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“Blessed We Are, Blessed We Shall Be” Miraculous Manifestation Witnessed At Islamberg Children’s Academy by Khalida
September 27, 2008, 5:05 am
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By Jameelah Kareem, Islamic Post Contributing  Writer

Islamberg, NY–On the 12th day of this Blessed month of Ramadan (Jummah, September 12, 2008), Almighty Allah lifted another veil from my eyes and from my heart.
After monitoring the halls and assisting some students, I had returned to my work station at Islamberg Children’s Academy. As I sat down, I took a sigh of relief and became filled with joy. I was happy to be a part of something that our Vice Chancellor has told us to do for quite some time now; open a school. While having these thoughts I happened to glance up and on the wall in the woodwork and at an angle, I saw Allah’s blessed name in Arabic letters. I immediately went to get my digital camera to take a picture of it.

Because I was at an angle and the zoom feature as not great on my camera, I could not capture Allah’s name without moving closer. When I went right up on the wall, it was as if Allah’s name had disappeared. I returned to my desk and again Allah’s name appeared in the same spot. Several times I had attempted get closer to capture this on my camera. Without success, I returned to my workstation.
Once again I glanced up and now to the left of where I saw Allah’s name, I saw Nabi Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) name in the woodwork. I became very joyous. This time, I was able to capture a picture of this blessing, all praise is for Allah. I showed several staff members of ICA this picture throughout the day. They also witnessed what I had seen. Amongst them were Amirah Safiya A. Haqq, Tahira Halim, and Naima Azza.
At a later time I showed the same picture to a companion of mine. She also bore witness that she saw his (peace be upon him) name and became very happy. My companion then pointed out that she saw to the right of his (peace be upon him) name a Ha and a Meem. We were trying to figure out what that could be. Then in excitement I said, “Ahmad!” (peace be upon him). She said I don’t see an Alif and continued to look for it. Shortly after she saw an Alif, Ha, Mim, and a Del. We both became extremely happy. I felt warmness in my heart and wanted to cry. Some how I was able to refrain from doing so. I feel so blessed and honored that Allah the Most High has allowed me to see this and share with others. Allah the Most High has blessed us, allows us to receive His ever-lasting Mercy, continues to raise our station and lift our veils. Ameen.


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