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Muslims of the Americas Honor Eid Milad in Sufi Lodge One, South Carolina by Khalida
March 24, 2009, 11:34 am
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(IP)–  On Eid Milad, Holy Islamville in SC was decorated with beautiful banners from the beginning of the main road all the way to the Holy Khanqah. For three days, there were activities scheduled. The first night was a commemoration for Hazrat Mian Mir (Allah’s mercy be upon him). The next day there were competitions and children’s activities. On the evening of the third day, a candle-lit vigil took place in honor of the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him). Following the march, the senior ladies entered the Holy Khanqah followed by the younger ladies. The men were in the courtyard and had to make a large circle on the grounds so that everyone could join together, holding hands, to send love and salaams to Our Beloved Nabi (peace be upon him). Darood Taj was also recited. A break was taken until the time of the special pre-dawn prayer, tahajjud. The middle of the night, when all was quiet and peaceful, found lovers reciting Holy Qur’an and Dalailul Khairat, after which was a halqa took place and naats were sung.


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