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Aqiqa Ceremony For A Most Blessed Newborn by Khalida
March 24, 2009, 12:17 pm
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We ask that Allah, the Most High, bestow countless blessings upon the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, and upon his family members of that time and today, who continue to grace us with their presence, and allow young and old to benefit from the leaders of the Ummah who come from this most blessed family.
The Muslims of the Americas (MOA) are proud to announce the birth of the newest light of the most honored family, the Ahli Bait, Syed Abdul Qadir Shah Gilani (also shown in the Eid collage above), son of our beloved Imam, El Sheikh Syed  Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani.
“The moment rose water was sprinkled on me [at the ceremony], I felt better,” said Muneerah Abdul Adl of Holy Islamberg. “All my worries at that moment went away. Khalifah Hussein Abu Bakr’s discourse made me more knowledgeable about the whole experience as well as the importance of motherhood. I was so happy to be there and I didn’t want to leave.”
Although of immense glad tidings, it was not surprising to hear quotes from the discourse given on this special occasion that there will be a time when the rulers of nations will be Syed, from the family of the Holy Last Messenger, may the peace of Allah be upon him and his noble family. One sign of this has been the President of the United States Syed Barack Hussein Obama. It was also cheering but, again, not shocking to now be told during the discourse that many Syeds have come from MOA families, although we are unaware of who they are.
In fact, due to the high numbers of Muslims who were brought to the Americas as slaves, and even the numbers of Cherokee and other Native American tribes who had converted to Islam before the arrival of the well-known colonial settler, Christopher Columbus, it is not a mystery why Islam is the fastest growing religion in America, as many Americans are simply returning to their roots and embracing the religion and culture of their forebears. Also, because the vast majority of African Americans were systematically cut off from their African roots and heritage, it is unknown to most which are blessed with the distinction of Syed forebears.
“Blessed we are and we pray to remain so! I witnessed the Aqiqa [ceremony of blessing] in all its happiness and noor!
In Holy Islamberg. “Generation after generation, we steadily build our nation!”
May Allah, the Most High, bless the Holy Family, their Syed sons and daughters and may our families serve them now and forever more…
For to serve them is to be like the siddiqs [truthful and loyal] who stood by Imam Shah Hussein, Noori son of Muhammad (peace be upon him)- May Allah bless his name!”
-Poetry: Umm Shafi


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