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Cayman Islands See US Offshore Firm Investigation, Again by Khalida

The last time the Cayman Islands came under wide government scrutiny was the 1988 probe that tied international bankers to the likes of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

By Mubeen Khaleel, Islamic Post Staff Writer

Pressroom of Senator Max Baucus)

Sentator Max Baucus’ (D.-Mont.) Cayman Islands fraud investigations may prove no more successful to that Sen. John Kerry (R.-Mass.) before him, who was warned off a similar investigation in 1988. (Photo: Pressroom of Senator Max Baucus)

Zbigniew Brzezinski visits a man thought now to be Osama bin Ladin (aka Tim Osman) in at the Afghanistan border in the late 1980’s. The same tactic of funding one foe, via offshore accounts, to defeat another remains in place, only this time the Taliban are not being used against the Soviets, but marring the name of Islam to justify the War on Terror. (Photos: Sygma Corbis Agency, Paris)

Around 1980, upon the initial arrival of Saudi “Tim Osman” in Afghanistan to train Taliban precursors, the now-infamous Osama bin Laden was just in time for a surprise encounter with the National Security Advisor to former President Jimmy Carter, Council on Foreign Reltions member, and staunch globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was donning a turban and shouting, “Allah is on your side.”
While there have been stranger events in history, none could have thought at the time that Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), a money laundering operation with offices in the Cayman Islands with extensive ties to the bin Laden family, would be investigated by Senator John Kerry, bringing to light ties between international banks, high officials, and extremist terrorism.
BCCI, as an indirect financial supporter of the previous so-called jihad in Afghanistan with money-laundering links to the Iran-Contra affair, would be the target of a Senate investigation led by Senator John Kerry (R- Mass.), which eventually led to the close of the bank, and exposure of U.S. business and government links to the extremist groups now known as the Taliban and al Qaeda.
Senator Max Baucus (D- Mont.), Finance Committee Chairman for the U.S. Senate, recently announced a new investigation, this time against cover corporations set up in the Cayman Islands and their shadow connections to U.S. businessmen. The Ugland House has come under intense scrutiny for having close to 19,000 registered business tenants in the 5- story Cayman building, half of which entities are American.
The investigation was initiated by the Finance Committee in a inquiry over $345 billion expected tax dollars that slip through the cracks each year.
Business and financial institutions have long used offshore entities to avoid paying taxes, but the Cayman Islands and other popular sites –like Panama and the British Virgin Islands– have been used as Illuminati sites for money-laundering –which crime is connected to the multi-billion dollar drug and human trafficking industries, among other nefarious activities. Often times, more legitimate money-makers: oil, international banking, the gold and diamond trade, and especially war, are used to mask large cash flows and illegal shipments. All of these operations are used to fund the global operations of the globalist Illuminati.
In 1998, Brzezinski admitted in an interview with Le Nouvel Observa teur that the Taliban was being funded by the Carter administration not because they were freedom fighters, but to invoke support against a more formidable enemy, Russia. This same tactic was and is being used against practicing Muslims in the world, who are the only real threat remaining to the Zionist, Illuminati-controlled one world order. By financing the likes of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, not only does the drug trade prosper, but regular Muslims come under attack by those who eventually equate the abused name of Islam with terrorism.
Many of these plots and double-plots are funded through shadow entities operating out of the Cayman Islands, formerly by the BCCI, now by unknown financial groups with similar interests.
Shady links.
Livingstone wrote, “Khalid bin Mahfouz –Osama bin Laden’s brother in law and the largest shareholder of BCCI– who is an important figure within the Saudi government with extensive business ties to the Bush family and the CIA” partnered his company the Saudi Investment Corporation (SICO) with the Saudi BinLaden Group, and when the bank was prosecuted under U.S. federal banking laws, “agreed to pay a $225 million settlement to pay the bank’s creditors after being found jointly liable for BCCI’s collapse.”
Tim Ashby, who served as Director of the Office of Mexico and the Caribbean for the U.S. Commerce Department and also Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for the Western Hemisphere during the time in question, as a guest columnist for the Seattle Times in October of 2004 wrote, “A decade after Kerry helped shut the bank down, the CIA discovered bin Laden was among those with accounts at the bank. A French intelligence report obtained by The Washington Post in 2002 identified dozens of companies and individuals who were involved with BCCI and were found to be dealing with bin Laden after the bank collapsed, and that the financial network operated by bin Laden today ‘is similar to the network put in place in the 1980s by BCCI.’”
“At that time, I was the U.S. Commerce Department official responsible for Panama and other Latin American countries involved in the drug trade. I held a top-secret security clearance and read CIA reports bluntly describing the bank’s role in drug-money laundering and other illegal activities,” Ashby continued.
“I witnessed how Kerry met with opposition in Washington from powerful figures in both political parties. Even President George H.W. Bush, whose son George W. Bush received a $25 million BCCI loan for one of his oil businesses, pressured Kerry to drop the investigation. Finally, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Democratic Sen. Claiborne Pell, formally asked Kerry to end his probe,” Ashby said, in what echoes today as efforts of U.S. senators to uncover the truth about the Iraq war are being continually thwarted.
