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How Coca-Cola Targeted Fasting Muslims by Khalida
September 26, 2008, 3:25 pm
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By Farhana Jamal, Islamic Post Staff Writer

The Coca-Cola Company hired a company named Attik before Ramadan to decorate cans in a fashion to induce more Muslims to buy the soft drink. The Ramadan-designed can is being marketed in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Morocco, Tunisia and other countries where Muslims are the majority and has the flags of 11 such countries displayed within the soda’s red and white trade colors.
The marketing scheme, which dates as far back as 2006, comes after mass worldwide boycotts of the product in 2002. At that time it was alleged that the Coca-Cola Company, which produces a wide variety of brand names like Minute Maid and Fanta, is a supporter of Zionism.
The allegations stemmed from a “pro-Israel propaganda lecture” given by Linda Gradstein, which was cosponsored by Coca-Cola along with Zionist organizations like Friends of Israel, and National Hillel.
The Coca Cola Company has plants worldwide, including on land that is alleged to have been stolen from Palestine.
At least 20 universities in the United States have refused to allow Coca-Cola products onto their campuses in the past decade, including the University of Michigan, Rutgers University, New York University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Michigan State University; alleging human rights and environmental abuses by the company.
The Coca-Cola Company denies that it is guilty of any such claims.
“In a globalizing world, Ramadan presents an opportunity to showcase the true values of Islam and what it stands for,” said Coca Cola in 2006, “Because no other brand is as inclusive as and no other company is as diverse as Coca-Cola, we have a unique opportunity to play a valued role as an international bridge-builder and facilitator of dialogue during Ramadan.”
Health Issues.
In addition to political questions about the company (Coca-Cola denies that it has any political affiliations whatsoever), a 2003 California State University student experiment attempted to show that consumption of caffeinated Coca-Cola has the potential to cause health problems. The study dealt with the rapid rise in blood pressure after subjects consumed the product. The effects can cause significant difficulties for a person who fasts the month of Ramadan. The study “proved the hypothesis that Coca Cola with caffeine will raise the blood pressure of a person within thirty minutes,” claimed the University students.


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