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Tools of Bias: Media Coverage of Gaza by Khalida
February 2, 2009, 10:26 am
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By Saudah Umm Nur

Islamic Post Staff Writer

Israel purposefully shot a missile at a UN school.  Many people, including children, were killed and injured.  Those are the facts.  Al Jazeera reported that as such, but CNN’s 6pm headlines the evening of the attacks read, “Israel: Hamas mortars led to attack near U.N. school…”
Major US television channels and other media, especially print, display huge disparity in the method, frequency and accuracy of reports of Palestinian deaths, despite the reality that Palestinian casualties outnumbered Israeli’s by 100 to 1. The disparity has only increased.
In 2004 If Americans Knew issued its report card, entitled, “Deadly Distortion, Associated Press Coverage of Israeli and Palestinian Deaths”. The report used grafts and detailed analysis to illustrate the broad disparity between reports of Israeli and Palestinian deaths, casualties and incarcerations.
Summary of Data
In an al Jazeera article by Habib Battah, entitled, In US, Gaza is a Different War, Mr. Battah writes about 2 pictures of women on the front page of The Washington Post recently:
On the left was a Palestinian mother who had lost five children. On the right was a nearly equally sized picture of an Israeli woman who was distressed by the fighting, according to the caption.
As the Palestinian woman cradled the dead body of one child, another infant son, his face blackened and disfigured with bruises, cried beside her.
The Israeli woman did not appear to be wounded in any way but also wept.  If an Israeli woman had lost five daughters in a Palestinian attack, would The Washington Post run an equally sized photograph of a relatively unharmed Palestinian woman, who was merely distraught over Israeli missile fire?
Israeli children’s deaths were covered at a rate 7.5 times greater than Palestinian
In every conflict so far, the Israelis have methodically slaughtered the Palestinians and have only paused due to political expedience.  The recent worldwide protests and the international outrage after the bombing of the UN school has once again forced Israel to concede the possibility of allowing Humanitarian aid to come into the Gaza Strip.
The Israeli aggression is so vicious that even without accurate reporting of all the details, the international community is mobilizing to demand justice for the Palestinian people.

-Source: If Americans Knew is dedicated to providing full and accurate information to the American public on topics of importance that are underreported or misreported in the American media.


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