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Fourth Fleet: USS Kearsarge Establishes Diplomatic Efforts by Khalida
December 1, 2008, 12:43 am
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By Jerry Peña
Islamic Post Contributing Writer
& Muhammad Ahmad
Islamic Post Staff Writer

The USS Kearsarge arrived outside of the Dominican Republic this fall on Mission Continuing Promise (CP) 2008 which, as reported by Navy News, is a “collaborative effort between the United States and partner militaries, non-governmental organizations and partner-nation support organizations to build strong partnerships that can be called upon in the event of a regional situation requiring cooperative solutions.”
Two Dominican doctors, appointed by the Dominican Republic Secretary of State to assist in organizing CP 2008 events in the Dominican Republic, were invited aboard the vessel and assisted the Kearsarge’s surgical team with hernia operations.
According to Navy News, Kearsarge’s mission in the region is to “conduct civil-military operations, including humanitarian and civic assistance as well as veterinary, medical, dental and civil engineering support to six partner nations and to send a strong message of United States compassion, support and commitment to Central and South America and the Caribbean.”
The vessel is under the operational control of the U.S. 4th Fleet.
It has been some months since the Pentagon announced the re-establishment of the 4th Fleet, which had been dissolved in 1950.
Military leaders explain that they are to have under their responsibility more than 30 countries, covering 15.6 million square miles in adjacent waters of Central and South America, along with the Caribbean Sea and its 12 islands, Mexico and the European territories this side of the Atlantic.
Any 4th Fleet vessels can approach within a few miles of any nation in the region.
Northrop Grumman, whose president sits on the board of directors Chevron-Texaco, is one of the contractors for the fleet.
While the mission of the USS Kearsarge is  diplomatic, the general mission of the Fleet is to watch ships, airplanes and submarines that traffic through the Caribbean, Central and South America with the purpose of undertaking, in conjunction with armed forces of other countries in the Americas, contingency tasks, cooperation and, if necessary, battle against narcoterrorism and other illicit activities.
Kearsarge was scheduled, after departure from the Dominican Republic, to continue with its mission in Trinidad and Tobago and then Guyana.
-The partial Spanish translation of this article is below.

Hace ya unos cuantos meses que se anuncio en el Pentágono sobre el restablecimiento de su IV Flota, disuelta en 1950. Su misión en estos tiempos será vigilar busques, aviones y submarinos que transiten por el Caribe, América Central y América del Sur con el fin de emprender, en conjunto con fuerzas armadas de otros países, tareas de contingencia, de cooperación y, si es necesario, de combate contra el narcoterrorismo y las actividades ilícitas.
Los propios jefes militares explican que tendrán bajo su responsabilidad a más de 30 países cubriendo 15,6 millones de millas cuadradas en las aguas adyacentes de Centro y Suramérica, el mar Caribe y sus 12 islas, México y los territorios europeos en este lado del Atlántico.
La principal constructora es la Northrop Grumman, cuyo actual presidente también forma parte de la Junta Directiva de la petrolera de Estados Unidos Chevron-Texaco.


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