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International Quranic Open University Sponsors Its Annual “Boys’ Summer Program” by Khalida
July 21, 2008, 3:41 am
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Attention neighbors, come join us at our annual summer program held in the Catskill Mountains for anyone coming with a positive attitude.

The International Quranic Open University (IQOU) is pleased to announce the Annual Boys’ Summer Program in the rural upstate New York village of Holy Islamberg. The Program is for all boys 15 years of age and older, and lasts for 30 days, beginning on the 5th of July, 2008. Participants are invited to attend with open minds, a positive attitude, and a willingness to follow the Ten Commandments.
Outdoor activities for the Program include: basic hiking and mountaineering; wrestling; swimming; boating; fishing; and basketball. The ancient sport of kabbadi will be featured as well for various levels of competition.
The standard IQOU curriculum includes: recitation of Holy Quran, to be completed by all within 30 days; studies from Bukhari Sharif and knowledge of Hadiths; research in Islamic Studies and Islamic Law;  the Sirah, or life study, of the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him and his family); as well as Conversational Arabic, which will be taught beginning with Book One by the IQOU staff , including staff members who have recently returned from studies at The National University of Modern Languages in Islamabad , Pakistan .
Seniors may look forward to a curriculum including an in-depth study of Holy Quran, Islamic History, Islamic Calligraphy, and Modern English reading and writing.
To qualify as a senior one must have at least a High School Diploma; and must have graduated from three previous IQOU summer programs with the completion of the Holy Quran and its translation at least once.  Basic knowledge of Sharia, or Islamic Law, is also necessary to qualify.
The fee for the 30 day program is $125 per student participant, to be collected at the time of registration.
For further information, please contact IQOU staff members: Khalifa Khalid Ihsan (607) 624-3338, or M. Ahmed A. Mumin (434) 426-5083.


Miracles Abound at the Banaatun Noor Third Annual Reunion by Khalida
July 21, 2008, 3:36 am
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By Nafisah Begum & Zahidah Faruq, Islamic Post Staff Writers.

Above, the Holy Khanqah Gilaniya where many, including some reunion participants, have been blessed with beholding the blessed names of Allah and of the Holy Last Messenger Muahammad, sal Allahu alayhe wa sallam.

A few of the hundreds of ladies present at 2008 Banaatun Noor reunion.

