising Chickens, Fish Farming, Canning, Hakimah Remedies, Ladies’ Health and Personal Beautification. After some time, our Murshid moved the Banaatun Noor Administrative office closer to the conference center and had a Hakimah Station set up to take care of the health needs of the participants. Our tasty meals were cooked on an outdoor fire and most of the conference attendees participated in the cooking and serving of each meal.
There were many smiling faces, warm salaams and loving arms that were continually engaging and embracing us. The faces of all the ladies were so beautiful and full of Nur, their eyes twinkling, sparkling and shining, as if secrets were being revealed to them at any given moment. There was a genuine feeling of true sisterhood; the differences of our ages merged into one. Respect and love replaced other emotions that were previously there. Everywhere we turned there were groups of ladies rehearsing inspirational stories, gems full of  Hikma and Ilm from the Holy Quran Majeed, Al Hadith, and from our guide on this blessed path of Tasawwuf, our  Murshid Kamil.
The grand highlight of the Banaatun Nur reunion was the conference call from our beloved Murshid to his American talibahs. His overall message was full of love and concern for our well being. His words were very clear; “become Mutaqeen, love your country, be good Americans;  you are American Muslims, be good neighbors. He said to become exemplary Muslim ladies, be kind, be merciful, be modest, help the poor and needy; take care of your person and your children. By following  the way of Nabi Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him,    everyone reaches back home. He also said, “Allah loves you and you must love Him with your heart and soul.”

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