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Shape of Things to Come by Khalida
January 2, 2009, 6:30 am
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Presidential Appointments: Turning  the Corner in American Politics

The appointment of former First Lady
Senator  Hillary  Clinton  as  the  incoming
U.S. Secretary of State gave a signal  that
former rivalries will not be an issue for the
upcoming administration.
There  are  further  indications  that
the unity and change promised during the
campaign may  be  fulflled. The frst  sign
in evidence is mass popular support by the
American people. Three hundred thousand
people have applied for the 8,000 job open-
ings under the Obama administration, and
it seems the president-elect will appreciate
the fresh faces. Unlike the outgoing admin-
istration, which saw no shortage of resigna-
tions due  to scandal and court cases with
missing  documentation,  President-Elect
Barack Obama  has  expressed  determina-
tion  that  if whistle-blowers  decide  some-
thing is not right under the new president’s
watch,  they  will  be  welcomed  to  come
“Often the best source of information
about waste,  fraud,  and  abuse  in  govern-
ment  is an existing government employee
committed  to public  integrity and willing
to  speak  out,”  says  the  offcial  transition
website  “Such  acts  of  cour-
age  and patriotism, which  can  sometimes
save lives and often save taxpayer dollars,
should  be  encouraged  rather  than  stifed.
We  need  to  empower  federal  employees
as  watchdogs  of  wrongdoing  and  part-
ners  in  performance. Barack Obama will
strengthen  whistleblower  laws  to  protect
federal workers who expose waste,  fraud,
and  abuse  of  authority  in  government.
Obama  will  ensure  that  federal  agencies
expedite the process for reviewing whistle-
blower claims and whistleblowers have full
access to cour ts and due process.”
The positive  resolve of  the  incoming
administration has injected new confdence
into the legislative bodies. The majority of
appointees  are  already  active  administra-
tors,  and  the  former  senator  presumably
has a desire to turn around the low approval
ratings  accumulated  by  the  Democratic
“As  president,  Barack  Obama  will
restore the American people’s trust in their
government by making government more
open  and  transparent,”  reports  Change.
gov. “Obama will work to reform congres-
sional  rules  to  require  all  legislative  ses-
sions,  including  committee mark-ups  and
conference committees, to be conducted in
public. By making  these practices public,
the American people will be able  to hold
their  leaders  accountable  for  wasteful
spending, and lawmakers won’t be able to
slip favors for lobbyists into bills at the last
“Too  often  bills  are  rushed  through
Congress  and  to  the  president  before  the
public has the opportunity to review them.
As  president,  Obama  will  not  sign  any
non-emergency  bill  without  giving  the
American public an opportunity to review
and comment on the White House website
for fve days,” informs.


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