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Dominican Republic Doctor Praises Quranic Therapy by Khalida

In an interview with the Islamic Post, Dr. Syed Muzaffar Hassan explains his affinity with Qur’anic therapies and for El Gilani Methodology.

Dr. Syed Muzaffar Hassan works from his family clinic in the Dominican Republic through which he hopes to assist afflicted persons. (IP File Photo)

Dr. Syed Muzaffar Hassan works from his family clinic in the Dominican Republic through which he hopes to assist afflicted persons. (IP File Photo)

Islamic Post Interview

Q. Salaam Alaykum, I greet you with peace, Dr. Syed Muzaffar Hassan, please tell me the name of your clinic.
A. The name of my clinic is Centro de Salud Familiar, when translated from Spanish this means the Family Health Center. It is located in the Dominican Republic.

Q. Do patients come to you with long term or short term illnesses?
A. As a general practitioner, I treat almost all types of patients, long term and short term illnesses. I treat all types of ailments from the simple flu to life-threatening diseases and psychological problems.

Q. How do you explain to non-Muslims the healing effect of zikr, the remembrance of the Almighty Creator?
A. I explain to my patients that both health and sickness are blessings of Allah the Most High, but that sickness itself is a very weighty blessing. Because we are very weak and have difficulty bearing this blessing, we must remember the Almighty Creator, do His zikr, and ask His Merciful Divine help to bear this blessing. We can also ask His Divine help to lessen the burden for us due to our weakness. The mode of action, or the real healing effect of zikr of the Almighty is only known by Him and His Beloved Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, and also His sacred friends, who are known in Islam as awliyaa.’ My belief is that if Allah the Most High put so much healing power in something man-made like Tylenol, so that people may get relief from headaches and fever, than what can we say about zikr of the Most High, who is the ultimate Creator of all?

Q. How do your patients view your being Muslim?
A. Alhamdulillah, Allah deserves all praise as they respect me very much.

Q. How do you explain the same to Muslim patients?
A. For my Muslim brother, I remind him that Allah the Most High says in Holy Qur’an (5:3), “Today, I have perfected for you your deen (way of life) and completed my favor upon You and granted you Al Islam as a deen.”
Al Islam means total submission to Allah, and total submission can only be achieved by following our Beloved Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, peace be upon him. In Sahih Muslim it is narrated from Abi as-Zubayr, reporting from Jaber bin Abdullah (may Allah be pleased with them) that the Holy Messenger, peace be upon him, said, “Each disease has a remedy, if the remedy is suitable for the disease, the sick person recovers by the permission of Allah the Great and Almighty.”
The Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, would use various medicinal remedies and also advised the sick persons of his family and companions to use these as well.
Allah the Most High says in Holy Qur’an (33:21), “Surely in the Messenger of Allah is a beautiful pattern of conduct to follow for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day, and who engages much in the zikr of Allah.” We now have the psychology of the mo’min, the believer who practices his faith, and also the psychology of God-fearing men who are both led by that pattern of men and of leaders, the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, peace be upon him.
The bodily diseases are more or less similar to the diseases of the heart, which are referred to as psychological diseases, in that Allah the Most High has determined a remedy for each disease as its opposite.
Nowadays, it is common thinking that we have to take care of our physical and “psychological” health, but we are forgetting about the root of all health or illness, which is the heart. Our beloved Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, may the peace of Allah be upon him and his family, has told us, “There is a piece of flesh in the body. If that piece of flesh is sound, the whole body is sound; but if that piece of flesh is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted. Indeed that (piece of flesh) is the heart.”
According to commentators of the Holy Qur’an, in reference to, “Is one who was dead, and then we gave life and made for him a light by which to walk among the people, like one who is in darkness from which he cannot exit?” (6:122), the “one who was dead” refers to a person having a dead heart. The Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, peace be upon him, has said, “The difference between the one who remembers Allah and the one who does not is as the difference between the living and the dead.”
The mo’min is one whose heart is alive, while the disbeliever is one whose heart is effectively dead. The hypocrite, however, is one whose heart is diseased, as Allah the Most High has said (2:10), “In their hearts is a disease, then Allah increases for them the disease.”
That the heart starts beating in approximately the eighth week after conception, before the brain is fully fashioned, demonstrates that the heart is not controlled by the central nervous system. Heart activity is self-initiated in a small accumulation of tissues situated in the right atrium of the heart, a natural pacemaker. Many in the West have long proffered that the brain is the center of consciousness, but Allah the Most High has told us in the Holy Qur’an that it is the heart. There are those who “have hearts with which they do not understand.” (7:179).
One can say that Islam, in essence, is a program to restore purity and calm to the heart through the remembrance of the Almighty. “Most surely in the remembrance of Allah the hearts find contentment.” (13:28) Islam provides the methods by which our hearts can become sound and safe again.
These methods have been a subject of brilliant and insightful scholarship for centuries in the Islamic tradition. After being introduced to EGM, or El Gilani Methodology, by my good friend Muhammad Ahmad al Hajji, I have come to see EGM as a set of formalized therapies extending back to the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, peace be upon him, the scientific demonstration of which, in modern times, has been conducted by El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani.

Q. Please give examples of zikr you have prescribed.
A. I never recommend any zikr or prescribe any zikr to any non-Muslim patients, but what I observe is that when I prescribe any treatment or employ any treatment while I am doing my zikr, the patients’ recovery is expedited, and in a very short period of time.

Q. Have you seen your patients draw closer to Allah the Most High in some way?
A. Only Allah the Most High and His Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, know best. What I observe in my non-Muslim patients is their curiosity and interest in Islam is peaked. They ask questions about my manner of praying. As far as my Muslim patients, I observed that, before treatment, some were living their life contrary to the teachings of Islam. After the treatment they received, which incorporated some zikr, they not only were cured but also showed their nearness to Islam by ceasing to disobey many commands of the Almighty in their daily lives.

Q. Please describe the Islamic cultural background which inspired your love of al Islam as a way of life.
A. It is a great blessing of Allah, Glorified and the Most High is He, and the mercy of the Mercy to All of the Worlds, who is the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, that I was born in a Muslim family and received my Islamic education at home in Pakistan. My childhood and some part of my adult life were spent with people who had great light and spiritual guidance in Islam. The Almighty has given me much through the recitation of Durood o Salaam, the sending of abundant peace and blessings upon the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him. Other than this, I am nothing. All knowledge is from the Almighty and His Blessed Messenger, peace be upon him, the Mercy to all of the Worlds.

Q. Thank you Syed Dr. Muzzafar Hassan. I understand you have made your clinic available as an avenue to treat afflicted persons?
A. Yes, and may Allah bless our small Muslim community here with the ability to invite more people to the way which brings peace to the souls and bodies, al Islam. All praise is due to Allah and peace and blessings be upon His Beloved Messenger, Muhammad.


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