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Lailatul Qadr & Nisfe Sha’baan Prayer by Khalida
September 26, 2008, 1:07 pm
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Suleiman Muqit

Nisfe Shabaan in Holy Islamville, SC. IP Photographer: Suleiman Muqit

Printed below is the English  translation by  the International Quranic Open University of the Nisfe Sha’baan prayer, which can and does change the decree. This dua is also recited on Lailatul Qadr. It has been handed down from Ghausul Azam, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, may Allah bestow mercy upon him.
For the proper method of recitation, please visit

Ya Allah, Thou favors all and needs the favor of no one. Oh Most Exalted and Supreme and Bestower of Rewards, there is no deity save Thee. Oh the “backbone” of those who seek Thy help; and You are the Refuge of those who seek Thy protection; and You are the Abode of Peace for those who are stricken with terror.
Oh my Allah. If you have written my name in Thy Book (Loh -e-Mahfooz) as unlucky, miserable or destitute, or deprived of rizq (provisions) in abundance, then, Ya Allah, delete that.
Ya Allah, for the sake of Thy fadl, may my misery, my depravity, my destitute situation and shortness of rizq be changed in Thy Book (of destiny) and be written as lucky, bestowed with rizq in abundance and may I be the one granted competency to do virtuous deeds because, ya Allah, Thou hast spoken and Thou speakest the Haqq (truth) in Thy revealed Book, (Holy Qur’an), and Thy Messenger has spoken also that, “Allah deletes whatever He willeth, and preserves whatever He willeth; and with Him is the Book of Destiny.”
Ya Allah, for the sake of Thy greatest tajally (Divine manifestation of His Noor, Names or Words), during the midhalf night of Sha’baan in which the Almighty, All Wise gives judgement on every issue (to befall until the next Sha’baan) and fulfills it as well, we beseech and implore Thee, ya Allah, to save us from all adversities, miseries, trials about which we know and don’t know but indeed You are the best Knower, the Most Exalted and Supreme One.
Blessings be upon our  Master, the Last Messenger, Muhammad, and upon his descendents, companions and walees.


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