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Poem: The Infant’s Crime by Khalida
February 2, 2009, 10:32 am
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By Ahmad Qadri

Islamic Post Staff Writer

O people of the world
wherever you may be.
If in God you do believe.
Let’s come together in solidarity to end the atrocities.

Listen, Oppressors of the World.
Keep this in mind.
God is never on your side…
In Palestine hundreds of children die.  Why?

Tell me what is the infant’s Crime?
Where are her weapons?
Where are her Guns?
How could she run from a Bomb of two tons?

Hundreds of men, women and Children
blown into hundreds of little pieces.
Do you hear them crying?  Do you see them Bleeding?
Those babies are not sleeping;  don’t you see they’re not breathing!
O Israel many children died in the holocaust this is true,
Many innocent Palestinian children are dying too…
We ask you, ‘What Would Anne Frank Do?’

O Palestine, when you cry, the world cries.
When you bleed, the world bleeds!
We are all truly one body.
Hundreds of children are dying.

Tell me, what is the infant’s crime?
Where are her weapons?
Where are her Guns?
How can she run from a bomb of two tons?

O Israel!
Stop what is for a democracy a shame.
You cannot murder thousands of innocent people
to justify the killing of one extremist.
The world is watching this,
they’re calling it ridiculous.

O people of the world!
We lament a loss of Peace we may never again see,
As long as the blood of the Innocent,
is used to fertilize the Holy lands of the olive tree.

O people of the world!
The laws of the Geneva Convention are being brought to extinction.
Human rights have been shredded and Universal Declarations.
Completely discarded are the UN Charters.
And blown up was the United Nations Building in Gaza.
Then phosphorous on civilians.  Phosphorous!  On children?

O Christians! O Muslims! O people of the Ten Commandments.
O people of the world!  Congratulate your conscience,
with protests you shared the feeling of seeing your children shot, bleeding and dying

O Israel!  How many more innocent ones must die before you realize?
O Oppressor, God is never on your side.

What is the infant’s crime?
She’s bleeding to death.
She blew out her last breath, in her mother’s arms.
Tears run like rain, with intense pain  from her mother’s eyes,
to mix with her babies blood.
Tell us, O Israel what has this child done?
Is it because she was born a PALESTINIAN?
Where are her weapons?
Where are her guns?
How can she run?


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