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Banaatun Noor ‘Ladies of Light’ 2008 Summer Commencement Ceremony ‘Birth of a Nation’ by Khalida
September 26, 2008, 4:48 pm
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By Umme Mansur, Islamic Post Staff Writer

The graduation ceremonies of the Ladies Annual Summer Camp were held on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, August 31, in Holy Islamburg, New York. It was the culmination of an intensive 30 day program of Islamic Studies. Besides the bestowal of certificates upon all the students, the following awards were presented:

Qirat Holy Quran; 1st. Place, Maryam Amatus Salam; 2nd. Place, Zohra AbdulHameed; 3rd. Place Maryam Rauf.

Speech: 1st Place-Adilla Ahmed; 2nd Place-Jamila Ali; 3rd Place-Tashriha Malik.

Na’at: 1st Place-Banaatus Salaam; 2nd Place-Nusratun Jannah; 3rd.Place-Bustanatus Soraya.

Knitting awards were presented in two categories, those with some experience and those new to knitting. In the beginning group, first place knitting given to Hanan A. Aziz, 2nd. Place to Abidah A. Kareem and 3rd. Place to Ashiqa Muqit. Amongst experienced knitters, 1st. Place awarded to Adilla A Salaam, 2nd Place to Sultana A. Salaam and 3rd Place to Jamila Ali.

The best All Around award was given to Hanan A. Aziz. The 360 award was given to Yasmeen A. Rahman. This was a special award presented in honor of that person who mostly exemplified a strenuous effort to reform herself or show most improvement. This year a Camp Motivator award was given to Rahila Abdullah, a veteran camper. Rayhanah A. Matin delivered a moving speech in Arabic, while Aisha Muqit gave the English translation. Awards were also presented in recognition of ladies who participated in relief efforts of Hurricane Katrina and their work with the Pakistan earthquake victims. Tahirah A. Haqq and Aliyah begum Ali Abdul Haqq were awarded for their hard work and delicious foods prepared in the kitchen. The students of Safiyah A. Salaam, in appreciation of her Arabic instruction, presented her with the Arabic dictionary Al Mawrid. Safiyah A. Khafid was also presented a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a copy if Al Irfaan by her students who were definitely inspired by her moving and affectionate instruction of Uswa-e- RasuliAkram (peace and blessings of Allah be on him).


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