Holy Islamville, SC– “This is your second chance at life, in this life.”
These divine words were spoken by his Eminence Sheikh Mubarik Ali Shah Jilani, prior to the blessed Third Annual Banaatun Nur Reunion. The reunion took place in Holy Islamville, SC on June 7-17, 2008. Holy Islamville is where the beautiful Holy Khanqa Gilania is located.  Many miracles have been revealed in this blessed Holy Khanqa of the Sufis. People have been spiritually healed, spiritually blessed and physical health conditions have been improved and/or  totally healed, just by entering into this blessed and revered place. Miracles do continue to happen, even during the Banaatun Nur reunion participants beheld the brilliant shining Nur of the Almighty Creator that turned into rainbows.
Ladies from all around the coun­try  traveled to Holy Islamville, South Carolina to attend the BanaatunNoor Reunion. The air crackled with excitement in the triple digit heat as ladies began to trickle in, in hopes of seeing fellow members of their individual chapters. All fall under the umbrella of BanaatunNoor (Daughters of Light) International, established in 1987 by his Eminence Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani. Some of the ladies had not seen each other in  the years since they had the unique op­portunity to travel abroad, where they each underwent extensive studies in Islamic educa­tion and culture, home econom­ics, and had the opportunity to live with our beloved Murshid, Pir Sahib Sultan Muhyuddin Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, Hash­mi, affording them an opportunity to see, breathe, and live the sunnah of the Beloved of Allah, Syedina Rasooli Akram (peace and blessing be upon his noble person).
They then returned home to their respective areas where they taught what they learned to their families, friends, and fellow countrymen.
Over the years there have been many other opportunities to educate other Muslim ladies at various camps. This reunion has allowed the members to continue their education and brush up on their various skills.
As the ladies set up the campsite, outdoor kitchen, and atrium where classes would be held, the camarade­rie, love, and kinship could be seen everywhere.
At the request of our Murshid, we came together as a group to make a special du’a (sup­plication) for El Sheikh’s dear friend, Mr.. Sher Khan, who was scheduled to have surgery during the reunion. We were honored to be given the privilege to aid our beloved in this way. This du’a was composed of 12,000 x’s Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, ArRahman, ArRaheem), twelve nawaful rakaats made in sets of two (to be made after every 1,000 x’s reci­tation of the Basmala); then the du’a was said and continued in this manner until its completion.
This du’a,  composed of words specifically requesting the Almighty Creator to grant good health, free­dom from calamities, prosperity, and long life for ourselves, community, participants, and the dear friend of  El Sheikh, was to be done over the course of three nights following the evening prayer.
On the second night of the pro­gram, over 60 ladies filled the Holy Khanqah Gilaniyah, to continue im­ploring Almighty Allah for the good health of Mr.. Sher Khan.
Upon the completion of the pro­gram, one of the ladies pointed to the foyer in the Holy Khanqah (the site of numerous miracles) where two rays of light could be seen. These rays were filled with rainbow colors, each color vibrant and distinct from the other; each ray was about 6 feet in length, going from the upper wall near the ceiling down to the floor and both were pulsating, swaying to and fro in dhikr. Some witnessed the name of Allah and the name of the Holy Last Mes­senger Muhammad (peace and bless­ings be upon his noble person) written in white noor (light), while many saw his Em­inence leading dhikr and guiding the program.
In an­other room of Bai­tun Noor (house of light), a lady had Almighty Al­lah’s name, and the name of the Beloved Holy Last Messenger written as Muhammad (peace and bless­ings be upon his noble person), and the face of our beloved Murshid on her right thumbnail and on the back side of the thumb. Many ladies gathered around her to see this blessed miracle.
The rainbows were witnessed by all present. Upon seeing this miracu­lous manifestation all went immedi­ately into sajdah, thanking Almighty Allah for this great benefit. The rain­bow gives assurance to the believers that Allah Almighty hears and answers the prayers of His sincere devotees.
At tahajjad on another morning, we did a spiritual program for Samia Begum and for our Jamaat. After a few days, we were informed that both people were doing very well and had sent their sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the programs for them. The reality of both of those programs is that the participants of this intensive ibadah were personally and spiritually invigorated themselves.
Our beloved Murshid Kamil personally refined and directed all of the essential aspects of this reunion. He was  in contact daily, sending messages regarding the program and changing the course outline as directed by Allah subhana wa ta Ala. He wrote a discourse on Adaab & Iklaq which was dictated by Dr. Jawwiriya A. Abdallah-Shahid. This discourse covered, in a condensed form, everything that a Muslim lady should know and do, regarding proper conduct in life. He continued to stress the importance of reading and understanding the Holy Quran. He said “at night, when your family has retired read the Holy Quran, this is your personal conversation with Allah subhana wa ta Ala.”
After our morning worship was performed, the following classes were given: Arabic, Surah  Baqarah DVD, 99 Names of Allah ta ‘ala, 40  Hadith Jami, On the Authority of the Sunna, Marriage, Gardening, Raising Chickens, Fish Farming, Canning, Hakimah Remedies, Ladies’ Health and Personal Beautification. After some time, our Murshid moved the Banaatun Noor Administrative office closer to the conference center and had a Hakimah Station set up to take care of the health needs of the participants. Our tasty meals were cooked on an outdoor fire and most of the conference attendees participated in the cooking and serving of each meal.
There were many smiling faces, warm salaams and loving arms that were continually engaging and embracing us. The faces of all the ladies were so beautiful and full of Nur, their eyes twinkling, sparkling and shining, as if secrets were being revealed to them at any given moment. There was a genuine feeling of true sisterhood; the differences of our ages merged into one. Respect and love replaced other emotions that were previously there. Everywhere we turned there were groups of ladies rehearsing inspirational stories, gems full of  Hikma and Ilm from the Holy Quran Majeed, Al Hadith, and from our guide on this blessed path of Tasawwuf, our  Murshid Kamil.
The grand highlight of the Banaatun Nur reunion was the conference call from our beloved Murshid to his American talibahs. His overall message was full of love and concern for our well being. His words were very clear; “become Mutaqeen, love your country, be good Americans;  you are American Muslims, be good neighbors. He said to become exemplary Muslim ladies, be kind, be merciful, be modest, help the poor and needy; take care of your person and your children. By following  the way of Nabi Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him,    everyone reaches back home. He also said, “Allah loves you and you must love Him with your heart and soul.”

