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Natural Disaster or Wrath? by Khalida
July 21, 2008, 3:01 am
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By Durdana Jamaal Qadria, Islamic Post Staff Writer

Scientists and government agencies are baffled by the constant barrage of floods, tornadoes, and wildfires occurring simultaneously in several different locations.
Many of these storms have eluded all scientific detections and are only discovered when it is far too late to implement evacuation plans. There was a time when such devices were of value and offered enough warning to the people whose lives would be affected; however, predictions of mega-storms like Louisiana’s hurricane Katrina have fallen short in estimating the danger and destruction caused.
Floods in Iowa have swallowed entire towns, breaking or weakening the levees that were constructed to protect the masses. Many rely on the weather agencies to give concrete information substantiated by scientific facts as to the severity of a storm; however, Ron Fournier, a spokesman with the Army Corps of Engineers in Iowa , said,“There is no way to predict whether these levees will break. That’s a crystal ball that nobody has.”
In other states like Kansas, Oklahoma and Mississippi, tornadoes have leveled residential communities and small towns. Horrific tornadoes-sometimes two or three touching down in the same area at the same time- have exceeded the estimations of the agencies that tract them. Preliminary statistics from the National Weather Service show that 172 tornadoes have been reported in Kansas this year — the most in the nation.
Wildfires have charred and destroyed thousands of acres in California with its newest destruction in Hollywood. There has been speculation as to the origins of these wildfires but no evidence to corroborate such ideas. At best the reason given is that the heat combined with the lack of rain makes for an easy target for ‘wildfires’ to occur. Scientists, who would have the masses believe that these mega-storms are the results of mixes in climate from one region of the country to another, know all too well the reasons for such horrific occurrences.
When the people of New Orleans, Louisiana returned to their homes, they were more concerned about reviving Mardi Gras then repairing the damage done to some of the poorest areas in the city. State funds were allocated for the sole purpose of rebuilding New Orleans-a haven for all that is impure and against The Almighty Creator’s Law.
Homosexuals have been granted the right to ‘marry’ in California thus they are flocking to the state in droves seeking to make lawful what the Almighty Creator has deemed unlawful. This in the face of the fact that he sent the Great Flood of Noah (peace be upon him) to destroy them for the same actions.
One should pay careful attention to arrive at the conclusion that history is repeating itself. The crimes against the Almighty Creator are more prevalent now than in the past; bringing a multitude of calamities. Instead of one great flood, we suffer several of them. Instead of one tornado or forest fire, many storms befall our nation leaving us with nothing but memories.
How selective are our memories that we forget or  refuse to acknowledge the one thing that makes complete sense? The Almighty Creator’s Laws are being broken therefore He sends the Wrath. Even worse is the wrath upon those who chose to ignore the signs as a punishment, not a natural disaster.


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