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Poem: Inauguration of Martyrs by Khalida
February 2, 2009, 10:39 am
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By Afifa Begum

Islamic Post Staff Writer

For the bodies like  apple orchards,  on trees did they sway some even remaining until they rotted  away
May they be allowed to attend this inaugural day.

For the bodies tossed into the Atlantic Ocean
To life under the sea as human feed

On this day in the parades and in front  may they lead.

Separated from their country, their culture, their names unknown they had to become John, Jones, June and James

This day they are seated on the inaugural throne.

Men, women and children by the millions they were transported and journeyed only to  be harnessed like animals –their skins branded with masters’ initials burning
Clerics, architects, scholars and nobles from all walks of life on a voyage to unknown shores; years of appealing on vaulted doors.

On this day their presence carpets the white house floors.

Their blood flowing bodies have fertilized our  American soils; for centuries our fields they did  till and toil; may they be recompensed this day for their unforgettable turmoil….

President Barack Hussein Obama
All races, religions and continents lie within you
As do the martyrs looking on from their “sacred view”

This day they arrive to commemorate with you.

On January twentieth, two thousand and nine
The Constitution and Declaration of Independence
Was finally for all fulfilled on Capitol Hill

For millions to see you had fulfilled God’s will.

Like the Seal of the Prophets and ancestors –an orphan you became
By the removal of parents –the universe did you gain
Are your legacies one and the same: to return the lost
Flock back to one God again?

‘Tis a well known fact the martyrs never die or retire
At “high noon” descend in their traditional martyrs attire

As president Barack Hussein Obama raised one hand towards the heavens and the other facing the earth, all and everything bore witness to this oath throughout the universe.

President Obama galvanized different races, religions and creeds within 24 hours. On that day four million attendees converged on the mall and 1 1/2 million framed the outside of the mall. At the final event, all faiths were represented and allowed to offer a prayer at the national prayer service.


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