According to historian John Coleman’s book The Committee of 300, at the time BCCI was indicted on several charges of being heavily involved in drug money laundering throughout the world. 35% of stock was held by the ruling families Bahrain, Sharjah, Dhubai, Saudi Arabia, Iran and groups of Middle East businessmen. BCCI Cayman Islands owned 41%, Bank of America, 24%; and BCCI Cayman Islands and BCCI Luxembourg had established Agency offices in Miami, Boca Raton, Tampa, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Because of the hidden nature of shell corporations, many of whom shuffle the same board members from outfit to outfit, Senator Baucus is proposing a legal leap to catch up with professional tax evaders in the hopes of uprooting such corruption, which not only cheats hard-working taxpayers, but as in the BCCI case, could indicate treason against the security and interests of the United States. Baucus is requesting the Senate to consider mandating financial firms to file information reports to the IRS at the point when they facilitate transfers of client funds offshore, as a method of enabling the IRS to better track tax evaders by matching that report with filed returns. This would allow the burden to rest with those possibly engaging in nefarious activities to submit proof of legitimacy instead of the IRS spending millions of better-spent dollars to ferret them out; which has proved a largely fruitless effort in the past, as to get to the bottom of offshore corruption, untouchables must first be made to testify.
The BCCI, a Saudi-funded Illuminati banker was offered up for prosecution as a sacrificial lamb when the investigation got too close to those who pulled the strings; but the main players: the House of Saud and international drug/terror/oil cartels stayed out of the reach of the law.
When prosecuted, 8 BCCI officers served jail time, fines amounting to $14 million were paid, and the bank was duly touted in Time Magazine as the “biggest fraud in banking history,” apparently satisfying the world that the investigation had reached a successful conclusion. However, the bank was not the “biggest fraud” as noted by Abid Ullah Jan in his book BCCI to ISI who claimed France’s Credit Lyonnais to have outreached BCCI with $35 billion in questionable assets, whereas prosecutors only found close to $4 billion for BCCI; and the bank’s founder “Agha Hasan Abedi—the central character of the whole story —was not touched by any of the Western governments.”
Robert Mazur, the chief Customs undercover officer in the sting operation that brought down BCCI, known as Operation C-Chase, was less than enthused with the sentencing and fines imposed upon the defunct bank, and resigned out of frustration and “my love for this country.” According to the report to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, compiled in 1992 by Senators John Kerry and Hank Brown, Mazur “continued to work for the U.S. Customs Service on the BCCI prosecution through to the conviction of the BCCI officers indicted in the case in August, 1990. But the experience had left him frustrated and angry. In April, 1991, Mazur resigned from the U.S. Customs Service in a letter to Customs Commissioner Carol Hallett, to whom he wrote the following:
‘I know that my formally advising you of the deplorable conditions in Tampa [a key BCCI location] could cause some individuals in a professional circle to question my loyalty. But it is simply out of my love for this country and our critical need for ethical government that I think its appropriate to respond to a request for my candor. . . If it had not been for the nearly two years of achievement prior to March 1988, the ultimate outcome would also have been lost. The outcome of the case, while notable, was considerably less than it could have been. The indictment of additional defendants and the seizure of substantially more drug proceeds was lost, directly as a result of the application of inadequate resources… to the investigation. This opinion is shared by individuals meaningfully involved in the successes preserved within Operation C-Chase, including the lead prosecutor.’”
Perhaps of further ire to Mazur, was the fact that long-standing Washington advisor and former Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford and his partner Robert Altman, both of First American Bankshares, while indicted for their roles in BCCI’s acquisitions and management of American banks, had the charges dropped, according to David Livingstone’s book Terrorism-Illuminati. Clifford’s incictment was dropped, like Abedi, due only to ill health; and Altman was eventually acquitted. Both men, however, agreed to a $5 million settlement with the Federal Reserve and were banned by the Fed from the banking world, as reported by the New York Times in 1998.
According to Senator Kerry’s report, Clifford and Altman were “the central figures in BCCI’s acquisitions and management of U.S. banks;” this included representing the sale of National Bank of Georgia (NBG) to BCCI nominee Ghaith Pharoun –whose Arabic name literally signifies “Mad Like Pharoah,” as well as the initial attempts by BBI to acquire First American. “Clifford and Altman have testified that they were throughout this period deceived as to BCCI’s ownership of and control of First American and other BCCI entities in the United States, and ignorant of the bank’s wrongdoing in any material respect,” read the report.
The evidence found in the case of BCCI linked international bankers to efforts to fund al Qaeda operatives, and hence bolster the eventual support for the coming War on Terror. Al Qaeda, the Taliban and other pittance lackeys were spawned, funded and trained by the Illuminati to lend credence to the War on Terror, which is carrying on the mission of wholesale genocide of innocent Muslims in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan with a serious eye on the main target, Pakistan.
In the usual feat of double-speak, the Illuminati has declared Islamic extremists to be the enemy, whereas the extremists-the Salafis and Wahhabis- have been shown by bank records to be their greatest friends. After this, only Islam is left as the enemy; all this is being done to establish a Satanic New World Order to which true practicing Muslims pose the greatest threat.

The Ugland House developments and the international implications of those developments for peace-loving peoples remains to be seen.

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