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Aids is Curable by Khalida
January 2, 2009, 6:43 am
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In this special editorial edition of the Islamic Post, editor of Ultimate Fraud of Freudists (Zavia Books, 1997), explains how El Gilani Methodology has been used since 1976 to cure patients with ‘incurable’ diseases, adn is available to permanently cure the innocent victims of HIV/AIDS.

By Lorna Swaine-Abdallah

Islamic Post Staff Writer, IQOU Editor (Ultimate Fraud of Freudists)


While  World  AIDS Day was marked around the globe  by  somber  religious services  and  boisterous demonstrations,  there were also emphatic pleas for more treatment  and  prevention of  AIDS,  which  has  killed 25 million  people  since  the frst  case  was  reported  in 1981. There are forty million people  estimated  to  be  currently infected with HIV, or what is termed as the Human Immune  Defciency  Virus that causes AIDS. AIDS, or the Acquired  Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is a global pandemic  which  has  sped through  almost  all  nations, resisted  the  best  of modern medical science; and gained the hands-down, worldwide consensus  of  diligent  researchers in the feld as being
This  scenario  has persisted due  to an  inherent nature  of  today’s  scientific community  which  tends  to discredit  alternative  venues of  treatment,  particularly when  they  are  non-traditional  to  modern  western
Through  decades  of intense  scientifc  research, Dr.  Syed  Mubarik  Gilani has broken through medical obstacles  to  declare  what were  previously  thought
to  be  non-curable  diseases such  as  AIDS,  as  well  as others,  to  be  completely curable.  While  numerous demonstrators  raged,  on World AIDS Day, at the lack of  success  that  the  general medical  community  has had  in  curing  the  disease, researchers and students of the El Gilani Methodology prepare for the world to reap the  benefts  of  this  breakthrough to western science.

Real Cause Defines the Cure.

Medical researchers have abundant knowledge but, unlike Qur’anic scientists, the majority are without hikma, and therefore lack an understanding of the reasons and root causes of events which take place in this world. A cure acts upon the core of the ailment. If the root is unknown, so will be the cure. Without admitting to having missed essential elements of the equation, modern scientists have no choice but to continue to tread the same unscientific path, raising numerous “potential cures,” with none on the horizon of being proven.

Healing Power of Holy Qur’an.
In 1976, for the first time in the history of medical sciences, the healing power of Holy Qur’an was  demonstrated in a controlled environment at the Research Institute in Taif. In a statement printed in the Saudi Arabian daily, Al Nadwa (shown below), headlines, translated from the Arabic original, read, “Unprecedented in Medical History! Establishment of the First Institute of Qur’anic Therapy!”

“Unprecedented in Medical History!  Establishment of the First Institute of Qur’anic Therapy!” (L-R) El Sheikh Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani (far left); Dr. Radi of the Mental Research  Institute in Taif, Saudi Arabia (who frst approached El Sheikh, requesting his assistance), and Hussain Al Jazeeree a Saudi health minister.

Exhibit A. Saudi Arabian government offcial announcement in the Daily Al Nadwa. Headlines read: “Unprecedented in Medical History! Establishment of the First Institute of Qur’anic Therapy!” (L-R) El Sheikh Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani (far left); Dr. Radi of the Mental Research Institute in Taif, Saudi Arabia (who frst approached El Sheikh, requesting his assistance), and Hussain Al Jazeeree a Saudi health minister.

