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International Quranic Open University Offers Dars ul Azam: Islamic Scholar Program by Khalida
September 26, 2008, 12:34 pm
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By Aisha Muqit, Islamic Post Staff Writer
Holy Islamberg, NY— “Thanks and praise be to the Almighty, Shukr wal hamdulillah! This course is a dream come true,” said Umm Siddiq, one of the students at the annual Banaatun Noor International (BTI) Ladies Summer School. Umm Siddiq is taking introductory classes leading up to the International Qur’anic Open University’s (IQOU) 2008 fall semester classical course in Islamic studies, Dars ul Azam.
Renowned Islamic Universities abroad have offered the intense curriculum, Dars ul Azam, for centuries. The Vice Chancellor of IQOU, Sultan Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, has set a syllabus that condenses this traditional eight year program into a unique one year course of study.
“This particular program (Dars ul Azam) provides a unique opportunity for American Muslims to receive this type of formal Islamic education from their homes; which until now one would have to attend university abroad for an extended period in order to receive this information,” said Umm Siddiq.
“I have often read of great scholars who attended the Universities for in-depth education in Islamic Studies and sciences. Scholars such as Jalaludeen Suyuti (RA) who wrote numerous books, taught at university himself for many years, and also coauthored the famous work Tafsir al Jalalayn, which was written entirely in Arabic. Scholars, such as he, are an inspiration for students such as myself,” she continued.
The preliminary classes from the BTI Ladies’ Summer School included:
Qadoori Fiqh
Mishkat Musabih
Riyadh Saliheen
Introduction to Holy Qu’ran
Uswai Rasooli Akram (SAW)
Islamic History
Conversational Arabic
The Dars ul Azam program includes the following subjects:
Ilm ul Quran (40 subjects)
Ilm ul Hadith (20 subjects), including Mishkat Misabah and Ma’ariful Hadith
Ilm ul Fiqh (including Qadoori Fiqh)
Islamic History
Khitabahe (Islamic way of  giving discourse and lectures)
Ilm ul Dawah
Arabic Studies (Ilm ul-Tajweed, Conversation, Writing, Arabic Grammar, Sarfwanahr )
Islamic Adaab
Upon completion of the Dars ul Azam program, students will receive their Bachelors in Islamic Studies from IQOU, which will be conferred upon them at next year’s Ladies Summer School.
“El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Gilani leads the way in educating, uplifting, and purifying those American Muslims dedicated to living their lives in the light of Holy Qur’an and Sunnah,” Umm Siddiq confirmed.


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