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Why Conspirators Insult the Holy Messengers of God by Khalida
September 26, 2008, 4:33 pm
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Abdul Hameed Abdul Aziz, Islamic Post Staff Writer

The mission of conspiracies has remained the same throughout history: to prevent the restoration of the will and love of God in the people.
Devoid of love, or even understanding, the conspirators, who obviously wish to bring difficulty to the believers today, are the same in spirit as those who hurled insult to the Second to Last Holy Messenger Jesus, as well as Moses, peace be upon them both.

Muslims, Christians, and all people whose goal is the pure, honest, and just progression of mankind as one family and one nation under God, should come together in joint efforts to overcome falsehood and ignorance, as was the example of our ancestors. Perhaps then, when Jesus returns (which, we can see is to be very soon), the sincere amongst both groups –united on the religion of Jesus, who worshiped One Almighty Creator– will be able to show the Son of Mary something to make him proud, bringing light to a darkening world.

Like throwing stones at the moon.
The traits of the Holy Messengers are very similar; parallels can be drawn between them throughout time, as their missions were the same: to guide people to the worship of One Almighty Creator and behave  fair, just, and kind with the rest of creation. May God’s peace be upon them all.

The Holy Last Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) was well known throughout Arabia, before his Messengerhood was revealed, as the man with the most sublime, mannered, and truthful character, whose justness, piety, and trustworthiness was completely unmatched by any individual. His advice was sought on the most vital matters, and in the course of his living he was surnamed “Al-Amin,” or the Most Trustworthy One, by those who were not Muslim.
Like other Messengers before him, the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him) was granted permission from the Almighty Creator to marry mustarah (honorable Muslim ladies) of various backgrounds. As a result, every Muslim woman up to today and until the Day of Judgment has the example of a lady whom she can personally relate her character, personality, tendencies, and preferences to. The youngest of his wives was destined to be the personal student and scribe of the most intricate details of his home and public life, and as a result, she is the greatest woman scholar that the world of Islam has ever seen, and has related more traditions of his example than any other lady in history, thereby benefitting mankind until the end of time (May the Almighty Creator be well please with her). Nor did this young lady go to live with her most honorable spouse until she became of age.
Conspirators continue to hurl sadistic taunts, blind attempts to defame the character of our teacher, the one who was responsible for bringing the world out of the Dark Ages. Unseemly reactions by Muslims, incited by these slanderers, only causes alienation from other religious elements of society. Disunity between Christians and Muslims cannot be afforded, as it would allow the irreligious conspirators  to continue to “divide and conquer,”  achieving their ancient dream of a Satanic world order.


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