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The Transition Over, President Barack Obama Whips Off Executive Orders by Khalida
February 2, 2009, 10:08 am
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Bush Administration Permissions for ‘Enhanced Interrogations’ Rolled Back

By Subhana A. Rahim

Islamic Post Staff Writer

After only two days in office, President Syed Barack Obama signed an executive order that demands the closure of the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba within one year. The order also prohibits enhanced interrogation techniques that were purportedly used during the Bush Administration on ‘high level’ detainees in order to acquire information. “…any interrogations taking place are going have to abide by the Army Field Manual.” President Obama said.
While many human rights advocates applaud President Obama’s swift action in this regard, others remain skeptical as the interrogation techniques have not been totally abrogated and there are some loopholes present, as his total plan has not yet been set forth. Still there remains a high anticipation that the detainees that are there will receive better treatment.
In a statement from Navi Pillay, the United Nation’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, “The fact that President Obama has placed such a high priority on closing Guantanamo and set in motion a system to safeguard the fundamental rights of the detainees there is extremely encouraging.”
Top C.I.A. officials “disagree in some respect,” White House counsel Greg Craig told the New Yorker. “While the President has clearly put an end to cruel tactics, Craig said that Obama ‘is somewhat sympathetic to the spies’ argument that their mission and circumstances are different,’” they concluded.
Ret. Adm. Dennis Blair, Obama’s nominee to lead the 16-agency intelligence community, repeatedly stated his opposition to torture before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: “Torture is not moral, it’s not legal and it’s not effective,” Blair stated. “There will be no waterboarding on my watch, there will be no torture on my watch,” he told the chairman of the Armed Services Committee.


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