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February 19, 2010, 6:13 pm
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Muslims of the Americas Display Love, Honor, for Direct Descendant of Ghausul Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani
May 21, 2009, 7:19 am
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By Noora Ahmad

Islamic Post Staff Writer

Reciting naat and qasidahs, Muslims of the Americas (MOA) pay tribute to International Quranic Open University Vice Chancellor, Perfect Sufi Master, His Eminence, El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani Hashmi, a direct descendant of the world-renowned saint and scholar of Islam, Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani.
(IP) –The Muslims of the Americas gathered to pay tribute to His Eminence, El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Gilani in April when MOA founding mothers, Zahidah Faruq and Umm Shafi (Aisha Begum) were invited to recite special naats they had written many years ago that have inspired generations to follow the ways of love, peace and selflessness set out by El Sheikh Gilani. The two ladies graced the occassion with a joint recitation. For one naat, Umm Shafi was accompanied by two of her sons, one of whom sings for the up and coming group Ansaruddeen. Songs by founding mother Baji Halimah Sahar were also recited. Baji Halimah has written over 100 such songs and poems and published her work via Zavia Books entitled:A Journey of Love In Na’ats and Poetry.
After releasing “Ya Ilahi” last year, Ansaruddeen is expected to record their next album later this year. Many of the songs recited by Ansaruddeen also pay tribute to El Sheikh Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, who is greatly loved by the group members and their fans. The group, which consists of three young men –Ibrahim Caba, Abdul Manaan A. Hakim and Muhammad Hussain A. Khabir– gave their most recent concert during a fundraising dinner at Abu’s House of Halal, a restaurant in Binghamton, NY. Fans of the group and devotees of El Sheikh Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani were able to hear a live Ansaruddeen performance in an elegant setting, and guests enjoyed traditional curry chicken with grilled spicy vegetables and flat bread, and also American classics such as filet mignon, rice and a specially prepared cake.

Common Medicines Classified ‘Unsafe’
May 21, 2009, 7:18 am
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By Asma A. Adl
Islamic Post Staff Writer

(IP) –The counter (OTC) drug called phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride (PPA) has been widely used for many years as a nasal decongestant in OTC products as well as prescription and weight control products.
The FDA states that they started scientific reviews of OTC drug products in the 1970s, wanting to test the safety and effectiveness of products marketed in the United States. In 1976 the use of PPA was deemed safe for nasal decongestants by an expert panel and given the go ahead by a different panel in 1982 for weight control. The FDA, however, makes mention that they had not completed their own safety and effectiveness tests due to the occasional reports of the association of the drugs and with hemorrhagic strokes.
A hemorrhagic stroke is the bleeding inside of the brain and in its surrounding tissue. With the association of PPA and these strokes, pharmaceutical industries were requested by the FDA in 2000 to evaluate the risks of taking drugs containing PPA. The industry study was case controlled and consisted of people 18-49 years old. The subjects had been recently hospitalized with subarachnoid or intercerebral hemorrhages. For women using PPA for weight control, the increased risk occurred after 3 days, and for women using the drug as a nasal decongestant product, it occurred after the first day. The reported exposure was verified by the study investigators.
A few over the counter medications that have contained PPA are as follows: Alka-seltzer plus cold medicine; Alka-seltzer plus cold and flu; Alka-seltzer cold and sinus effervescent; BC Allergy sinus cold powder; Comtrex flu therapy & fever relief; Contac 12 hour tablets; Dimetapp Elixir; Dimetapp Cold & Cough liquid-gels; Robitussin CF; Triaminic Cold and Cough, allergy, and chest and head; Dexatrim products; Triaminic products and Triaminic childrens products.
The FDA, however, does not keep an updated list of products containing PPA as companies continue to reformulate their products. Therefore ingredient lists should be regularly checked.

American Qadri Sufis Celebrate Annual Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani Day
May 21, 2009, 7:18 am
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Showing great respect to the renowned Sufi Master, Ghausul Azam, Abdul Qadir Jilani, participants joined in the recitation of Holy Quran, Naat, the completion of Qasidah Ghausia and dhikr.
Everyone was elated that the descendent of Ghaus Azam of Baghdad had been elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan.
All are expecting him to follow in the way of his blessed ancestor with firmness and steadfastness.

American Muslim Condemns the Publication of Derogatory Statements Made about the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him) in Jamal ul Quran by Zia ul Quran Publications
May 21, 2009, 7:13 am
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Appeal to Pakistan Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to Take Immediate Action to Bring Culprits ForwardPRESS RELEASE

To:  Chief Justice Iftikhar  Muhammad Chaudhry
Supreme Court of Pakistan
and the Pakistan Ministry of Religious Affairs

From: United Muslim Advocates Guild

Re: Your Attention to Inaccurate References in Jamal ul Quran Regarding Our Holy Last Messenger (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)

Date:  May 6, 2009

Dear Your Honors:

