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Kashmiris Resist Brutal Indian Occupation by Khalida
October 3, 2008, 4:37 pm
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Civilians have been killed during the curfews and protests that are wracking the occupied territory.

Reuters photo from August. Outnumbered, Indian occupying forces flee protesters. Recently, they started firing into the crowd. Over one hundred civilians have been killed.

By Noora Ahmad, Islamic Post Staff Writer

Occupying forces continue to attack crowds protesting for freedom from Indian rule in Kashmir this month. The Pakistan Daily Times reported over 100 civilians killed.
The amount of injured people is more than a thousand, most critically injured with gunshot wounds.
“The people killed in Kashmir while protesting against the economic blockade [in August] … have not committed any violation of the established laws, which guarantee right to communication to every citizen under the United Nations charter and the Indian constitution and are therefore entitled to compensate,” a local attorney told the news outlet Greater Kashmir.
The lawyer also asserted that the blockade which cut off transportation and communication from the occupied territory, is also illegal according to the U.N.’s International Protocol of Civil and Political Rights.
Cases of starvation are also being reported in the crisis.
Round the clock curfews have exacerbated the situation and are being enforced for days at a time in anticipation of more rallies. During curfew, residents are not permitted to venture out of their homes, even to purchase food or to go for Friday congregational prayers.
Two people were shot for violating curfew.
Kashmiri leaders have also been jailed, including one woman.
The attacks on Muslims in the Hindu-dominated Jammu region were triggered when the authorities reneged on a plan to transfer land to a Hindu shrine, plunging occupied Kashmir into new turmoil, according to Dawn.
Jammu’s Muslims have alleged that many of their houses were set ablaze by Hindu rioters and said they were getting threats to leave the region.
“We’re living in constant fear,” says Shah Mohammad Chowdhary, a Muslim leader in Jammu, saying police had not interfered as “our homes were being torched.”
These occurrences sparked huge nationwide rallies which were held in the cities of Srinagar and Muzaffarabad to protest the brutal Indian occupation whose forces have killed tens of thousands of civilians since Kashmiris began to demand the freedom that had been confirmed by the U.N., with India agreeing to “let the people of Kashmir decide” back in 1955.


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