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Commentary: All Rights Reserved for Divine Texts by Khalida
August 17, 2008, 3:36 pm
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By Afifa Begum, Islamic Post Staff Writer

How mankind did come to the decision to rearrange, alternate, and in many cases delete heavenly instructions from previous Holy Scriptures?

Holy Qur'an (above). How mankind did come to the decision to rearrange, alternate, and in many cases delete heavenly instructions from previous Holy Scriptures? (Photo: Brass Art & Decor)

“All rights are reserved. No part of this publication may be copied, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, except by means of brief extracts for the purpose of review, without full permission of the publisher.”
These are decrees and rights given in most books or written literature with a copyright registration. Reading this statement of earthly publishing rights makes you wonder and ponder about all of the Holy, Divinely revealed texts that were authored and published by the Almighty Himself. He was the first to establish a copyright and a Library of Congress: His Heaven and Holy Court.
How mankind did come to the decision to rearrange, alternate, and in many cases delete heavenly instructions from the Holy Scriptures? With whose permission have these changes been made? What method of pursuance or process was implemented to contact The Lord Almighty for His permission to reconstruct these Divine constitutions?

Within the annals of the United States of America there is an established mode of conduct when it comes to altering or establishing a new law.  Legislators of the government have to convene, consult, and decide about these matters. This begs the question:  How can someone abrogate or dismiss the universal, Divine insignia of The Lord of all the worlds without appealing to Him for permission?
The world we live in is controlled and governed daily by laws. There are driving laws, building codes, and tax regulations which cannot be disregarded; everywhere there are governing ordinances that cannot be violated.
As Muslims, Christians, and Jews, no one has been given the permission nor the authority to reinvent, omit, or wipe out any of the scriptures of the Almighty Creator – absolutely none. To eternally eradicate this illegitimate process, and give a rebuttal to this disregard and violation of His universal laws, decrees, and Divine instructions, the last revealed Holy Book, the Holy Qur’an, has been sent down by the Almighty Creator. Allah Almighty delivers a promise and a challenge to all of mankind: if everyone collectively galvanized and convened with the intent of changing the Divinely revealed scripts of His Holy Qur’an, they will never be able to accomplish their mission.
Almighty Allah, the Most Exalted, says:  “And this Quran is not such as could ever be  produced by other than Allah; but it is a confirmation of that which was before it, and an exposition of that which is decreed for mankind – therein is no doubt – from the Lord of the Worlds. Or say they: He (Muhammad) hath invented it? Say: Then bring a surah like unto it, and call (for help) on all ye can besides Allah, if ye are truthful.” 10:37-38
Allah enshrouded the Holy Qur’an with His love, mercy, and His Promise of its protection from corruption, interpolation, additions or deletions, throughout the ages.  Then He revealed it and inscribed it upon the heart of the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, to deliver to mankind for our education, guidance, and enlightenment regardless of race, creed, or color.
The Holy Qur’an, revealed through the agency of the Archangel Gabriel to the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, may the peace and blessing of Almighty Allah be upon him, is a cache of universal love letters from the Almighty Creator to His highest creation, the viceroys on earth – mankind.
The words contained in Holy Qur’an are a panacea for all diseases, and a comprehensive prescription for mankind, for all times to come. Its treasure is shrouded with sacred locks, which He lovingly opens for whomever He pleases. The sweetness from its nectar cannot be derived except by His permission, as a gift to His sincere servants.  Al Qur’an Kareem, this most generous Divine text, is filled with an overabundance of blessing, and is a vault of invaluable signs that cannot be stolen, only comprehended by those pure hearts endowed by Him with true intelligence, and who  seek, and will accept, religious guidance. The Holy Qur’an contains the formula for the reformation of mankind, and is the fountain of youth and elixir of life.
The truth of the past and present scriptures is scrolled within its pages, from the Almighty Creator, the Most Exalted and on High. He is the ‘Copywriter,’ and the Sublime Creator of the ‘library of scriptures,’ His guarded, bejeweled treasures. The Lord’s Prayer of the Holy Messenger Jesus, the son of Mary (peace be upon them both), from Bible scripture, is the prayer most oft-read by the Christians. The Ten Commandments, were given to the Holy Messenger Moses, peace be upon him, and are practiced by all faiths.  Both of these can be found within the precious gems of the Holy Qur’an.  Also contained in the Holy Qur’an are the stories of many of the Holy Messengers, peace and blessing of Allah be upon them all, including the Holy Messenger Abraham, known as Ibrahim, the Friend of Allah, the nativity of the Holy Messenger Jesus, who is a lawyer for the sincere Christians, and his chaste mother, Mary, one of the four most perfect ladies of all times; the beautifully lyrical Book of Psalms that was revealed to the Holy Messenger David; as well as the Torah that was revealed to the Holy Messenger Moses, and given to the Jews.
Muslims, Christians, and Jews must all prostrate and pray together, eradicate crime, wipe out sin, and remove the boulders of evil that separate man from the Beloved Almighty Creator, and the Fount of Eternal Bliss.


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