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Italian Officials Convicted For Abuse Of 2001 G8 Summit Protesters by Khalida
August 18, 2008, 8:49 am
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By Noora Ahmad, Islamic Post Staff Writer

Han Soete)

Police beat demonstrators, who were housed by Genoa’s city council at the Diaz Pertini School –a bloody stairwell of which is shown above. (Photo: Han Soete)

An Italian court recently handed down sentences for 15 officials, including police officers, prison officials and doctors for inhumane and degrading treatment and assault of anti-globalist protesters, who demonstrated in the Italian city of Genoa in 2001 to against the policies of the Group of Eight (G8) at their 27th annual convention.
The BBC reported protesters to have been strip-searched, beaten, then tortured. They were also made to sing songs dedicated to famous fascists.
Apparently the police had mistaken the demonstrators, who had been housed that summer in the Diaz Pertini School by Genoa’s city council, for Black Bloc anarchists who had caused a good amount of destruction in the city earlier that day.
Nick Davies, of the UK Guardian, reported in detail the blood bashing of police officers who raided the school, crushing and beating everyone in sight. “More officers piled in to beat their heads, cutting and bruising and breaking limbs, including the arm of a 65-year-old woman. At the side of the room, several young people were sitting at computers, sending emails home. One of them was Melanie Jonasch, a 28-year-old archaeology student from Berlin, who had volunteered to help out in the building and had not even been on a demonstration.
“She still cannot remember what happened. But numerous other witnesses have described how officers set upon her, beating her head so hard with their sticks that she rapidly lost consciousness. When she fell to the ground, officers circled her, beating and kicking her limp body, banging her head against a near-by cupboard, leaving her finally in a pool of blood. Katherina Ottoway, who saw this happen, recalled: ‘She was trembling all over. Her eyes were open but upturned. I thought she was dying, that she could not survive this.’”
In his report, Davies continued the long list of crimes committed by Italian officials that night – with the above being less sickening than the majority of accounts; yet, according to Italian statutes, those convicted will not actually face jail time until the appeal process is exhausted.
The world leaders who participated in the conference included: Jean Chretien of Canada, Jacques Chiraq of France, Gerhard Schroder of Germany, Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, Junichiro Koizumi of Japan, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Tony Blair of the United Kingdom and George W. Bush of the United States. Leaders of international organizations attending the summit included those from the United Nations, the European Union, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization.
The G8 have insisted upon their intention to “make globalization work for all our citizens,” despite mass resistance which visits the Summit each year, in whatever worldwide location the conference is held. As of late entire sections of cities are closed off in preparation for the globalist meeting.
In 2001, when all the abuses took place, the G8 stopped just short of apologizing to the innocent demonstrators who were beaten and tortured, calling the situation on the whole deplorable, and expressing gratitude as well as regret to the citizens of Genoa. “We will defend the right of peaceful protesters to have their voices heard. But as democratic leaders, we cannot accept that a violent minority should be allowed to disrupt our discussions on the critical issues affecting the world. Our work will go on,” the statement said.


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