The declaration continued: “Healing through the Holy Qur’an has begun under scientifically controlled conditions for the first time in the world.  A complete wing has been established in the Shahar Mental Hospital, Taif, where this type of therapy is being practiced. This project commenced last month under the supervision of a group of qualified doctors, headed by Dr. Osama Radi.
“They heal various conditions through selected verses of the Holy Qur’an.  Dr. Mubarik Gilani is the physician who has formulated Qur’anic Therapy…  removed successfully all the doubts which were raised by some people about this therapy…” (The full translation of this article is available in the unique, seminal work, Ultimate Fraud of Freudists Exposed, available from Zavia Books, NY.)
In Taif, El Sheikh Gilani healed 39 patients suffering from so called incurable diseases. In 1976-77 this demonstration of the healing powers of Holy Qur’an was witnessed by doctors from California; also, Dr. Dennis Leigh, Hon. Secretary General of the International Psychiatrists’ Association of London,  Dr. Ahmad Okasha  of Ainush Shams, Dr. Rasheed Chaudry of Pakistan, and 30 other psychiatrists from around the world. They witnessed classical cases for which they had no cure. It is a bitter fact: Western-trained psychiatrists do not know the causes of ailments nor do they have any remedy for them. This explains why there are more mental patients in New York than there are police, and why the entire state of California is an open mental hospital. Like AIDS patients, victims of psychological ailments are labeled incurable, and patients suffering from these incurable diseases were left to die without hope.
We cite one case endorsed in the scientific report of Dr. Munir Jaber, at the Institute of Qur’anic Psychiatry at the Psychiatric Hospital at Taif, S. Arabia. It is of one 27 year old soldier, Ahmad Salmee, who suffered from a peculiar problem; from the moment he closed his eyes, he would see a horrifying snake. He would try to run away from it, but was frightened. Due to this, he did not sleep and was going crazy.
To quote from Quranic Psychiatry by El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Gilani Qadri: “The only remedy the followers of Freud could offer him [Ahmad Salmee], was that the snake represented the reproductive organ, and so he was allowed and encouraged to freely commit adultery. Along with this, he was given electric shock treatment, and tranquilizers for two years. Eventually, they passed on this case to me, hoping I would fail at treating him, which would discredit me and make a quick exit of EGM. (This is the same attitude with which EGM has been met in medical hospitals, as well, even after doctors, nurses, and other medical staff have witnessed first hand the healing power of Holy Qur’an.)
“In EGM, no medication is involved. The patient was put on zikr, (verbal and reflective remembrance of Almighty God), and visualization of the personal name of God Almighty (Allah)for one month. When he could visualize clearly the name of God, while closing his eyes, he was told to project that Name on the snake. When he did this, the snake virtually exploded, and he was healed. The patient was made to seek forgiveness.”
AIDS is also a spiritual malady that has a prescribed cure which is a remedy for the diseased spirit.  In the medicine of the Orient, cure of a complaint is sought in elements possessing opposite properties.  Likewise, the gist of correction of ailments and disorders which are the result of diseases of the heart relate to the purification of the heart of what has corrupted it. The sin of polytheism, is the greatest disease. Polytheism is the worship of created things other than Almighty Creator (Allah in Arabic). Examples of other sins which bring darkness to the heart are: immorality, perversion and lewdness, dishonesty, greed, jealousy, and hatred. The resultant darkness can be mitigated by the sublime, Holy Light and Grace within the words of the Holy Qur’an, and further reversed and transformed by a person’s purging of those negative qualities and behaviors. The cure uses the Words of the Almighty and is accomplished by the Will of the Most Beneficent Creator.

Method and Means are Available.
At this time, the Vice Chancellor of the International Quranic Open University (IQOU), Dr. Mubarik Shah Gilani is offering the services of the university, direct and free of charge, to Muslims, Christians, and all patients who have become infected with HIV by tainted blood or instruments, or infected parents or spouses. This is an open invitation, extended to all nations of the world, whether in Africa or elsewhere, to partake of the immense Mercy of Almighty God via the healing of innocent patients who have contracted AIDS in a blameless manner (which IQOU scholars indicate as behavior not contradicting that enjoined in the Holy Qur’an, New and Old Testaments.) The IQOU staff would like for it to be known that, while preventable and also curable, AIDS is a curse. A curse is the result of societies harming themselves by their own misdeeds, or by enjoying the evil deeds of others. An immediate halt to both will stop the spread of AIDS as, indeed, abstinence (from error) is the best prevention. Mankind should, in effect, stop harming itself, and turn, as one, back to the Almighty Creator, Who is Loving, Merciful and, Alone, is the Forgiver of Sins. -M.Ahmad & A.Hameed contributed to this editorial.


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