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Muslim First Responders’ ‘No’ to Religious Clash in America by Khalida
October 3, 2008, 11:18 am
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Naimah Azza, Rafia Muqit, Suleiman Muqit)

Muslim Scouts of America. Above are pictured a few of the Muslim first responders who engaged in relief work at Ground Zero just after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. (Flag photo: J.P. Coleman, Muslim responders’ photos: Naimah Azza, Rafia Muqit, Suleiman Muqit)

By Muhammad Ahmad, Islamic Post Staff Writer

Immediately after the initial tragedy that took place in Manhattan on September, 11, 2001, thousands of Americans responded to the emergency situation at Ground Zero. Among them were the Muslim Scouts of America.
As night fell over the rubble, melted steel, and innocent victims buried underneath the collapsed Twin Towers, the Islamic Post received reports of numerous incidents: Muslim  ladies killed on the streets of Philadelphia, a man mistaken for a Muslim shot in the face in Brooklyn, and numerous “drive-by” shootings taking place at Arab-owned gas stations. These reports illustrated the ill-educated assumptions regarding a portion of America’s citizenry, Muslims, who have no intent to destroy their own homeland. Despite this logic, IP correspondents observed a man in their path holding a large sign saying, “Bomb Them All,” etched in red on cardboard.
Many in the United States, having had limited direct contact with Muslims, submitted to the propaganda offered by the mainstream media which attempts to promote Islam as a non-peaceful religion, or one which condones horrible acts.
It was in this chaotic atmosphere of fear and reprisals that the Muslim Scouts of America convened from their various chapters across the United States, to assist their Christian brothers and fellow Americans at Ground Zero.
Muslim ladies volunteered directly to scoutmasters, hoping to help bridge the widening gulf between the two faiths. “The situation is too volatile,” they were told, “Muslim women are being attacked because of their head scarves and clothing.”
The scouts, however, in khaki uniforms and bearing the insignia of Muslim Scouts of America were, by the permission of the Almighty, able to successfully team up with other first responders at Ground Zero, amongst them brave firefighters and rescue workers, to bring peace, law, and order back to Manhattan.
In so doing, the scouts hoped to thwart some of the effects of the Zionist-controlled media, whose primary current role is promoting a “clash of civilizations,” and drawing positive mental images of an Armageddon between Christians and Muslims. (No media coverage was given to the Muslim Scouts’ first responders.)
Benjamin Netanyahu, who was the Israeli Prime Minister at the time did expressed his sentiments to The New York Times when asked what the attacks of 9-11 would mean for American-Israeli relations. He replied, “It’s very good. Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.”
Such sympathy would be generated as increased hostility of Christians towards Muslims, coupled with the inciting of Muslims to commit wrong acts: a never-ending cycle designed to destroy both religions.
Perhaps in anticipation of said sympathy –and while the American public as a whole, citizens of all backgrounds, religions, and nationalities, were in a state of awe, disbelief, and overwhelming sadness– celebratory that day in the heart of New York were unidentified Israeli men filming the attack on the Twin Towers from an adjacent roof top. The alleged Mossad agents were detained for two months and then deported.
It can be said that, in many ways the Zionists have succeeded. Their lobby in Washington, which has an effective vice grip on America’s domestic and foreign policy, on the American taxpayer, and on the blood of America’s soldiers, is operating in the open with full support of the powerful in this country.
Yet, this tide also leaves the door open for peaceful cooperation and well-informed dialogue between Muslims and Christians, which is the cornerstone that would compromise the goals of World Zionism. –Abu Rashid Qadri contributed to this report.


Hundreds of Billions Spent to ‘Secure’ Homeland Post 9/11, While First Responders Refused Basic Medical Care Funding

There is a discrepancy between  the hundreds of billions of dollars spent in global wars and homeland security platforms to make America safe, while the well-being of Americans, specifically those first responders who suffer debilitating and, in some cases, life-threatening illnesses after breathing toxic dust from debris while doing relief work at Ground Zero, has been pushed aside. The amount of responders affected totals 70%, according to Dr. Larry Norton of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, who wonders why “the whole nation isn’t mobilizing to take care of the chronic health impact of this disaster?”
Congressmen have repeatedly requested a “grant program for individuals still suffering health effects as a result of the September 11, 2001, attacks in New York City and at the Pentagon (HR 1414 in 2007 and HR 6954 this year), to no current avail.
Nor have the psychiatric issues of American tops been adequately researched or handled (See “Troops Face Suicide in the Quest for a Perfect Soldier”).
The callous disregard for heroes, and those who have served their country, demonstrates that the ongoing global wars have rendered its soldiers expendable. The concern for the well-being of American citizens has thereby been shown to be minimal.


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