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Dr. Jemille: El Gilani Methodology, Part 2 by Khalida

By Dr. Jemille Wasi, Islamic Post Contributing Writer

In the last issue of the Islamic Post, I introduced the second in a series of articles whose objective was to provide a more detailed introduction into El-Gilani Methodology.  The first article [an introduction] highlighted the historical aspects of EGM.  In the second article, I described the method itself and some of the requirements involved in its practice.  The purpose of this current editorial is to expand on the idea of psychiatric diagnosis being the primary area of focus for this treatment system.
A central theme of Sufi psychiatric science, and the basis of EGM, is that the body is a product of the soul. Man is a spiritual being with a physical form.
This differs from the prevailing mainstream dogma that the soul is a product of the body.  In modern psychiatry, man is divine and our consciousness, mind, and souls are derived from our physical self.  In essence, this means that we are physical bodies with a spiritual soul.
Some modern psychiatrists go as far as to exclude the notion of a “soul” altogether; so much so, that inquiries into the non-corporeal facets of human existence negate the current laws of medical and physical sciences. These conventional, modern beliefs comprise the core obstacle that is hindering the curative treatment of psychiatric ailments.  Moreover, these principles led to the error of attributing mental disease to physical phenomena, which in turn, has led to the employment of physical means, i.e., regimens of drug and other therapies, to cure mental disease.  These measures do not provide a cure, and have yielded minimal results in even controlling the symptoms of mental disorders. This symptom control is not identical in all cases treated with the same modality, and the effectiveness varies on a case-by-case basis.
Because EGM is based on Sufi scientific codes, and because Sufi science revolves around the reality of the soul, EGM has been used primarily for psychiatric ailments.  In fact, the effectiveness of EGM in curing psychiatric maladies is due in part to the truth of the first-mentioned idea: we are spiritual beings with physical forms.
All aspects of Sufi psychiatry revolve around the purification of the soul from characteristics such as lust, greed, anger, jealousy, and other inner pollutants.  Possession of these traits spiritually, manifests physically in various forms. The only way to remove these inner pollutants is from the inside out.  Another facet of this is that a person’s negative actions or deeds can serve to  strengthen these characteristics spiritually; so care also needs to be taken in performing good deeds, as part of the inner cleansing. This cleansing process is essential to curing mental disorders.
For the last 40 years, El-Gilani Methodology has enjoyed  tremendous  international success in curing mental diseases, as well as other diseases that are based on one’s deeds, and the condition of one’s soul, such as AIDS.  There are many scientifically proven cases of the effectiveness of this method documented in the book, Quranic Psychiatry by His Eminence, Sheikh Syed Mubarik  El Gilani.  Not surprisingly, the only entities that decrease the effectiveness of EGM are the ineffective physical means currently used to treat mental disorders.  These modalities work similar to how negative actions and bad deeds work in obstructing the cleansing process.
Because EGM focuses on the root of the problem with mental disease, it can effectively stand alone as a treatment option.  One can see that eliminating the concept of the soul as the primary form with an associated physical vehicle, destroys the true essence of the etiology of mental disease at its very root. In order to progress in this field, one has to first acknowledge the above-mentioned Sufi principle, in order to truly understand the mystery of mental disease, its causes, signs, symptoms, and  remedies.
As always, only from Allah, Glorified is He and the Most High, can we be healed!

Dr. Jemille graduated in 1998 with honors from Longwood University, with a Bachelors in Chemistry. In June 2006, he received a Medical Degree from International Quranic Open University (I.Q.O.U.). In September 2006, he received his M.D. from Eastern Virginia Medical school. Dr. Jemille is scheduled, this year, to participate fully as a physician at St. Francis Family Residency Program.

For any comments or concerns send an email to Dr. Jemille:

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Assalamu alaikum, I have been prescribed a medicine called risperidone and would like to know if this is cosidered one of those drugs you mentioned above…what is the alternative to this drug if one has been prescribed this to treat mania…

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