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The Islamic Post Appoints Muhammad Atiq Shahid Resident Editor for Southeast Asia and Pakistan by Khalida
July 21, 2008, 3:08 am
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By Umm Umair, Islamic Post Staff Writer

The Islamic Post congratulates Muhammad Atiq Shahid (left in photograph), Senior Development Editor in Southeast Asia and Pakistan.

The esteem and popularity of the Is­lamic Post is ever-increasing in many countries around the globe. The reputation of the Islamic Post, the only Islamic inter­national journal of its kind, has particularly gained recognition and regard since its debut and recent printing in Spanish in the Carib­bean Islands.
The journal has also been acknowl­edged favorably in Southeast Asia, partic­ularly in Pakistan, and for these reasons the executive board of the Islamic Post recently appointed Muhammad Atiq Shahid as the Se­nior Resident Editor in Southeast Asia and Pakistan.
Considering this, it is quite deplorable that at the onset of his trip, while coming to Paki­stan to take up his new position, the editor’s luggage was removed from the plane at John F. Ken­nedy airport prior to take-off.
This is quite un­forgivable as Mr. Sha­hid is not only a great writer and orator, he is also a senior veteran who fought in Viet­nam.
His patriotism to the United States is unquestionable, and he is a good Muslim. He loves both his deen (re­ligious way of life) and his country without hesitation and without doubt.
Unfortunately, the hate campaign against Muslims is gaining great momentum in the U.S. spearheaded by Zionists who operate with ficti­tious names and bogus post office boxes. The worst thing is that they pretend to be Chris­tian. Their aim is to bring about a clash be­tween two faiths, Islam and Christianity. They have been successful in many countries.
However, learn­ing of this horrendous conspiracy, American Muslims have awakened in time to establish a Muslim-Christian unit­ed front and have held rallies in order to save the United States and the world.
The American Muslims have realized that only Muslim-Chris­tian unity can achieve this goal.
The Islamic Post has released state­ments wishing Mr. Atiq Shahid the best of luck and success in his new post.
He has further­more been authorized to print the Islamic Post in Pakistan.
Officials of the pa­per have also requested the Information Minis­ter, Mr. Shahree Rah­man, to send Mr. Atiq Shahid invitations to press conferences that will further his reprint­ing and successful dis­tribution of the journal in Pakistan.
Mr. Shahid will be staying at the Islamic Post office in Muree.


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