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Opinion: The Quest for an Intelligence Quotient Illusion by Khalida
July 25, 2008, 5:43 pm
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By Noora Ahmad, Islamic Post Staff Writer

Caption: Twisted? Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes notoriously endorsed state sterilization in a 1927 Supreme Court decision with the slogan, “Three generations of imbeciles are enough,” using an IQ score as his justification.

In a study slated for the journal Intelligence, Ulster University professor of psychology, Dr. Richard Lynn, will offer up his proof that the higher one’s Intelligence Quotient (IQ), the less likely the person is to acknowledge their Almighty Creator.
Lynn found that a large percentage of people with high IQs considered themselves to be atheists.
The study also mentions that during the 20th century, as IQ rose, religious belief in 137 developed nations declined.
The Eugenics movement has long been using IQ tests  to separate what they think are the better religion and race categories; as well as professional and social statuses.
Doug Daniels, of the University of Regina’s Department of Sociology in Canada, says that although many believe the IQ scale is just “pure math” with no social or racial bias, research proves differently. In 1905, Alfred Binet developed one of the first tests to measure intelligence –the Binet Simon Test– where, according to Daniels, he “perfected his test amongst the middle and upper class children of Paris and, lo and behold, found that working class kids didn’t do so well at it.”
Convincing the general population of the veracity of  the IQ test –a series of questions designed for a certain group of people to master, thereby rendering a second group less intelligent– required a great deal of effort from Binet and his peers. The sequence and nature of the questions themselves have a quality that seems to lead the train of thought, while twisting the thought pattern in a manner akin to mind control.
Indeed, it does seem that those most susceptible to such deceptions – those whose real intelligence is inferior to animals, as even beasts do not deny their Creator – would score very high on such tests.
The point of intelligence exams is to make large groups of people submit to an imposed mental and spiritual inferiority. IQ testing is closely linked to the facist eugenics movement.
Ethnic cleansing.
In 1999, Nicolas Lemann wrote for Time Magazine, “The beginning of the IQ-testing movement overlapped with the eugenics movement — hugely popular in America and Europe among the ‘better sort’ before Hitler gave it a bad name.” Eugenics, or selective breeding based on various prejudices, is often used as rationale for destroying masses of people who are classed as disposable in an Illuminati program.
Peter Quinn in his study “Race Cleansing in America,” mentioned that “eugenics—the theory as well as the word [from eugene which means “wellborn”]—originated with Francis Galton [a key player in the development Intelligence Quotient examinations in America and] a cousin of Charles Darwin. Inspired by Darwin’s theory of natural selection, Galton’s study of the family backgrounds of prominent members of British society led him to the conclusion that achievement and heredity were clearly linked;” leaving room for him and others to promote mass sterilization.
The highest members of British society whom Galton studied and promoted as those most worthy of survival by natural selection –the royal family– have a long history of links to Satanism and mind control.
Although worldly achievement is not discouraged, it is not an indication of a person’s real worth.
The rat race.
Intelligence testing (eugenics) is a tool for the training of aspirations, gearing mankind to be engaged in a constant quest to carve out individual places in a Darwinian system of backward intelligence standards. In the ever changing rat race, few view a connection to their Creator as important. These views, combined with a constant feeding of falsehoods in respect of the Almighty, result in large numbers of atheists.
All people, regardless of race, social standing, or religion should be aware of this attempt to rob them of a relationship with their Almighty Creator, who has designed a system to which all the universes submit since the very beginning of time, a system geared to grant everlasting success.

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