I write to you on behalf of the United Muslim Advocates Guild headquartered in the United States of America. This letter concerns a current injustice taking place in your country.  Approximately four years ago, members of our staff purchased four dozen Holy Qur’ans published by Zia ul Quran – The translator of the English/Arabic edition of Jamal ul Quran is Professor Anis Ahmad Sheikh and the proofreading was done by Professor Muhammad Shaffi.
Upon review, we were shocked to discover the most insulting commentary regarding our Beloved Holy Last Messenger (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him). Specifically, the line to be scrutinized is the seventh ayat of the 93rd Surah, Ad-Duha, hereinafter (“the ayat”). The use of the word “distracted” for the Arabic term dalaala in the ayat when referring to the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessing be upon him) is incorrect and surely a gross insult to him, to his blessed and pure family (peace be upon them all) and to the entire Muslim world!
We contacted the publishers without hesitation to inform them of this gross error. Our staff strongly suggested the publishers: Pizada Muhammad Hafeez-ul-Barakaat Shah, and his brother Pizada Muhammad Ibrahim Shah place an editor’s slip or notation into  each Holy Qur’an detailing the distortion and correcting the inaccuracy of the translation. Shamefully, both made little of the maligning of the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) and treated the whole issue as though it was of no importance and insignificant.  Their arrogant, remorseless response was, “We don’t have time for this matter.” The two refused to address the issue further. It is unconscionable to think this matter is occurring in a Muslim country where those in control claim to be Ahli Bait.  They profess to be family of our Holy Last Messenger (May Allah be pleased with him) but none has stepped up to protect his Honor.
The correct meaning of the ayah concerned is “We found you absorbed in love of Allah and we show you the way.” This is the same interpretation of the word dalaala as it was used in Sura Yusuf when referring to Hazrat Yaqub (peace be upon him) in order to express the extreme love for his son Hazrat Yusuf (peace be upon him). The Almighty Allah states that: “My Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) is not insane, nor a liar, nor a confused person.” The Arabic/Urdu Dictionary published in Karachi and Lahore concurs that the word used in translation to mean “distracted” is used to describe someone who is weak-minded or one with a mental flaw. The words Pagall (insane , distracted) and Jhoot (meaning lies and insane) were used. To even suggest such derogatory characteristic could exist in the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) is an unspeakable affront to the most perfect of creation and a fraudulent portrayal of Rasooli Akram’s (peace and blessings be upon him) impeccable character. This is a grave offense and may Allah forgive us for having to even associate these words in within the same paragraph of Our Holy Last Messenger!
Further, the United Muslim Advocates Guild and the International Qur’anic Open University have jointly sponsored a newspaper correspondent to travel to your country to personally deliver this letter and to monitor the situation.
To this end, we are respectfully requesting that you exercise your influence to order the publishers to rectify this problem with all urgency.  Sirs, you have the authority to rectify this injustice suo motto and we implore you to do so.
If our demand is ignored by the government of Pakistan, then we will be forced to rally and protest against the arrogant and blasphemous statement contained in the publication.
Respectfully submitted.
Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, Attorney at Law

Peace Activists Join Maulid Festival in Binghamton
May 21, 2009, 7:12 am
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As we stood at city hall marking the end of the Milad Parade and Festival procession, I glanced over to the women standing next to me with a homemade banner. After introducing myself and my Christian mother, I kindly asked Ann Clune if I could take a picture of her banner. Ann told me that her daughter had spent time making her the banner, which read, “True Peace Comes Not From Bombs, Change The Cycle.”
During a brief talk with Mr and Mrs Jim Clune, I learned that the two had done some online advertising for the event. The Clunes are Catholics and attend St. James Church in Johnson City, NY, and are members of a peace vigil group that has been meeting weekly with other groups in the town’s Federal Building for over 9 years now.
Another attendee, Ms. Grace Walter –who also attended last year’s program– had this to say: “It reminded me of the civil rights movement when blacks, along side with whites, marched for equality. I hope that Muslim-Christian dialogue continues.”
-Islamic Post Staff Writer, Jameelah Kareem

From the Desk of the Sultan: El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani Hashmi: “What is Wisdom?”

Editor’s introduction:
Below is another brief, but extremely beneficial, transcription of a segment of a discourse by His Eminence, El-Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani. The dear reader will also notice this is an explanatory lecture on the hikmah that Allah, the Most High, reveals for mankind in Surah Luqman:

“And We bestowed hikmah upon Luqman: “Show thy gratitude to Allah, and whoever is grateful does so to the profit of his own soul.” – HolyQur’an Surah Luqman, Ayat 12.
Commentary by El Sheikh Gilani:
After Divine Revelation (wahi) and Messengerhood is hikmah. Hikmah is The Wisdom. In English we say: “[So and so], he is a very wise man.” What do we mean by this? It is a very crude meaning, because the whole terminology [of English] is very ambiguous and ever changing. The wise people twenty years ago are fools now, and those people whom they call wise today: they will become fools after ten years. So, hikmah is that gift from Allah (glory be to the Most High) that comes directly from Allah by which you can make differentiation between the falsehood and the truth. Hikmah is a gift. After Messengers come hakeems whom Allah has given hikmah. They are awliya (friends of Allah). Hazrat Luqman (to whom this Surah refers, peace be upon him) was a hakeem.
Now [as I said], hikmah is a gift that comes from Allah. It is not wahi, but Allah inspires the hearts of those people by giving them hikmah. It is a light, Allah’s Noor, by which they can differentiate between the falsehood and the truth. They know the reality of things (haqiqah) and the secrets of the deeds and act upon it.
For an ordinary person, he sees all that is in heaven and earth and thinks that he can cultivate land, raise flowers and cattle, do business and just thinks that Allah has given him this ability. But, for a hakeem, all of that which is between heaven and earth, in the physical world, are signs and similitudes to guide him, and they are all physical manifestations, physical or materialized forms of each and every word of Holy Qur’an. All that he sees are the physical manifestations or materialization of Allah’s Words.
The words of Allah are meant to guide you, so that you are not misguided. When you start doing research of the signs, or matter, or its growth, or its form, then one is short of a fool as an indicative sign is meant to lead you towards a direction! They are the signs along the way! And you should follow in that direction. But, when you stop there, [at the signs], making use of your microscope and your instruments, [focusing only on those instruments without attention given to their actual use, purpose and indication] and you start writing on your boards that it (the sign given by Allah) is made of so and so; it is so many years old, etc.; then, people will say: “He’s a madman! Put him in the lunatic asylum!”