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Human Trafficking Lawsuit Filed Against Halliburton’s KBR by Khalida
October 3, 2008, 11:56 am
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Vice President Dick Cheney (L), former Halliburton CEO; Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice (R).

Vice President Dick Cheney (L), former Halliburton CEO; Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice (R).

By Bashirah A. Malik, Islamic Post Staff Writer

Nepalese victims of human trafficking and their survivors filed suit recently in the United States District Court of California against top U.S. military contractor, Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc. (now known as KBR), and its Jordanian subcontractor, Daoud & Partners.
Like the drug trade, global slavery is a well-coordinated, underground industry. Prosecutions rarely take place due to the hidden nature of the multibillion dollar slave trade run by powerful families who are out of the reach of the law.
Multinational corporations sometimes serve as fronts for these nefarious activities.
KBR, who until April 2007 was a subsidiary of Halliburton, has received 16 billion dollars in government contracts for their overseas ventures. Although Vice President Cheney has distanced himself from the company after leaving his position as CEO of Halliburton in 2000, he receives hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in deferred compensation and stock options from the corporation.
As Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney played a major role in the well documented Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) MK-Ultra mind control program, according to former victims Cathy O’Brien and Cisco Wheeler in their books written on the topic.  Tranceformation of America is the name of Cathy O’Brien’s book, and Cisco Wheeler co-wrote The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave. According to the two deprogrammed women, and many others, MK-Ultra made sex slaves and assassins of men and women who have been used since the 1950’s to frame or kill heads of states, and international political figures.
In another pending employee-related lawsuit, KBR is being sued by Jamie Leigh Jones for her alleged gang rape and storage container confinement by coworkers of the then 20 year old woman. This incident also took place in 2005. Leigh Jones sustained injuries which later required upper and lower body reconstructive surgery.
The suit for the Nepalese victims is being filed under the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, and the Alien Tort Claims Act by the law office of Cohen, Milstein, Hausfeld & Toll of Washington D.C., who claim a stellar reputation for work “representing victims of forced and slave labor and other violations of international law.”
The attorneys of Buddi Prasad Gurung, the only survivor of the KBR scandal, say 13 men, ages 18-27, were recruited in Nepal to work as kitchen staff in hotels and restaurants in Amman, Jordan. Their families went deep into debt to arrange the jobs, which they hoped would lift them out of poverty.
When the men arrived in Jordan, they were not provided the expected employment.  Instead, their passports were seized, they were held against their will, and they were told that they were being sent to work at a military facility in Iraq, the United States Al Asad Airbase.  Twelve of the men were reportedly killed by insurgents while being transported to Iraq.
According to the victims’ law firm, the men claim the illicit trafficking scheme—from their recruitment in Nepal to their eventual employment in Iraq—was engineered by KBR and its subcontractor Daoud & Partners.
Lok Bhadur Thapa, the former acting Nepalese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, visited a KBR subsidiary, First Kuwaiti General Trading and Contracting Co., where the Nepalese victims had been held in Kuwait prior to transport to Iraq. He went, after 12 of the men had been slain, in order to investigate on behalf of frightened family members.
Lok Bhadur Thapa told the Chicago Tribune in 2005 that KBR was not the only multinational implicated in human trafficking. “Other companies also were trying to force men to go into Iraq,” Tribune correspondent Cam Simpson reported, “What Thapa found shows that the questionable practices uncovered by the Tribune are far from isolated to the case of the 12 Nepalis killed in Iraq.”
The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that in modern day slavery, some 2.45 million people are transported and sold against their will, many to the U.K. or the U.S. Those from impoverished nations are promised, like the Nepalese victims, employment opportunities, only to have their travel papers and identification seized on arrival.
In war torn areas, people are rounded up and put to forced labor or made to service others. The majority of slaves are being used for some form of prostitution; and one third used for forced labor according to the ILO. The U.N. Population Fund says between 700,000 and two million of these victims are transported across international borders annually, while the U.S. State Department quotes the figures as low as 600,000 up to 800,000 per year. An actual determination of the number of victims is close to impossible, as few cases have been brought to justice.
The full nature of KBR activities in Iraq remain a mystery.  What is known is that in 2002, Halliburton –-the parent company of KBR– was on the verge of bankruptcy. A defense contract was awarded to Halliburton for service in Iraq. According to now-declassified documents of the Army Corps of Engineers, the “action” on a multibillion dollar Halliburton contract was coordinated within the office of Vice President Dick Cheney, whose ties to Halliburton are well known. Halliburton was saved; and, in 2004, KBR became the largest military contractor for the United States in Iraq.
Bill Buzenberg stated in a Center for Public Integrity (CPI) report “Baghdad Bonanza: The Top 100 Private Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan,” that KBR has “won more than $16 billion in U.S. government contracts for work in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2004 to 2006—far more than any other company.”


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I was in Alasad 2004 2005 an in Iraq until 2006 .You don’t have to take my word for it slavery is alive and well and sposered by KBR \ THE US GOVERMENT Got a list of Naps Indiands Srelanks and other TCN Nationals and XPATS THAT WILL testifie.

Comment by S R BYNUM

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