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Latin American Troops Train for US Service by Khalida
May 10, 2009, 1:59 pm
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(IP) –The US Defense Department recently announced disaster preparedness exercises that would trains 500 guardsmen in Puerto Rico. The announcement came just after the Pentagon announced a “new yearlong program [which] for the first time allows foreigners who are studying or working in the United States on a temporary visa to join [the military] if they meet certain requirements,” as reported by Bryan Bender of the Boston Globe. “There are already about 29,000 legal immigrants serving in the US military in return for expedited citizenship,” the Globe noted. The program has been designated by Defense Secretary Robert Gates to be “vital to the national interest,” and “is being managed by the Army, which is seeking to recruit up to 557 individuals with certain foreign language and cultural skills, and another 330 who are doctors, nurses, or other medical technicians,” the Globe reported.
Also of note to the region, Dominican Today reported the participation of 88 members of the naval forces of Dominican Republic, Panama, Honduras and Nicaragua in regional training excercises by the United States Southern Command, “at a time when drug trafficking and organized crime surge as Central America and the Caribbean’s main security threats.”


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