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Two Shahadas, Eight New Muslims by Khalida
February 2, 2009, 8:35 am
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By Talib Deen Abdush Shakoor

Islamic Post Contributing Writer

A newly born family emerged, in Middle Tennessee, from confusion into a path of clarity and enlightenment in December, 2008, when they embraced Islam.
Preliminary discussions began at work, where plans of a Christmas party were underway. Although almost all employees were Christians, only some were willing to participate. Others opposed the idea of celebrating what they called a holiday with pagan rites. Some of the questions brought to light were: “What does Santa Claus have to do with Christ?” “Is it really Jesus’ birthday?” “Why the Christmas tree?” The Christians engaged in debate after debate on the subject of Jesus (peace be upon him).
Being the only Muslim, I felt an invitation, at this point, to convey the views, according to Islam, of the Second to Last Messenger of Allah, who was Jesus son of Mary (peace be upon them). To the best of my ability, I spoke about the many similarities of the two faiths, and compared and contrasted the two books in attempt to portray the unchanging message sent to Muslims, Christians and Jews.
By the Grace of Allah, the Most High, this discourse sparked the interest of several people, one of which was a man by the name of Maurice Benford, who was very enthusiastic about getting together outside of work to talk more. Throughout the night, questions were asked and ideas were exchanged about the matter at hand. Maurice shared his beautiful point of views about what he felt life should be like. He talked about humility in one’s lifestyle, devotion in worship, and sincerity in good deeds. Little did he know, he was describing Islam.
The following night, Muslim brothers got together in Murfreesboro at Muhammad Anwar’s house; and Maurice brought his wife, Annette, and their children, along with another co-worker. They were hungry for knowledge and searching for truth. Yahya Khan, with his knowledge of the Bible, was able to point out inconsistencies within the text, making the point that the Bible has suffered change over time. At the same time, he lectured on the Holy Qur’an still being in its original state, as the last remaining text which is completely the Word of God.
For five hours, the eight of us sat and talked about the beauty of the Islamic way of life with emphasis on the Oneness of Allah, the oneness of the message, and the oneness of the path. Each person had input into the discussion. Questions got complete answers and gaps were filled. Hearts opened and light entered. However, the couple decided to go home to discuss it between themselves. They related having talked until almost sunrise.
The next afternoon, the two called back and stated how impressed they were, not only with the Quranic scriptures as compared to the Biblical ones, but moreso their love of the lifestyle, etiquettes and mannerisms of a Muslim. They’ve decided to meet up again with the intention of taking the next step.
Allah be praised, Ahmad Qadri, who has shown countless people the way to Islam, arrived that day, and was able to take part in this monumental event. “You don’t have to be Muslim to love Allah,” he told the couple, “But you do have to be Muslim to express your love to Allah.”
His words gave the two an abundance of confidence that this was the right decision. “I am absolutely sure that this is it,” said Annette. Then they embraced Islam and then we embraced them as family, along with their six children. Glory be to Allah, the Most High Creator of All.
Today, Maurice is Mahmood, and Annette, Amina. As a family, they all feel very confident and have a lot of peace of mind. As the learning continues, new discoveries add to the construction of their iman. which is the Islamic concept of faith put into practice in everyday life. Their excitement increased to be a part of our blessed community and to meet the rest of the brothers and sisters.
Allah, Exalted is He, has promised the domination of Islam. To be a part of that number is to be showered with His Mercy. But to witness it happen before your very eyes is a rewarding experience in itself. May Allah continue to increase the people, or followers, of the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him), and continue to allow us the honor of being used as His tools to manifest His decree. Ameen.


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