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United States, Canada Reaffirm Diplomatic Alliance by Khalida
May 21, 2009, 7:04 am
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(IP) –The United States and Canada, its closest northern neighbor, have affirmed a new commitment to a stronger alliance between the two North American nations. The two countries share one of the longest international borders in the world, and also share over $20 billion dollars in commercial revenue generated across those borders. Meetings between Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama on his official state visit earlier this year produced confirmations on both sides of a renewed cooperation and collaboration on many fronts. President Obama was greeted by throngs of Canadians, smiling, cheering and waving Canadian and American flags, in a display of approval for their country’s relationship with the U.S. and its new chief executive.
In a public address, the Canadian prime minister indicated that the U.S. and Canada are “allies, partners, neighbors, and the closest of friends …a relationship built on our shared values – freedom and democracy.” Both countries have agreed to revamp and streamline border-crossing procedures that will improve security and eradicate border delays that are costing the U.S. and Canada $13 billion dollars yearly, as estimated by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce; as well as the need for immediate concerted efforts to strengthen the international financial system. Also stressed are collaborations on clean energy technology, environmental protection, energy security, and a firm commitment to stability and progress in Afghanistan.


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