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Dr. Jemille EGM Files: It Works, If You Only Believe by Khalida
February 2, 2009, 11:00 am
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By Dr. Jemille A. Wasi

Islamic Post Staff Writer

I was recently approached by someone seeking to get EGM therapy, after having been referred to me by a family member who read about it in the Islamic Post.  As usual, I interviewed this prospective patient, inquiring about his medical history, medications—or other treatments tried— signs and symptoms, and family history of similar illnesses.  After this process was complete, I explained to the patient the details of the method and the prerequisites required for its initiation. As we continued our conversation I could sense the skepticism in his voice.  I immediately asked the person if they believed or had issue with anything that I have said.  He told me that he didn’t feel that the explanations based on the method were encompassing enough to account for all that was going on.  The explanations of evil entities and fallout from bad deeds, actions and thoughts, may not be the only reason the issue persisted.  He held fast to the belief that there was some validity to the “science” of it all.
The reasoning lay in his story.  The patient told me that prior to starting college he was a normally functioning, Muslim youth. After being exposed to many of the fahashi things one encounters in this setting –lewd behavior unbecoming to God-fearing people, he began to develop signs of Obsessive-Compulsive disorder.  Subsequently he went to see a “spiritualist” who read over him “healing Quranic ayaats” (ruqya) and also wrote lines from Holy Quran on china plates with saffron, mixed it with water, and had him drink it.  These methods did not work for the patient so he then went to a western-trained psychiatrist and began treatment with drugs.  At first he noticed improvement in symptomology, but after a while the bad feelings returned. The medication regimen was changed and again there was improvement with a then subsequent return to the original negative condition. This pattern was once again repeated over and over.  Now the patient feels that he is at an impasse for he have tried “both” methods and neither one was effective. The patient thus called me to see how EGM is any different than other QT methods and basically why he should believe that it may work.  I hope the following explanation that I gave provides some insight to all those who have a hard time believing.
Science vs. “science”
The first thing I did was to differentiate the two.  Science is the true nature of the unseen and how everything is encompassed by and derived from Allah the Most High.  This leads to the fact that nothing escapes the immutable laws of the creator.  “science” is derived from the varied interpretations of what individuals believe  Science means.  So in essence, it is a product of man.  Things that we read in textbooks—or other secular materials—make sense to us because they appeal to the untrained, rebellious nature of us as human beings. The explanation of the western doctors made sense because the knowledge base of their explanation is the same system responsible for what the patient has learned.  To understand Science requires that we be in tune with our spiritual nature.  The knowledge gained of Science is thus not something you can learn by your efforts to do so, but something you gain by being concordant with the true nature of all things which is the Divine Creator, the Most High.
Next, I described how the prerequisites are concordant with this definition and how they are required to implement and receive EGM.  The therapist and the patient must both meet the minimal criteria of believing in one higher power, following the 10 commandments, and purifying thoughts.  Included in this is being careful of what one watches, hears, or is in contact with or influenced by (so be mindful of the company you keep).
Implementing the treatment:
I then told the patient that after the prerequisites are met, there are a few things to keep in mind.  First that EGM can be useful in any ailment known to man, but the major focus is psychiatric diagnoses (that is why EGM is often synonymously known as “Quranic Psychiatry”).  Secondly, one must remember that God appoints a time for one to get sick and the appropriate time for them to return to health—if it is meant for them to do so.  That being said one must exhibit extreme patience once their prescription has been started because God is not governed by our timetable of when we believe the treatment should take effect; he makes the timetable for when it will! Additionally, you must confer with the therapist about the methods you may already be using to treat your illness because some things may have an inhibitory effect on the treatment.
Healing still comes from Allah the Most High:
Now I must point out something of utmost importance.  It is in keeping with Islamic traditions to employ the use of medicines. The things to remember are that medicines may work for some but not all ailments and that the only reason they work at all is because God intended them to. This explains why you can have 100 people similar in all ways including medical state, yet oftentimes react totally different to the same medication.  Even more so, some of the treatment regimens may involve the patient remaining on some of their medications or in fact receiving additional medications.  This is usually not the case with psychiatric illnesses however.
The rationale for EGM:
As I have probably stated many times before “science” tells us that psychiatric conditions are usually based on chemical deficiencies of chemicals called Neurotransmitters.  Since that is the case, why is it that if we replace these, the patient is not “back to normal?”  Why is it that in every case some may show some initial improvement in symptoms, only to eventually show a decline in their condition?
If our brains are simply electrochemical devices—and we have electricity and chemicals—why is it that man cannot create a neuron (one cell of the brain)?  Why is it such a stretch that this organ—of which we cannot grasp the depth of its ability and function—is connected to our spiritual nature and thus affected by our spiritual condition? Aren’t our emotions and behaviors based on our experiences and environment?  Why is it so hard to fathom that our spiritual state affects our mental state and behaviors?
As I further my training in the field of EGM, I become more convinced of its validity as a treatment strategy for a variety of illnesses—especially of the psychiatric variety.  As I told the patient, I implore anyone who has doubts to please contact me so that we can arrange for a venue in which you can see the scientific demonstrations of the method at work for yourself!  As always only from Allah, Glorified is He, the Most High, can we be healed!


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