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Upcoming Book: Pir:Pearls from the Ocean of His Secrets by ipinfo2
December 1, 2008, 3:01 pm
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From the upcoming title being published by Zavia Books:

Pir: Pearls from the Ocean of His Secrets

The Tavern

By Ahmad Qadri

Islamic Post Contributing Writer

Ihave been to your tavern.

Oh, I thank you for the wine.

One sip of your secret elixir and my animal self began to die.

In ecstasy, I found myself chanting Allah’s Holy Name:

Allah-Hu, Allah-Hu, Allah-Hu,  again, again and again.

I lost myself in your tavern,

where your brand of wine has gained much fame.

Travelers come from far and wide to drink.

Yes, jinn, man, and malaaikah (angels) come to quench to their thirst.

Drinking the wine of Love like pilgrims drink

from Zam Zam, their stomach about to burst.

I sat as listener to the dhikr.

As the intoxicated tavern keeper began to sing;

sakinah (peace) fell upon us all,

as the malaaikah began to spread their wings!

The keeper in Love’s ecstasy started to cry,

as he began to describe:

“With this wine of ishq

your spirit will fly!”

“Believe me” he said confidently,

“I do it all the time!

I have flown the fourteen valleys.

I have known hardships, test and trial.

“This atom you call the universe

is truly not worth your while.

“Only to roam inside your soul

is where you will find true gold.”

Dig fast and deep,

before you grow too old!

Outside my tavern is the life of this world,

the jahil’s (ignoramus’) amusements,

the bakhil’s (miser’s) delusion,

a place of endless doubts and confusion.

“Have another cup with me,

if you have the capacity!”

Why do you wait? Life is short.

For this you can make haste.

Drink to your fill.

This wine of love makes none ill.

In fact,  you will become one

with t he One’s  will.

“What was a secret shall become known!

Why, my dear friends…

Shall I tell where I have flown?!”

One drunkard in the tavern said,

in a soft intoxicated moan…

“I have seen the white hawk flying high and alone, circumambulating the throne.”

*This poem was written in the Zavia of El Sheikh Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, Hashmi, in the Himalayan Mountains after El Sheikh delivered a discourse in which was said:

“The sheikh is the tavern keeper.

The Zavia is the tavern. Love is the wine.”


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