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From Badr to Karbala by Khalida

From the Desk of the Sultan: El Sheikh Muhyuddin Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani

Excerpt from a lecture on the episode of the vendetta of the Banu Ummayyad against the Banu Hashim, culminating in Karbala with the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

Unfortunately, though Yazeed (the person who ordered Imam Hussein to be martyred) died, Yazeediyat still lives; the Banu Hashim are still being victimized.
More than 500 years have passed since Jesus, son of Mary (peace be upon them both), foretold the coming of the Messiah, the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him), for whom everyone was waiting. The Jews had settled down in Yathrib (the present city of Medinah) awaiting the arrival of the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him). But when he came, Allah, the Most High, had a different design. Instead of selecting from a powerful and wealthy family of the Quraish, Allah chose an orphan of the Banu Hashim and put the crown of nubuwwat (messenger hood) upon his head, signifying that he was sent from the Most High with a message for mankind, and called him Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his family.
About him, Jesus, son of Mary (peace be upon them both) said, “I have met him about whom Allah, the Most High, has spoken: ‘Oh Muhammad (peace be upon him), if I had not created you, I would not have created anything… And now I must depart from you so that he, the Comforter, about whom I have foretold to you, may come unto you, and his name shall be Ahmad.”
This was the state in which the Messiah came. It was very difficult for the pagan Quraish to accept him. Instead they mocked him.
Amongst those who not only mocked, but also tried to eliminate him, was Abu Sufyan. If he was a snake, his wife, Hinda, was a serpent. They forced the Blessed Messenger of Allah, the Most High, to leave Makkah (Mecca), his homeland, and take refuge in Medinah. But even then, Abu Sufyan attacked with an army 1000 men strong. They were all defeated. Both Abu Sufyan and Hinda decided to take revenge upon the Banu Hashim for their defeat. They tried to wipe out the Banu Hashim from the face of the Earth.
They didn’t believe the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon  him and his family),  was a messenger of God. They called him a liar and a cheat and one possessed. They attacked again and again. A war was fought at Uhud in which Hinda’s hired assassin was able to martyr Imam Hamza. Hinda and Abu Sufyan left behind a legacy to wipe out the Banu Hashim and denounce the messenger hood of the Blessed Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (peace be upon him).
On the 11th of Hijra (of the Muslim calendar) Makkah was conquered by the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him), and both of these criminals were hiding for fear of being executed. Imam Abbas petitioned for their amnesty.
They embraced Islam, though they were inwardly boiling with rage at seeing their idols, Laat and Manaat, being razed to the ground. Being shrewd and politically motivated, they decided to infiltrate the Islamic system and cut it down from its roots.
Evil Legacy.
Muawiya, the son of Abu Sufyan and Hinda, cleverly offered his services as a scribe of Holy Qur’an.. He was always pleasant in his mannerisms, but had inwardly evil designs. Later on we find that when Hazrat* Ali (son-in-law of our nabi, peace be on him) becomes the caliph (ruler), Muawiya rises against him in a rebellious attack which killed thousands upon thousands of Muslims, including many Holy Companions.
This was the worst battle which had ever taken place with Muslims fighting against Muslims, and with this the bitter reality comes to surface: Many people who were apparently with the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him) were only with him because he was the undisputed king and ruler. When he passed away, he left a mighty kingdom to be ruled! Thus people forgot about their  loyalty to him and to his family and the old pagan Arab ways came to the surface once more.
When Hazrat Ali was martyred, Muawiyah was very happy to hear the news. He also could not wait for Hazrat Imam Hassan to finish his caliphate, so he had him poisoned by his wife. He taught his children never to let their guard down against the Banu Hashim, and appointed his son, Yazeed, a devout drunkard and adulterer, to be his heir. When the head of the beloved grandson of the Holy Last Messenger, Imam Hussein, was brought to him, Yazeed proclaimed his joy out loud. According to Tafsir Ruhul Ma’anee by Allama Mahmood Alousi, that accursed son of Muawiyah and Hinda said, while hitting the teeth of Hazrat Imam Hussein: “I wish today my ancestors killed at Badr were alive. They would have been proud to see how I have taken revenge by killing Hussein. The Bani Hashim have played a big fraud for ruling the country, no news from Heaven came, nor any wahee [Divine revelation].”
With this background, one should have the understanding that Karbala was a war of racist pagans against the family of the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad  (peace be upon him). There were Muslims at that time whom people tend to call Holy Companions, but which we do not because they were not Holy Companions, nor were they educated in Islamic knowledge. They were simply new Muslims at the time of the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him). Had these people any love for their Divine Messenger (peace be upon him) they would not have sided with Yazeed against Imam Hussein, nor would they have shut themselves in their homes in Makkah and Medinah.
This was a clash of dynasties spawned by the Banu Ummayyad who were still holding on to their paganistic ways. It was a continuity of the struggle of truth against falsehood, and this will go on. Yazeediyat is proclaimed throughout the electronic and print media. Banu Hashim are hunted, and when the opportunity avails itself, they are martyred, even up to this day.


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These words, of your Sheikh, show how truly untouched he is with his own ancestry and how loving he is of the Ahul-Bayt and our Rasul(s). May Allah bless Muhammad and th family of Muhammad.

Comment by Michael Alker

My words above were supposed to be “intouch” not untouched, that was an error of my spell checker. I meant to say that I am impressed with how in touch your Sheikh is with his ancestors, namely with our Rasul (s) and his Ahul-Bayt. May Allah reward your Sheikh, for making known to us all who are the true people of guidance and hikmah.

Comment by Michael Alker

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