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The Islamic Post Appoints Muhammad Atiq Shahid Resident Editor for Southeast Asia and Pakistan by Khalida
July 21, 2008, 3:08 am
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By Umm Umair, Islamic Post Staff Writer

The Islamic Post congratulates Muhammad Atiq Shahid (left in photograph), Senior Development Editor in Southeast Asia and Pakistan.

The esteem and popularity of the Is­lamic Post is ever-increasing in many countries around the globe. The reputation of the Islamic Post, the only Islamic inter­national journal of its kind, has particularly gained recognition and regard since its debut and recent printing in Spanish in the Carib­bean Islands.
The journal has also been acknowl­edged favorably in Southeast Asia, partic­ularly in Pakistan, and for these reasons the executive board of the Islamic Post recently appointed Muhammad Atiq Shahid as the Se­nior Resident Editor in Southeast Asia and Pakistan.
Considering this, it is quite deplorable that at the onset of his trip, while coming to Paki­stan to take up his new position, the editor’s luggage was removed from the plane at John F. Ken­nedy airport prior to take-off.
This is quite un­forgivable as Mr. Sha­hid is not only a great writer and orator, he is also a senior veteran who fought in Viet­nam.
His patriotism to the United States is unquestionable, and he is a good Muslim. He loves both his deen (re­ligious way of life) and his country without hesitation and without doubt.
Unfortunately, the hate campaign against Muslims is gaining great momentum in the U.S. spearheaded by Zionists who operate with ficti­tious names and bogus post office boxes. The worst thing is that they pretend to be Chris­tian. Their aim is to bring about a clash be­tween two faiths, Islam and Christianity. They have been successful in many countries.
However, learn­ing of this horrendous conspiracy, American Muslims have awakened in time to establish a Muslim-Christian unit­ed front and have held rallies in order to save the United States and the world.
The American Muslims have realized that only Muslim-Chris­tian unity can achieve this goal.
The Islamic Post has released state­ments wishing Mr. Atiq Shahid the best of luck and success in his new post.
He has further­more been authorized to print the Islamic Post in Pakistan.
Officials of the pa­per have also requested the Information Minis­ter, Mr. Shahree Rah­man, to send Mr. Atiq Shahid invitations to press conferences that will further his reprint­ing and successful dis­tribution of the journal in Pakistan.
Mr. Shahid will be staying at the Islamic Post office in Muree.

Mugabe Seizes Power After One-Man Race Declared ‘Unfair’ by Khalida
July 21, 2008, 3:03 am
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By Durdana Jamaal Qadria, Islamic Post Staff Writer

There was no doubt Robert Mugabe would win the election considering the fact that many in opposition were jailed, missing or believed dead.
With Morgan Tsvangirai losing the popular vote to Mugabe in March, Mugabe was standing in a one-man race. His race was riddled with fear, threats and possible death to those who would stand in opposition even after Tsvangirai lost. Of the opposition, 90 had been killed, 2,000 were jailed, 10,000 assaulted and injured and 200,000 were displaced in the run-up to the vote.
Unlike his counterpart, Mr. Tsvangirai considered the lives of the people over whom he wanted to preside by pulling out of the presidential race last month, saying he could not ask his supporters to vote “when that vote would cost them their lives.”
Although the obvious threat of retribution at the hands of Mugabe’s agents was present, Tsvangirai remained on the ballot and tens of thousands of Zimbabweans voted in his favor.
Few were surprised by the declaration that the elections were not free and fair. The Pan-African parliament wants a new vote when the environment is “conducive” for a valid poll.
A Pan-African parliament monitor said that he had spoken to voters from a squatter camp who told him that they were voting for Mugabe because their home would have been destroyed if they refused to comply.
Going against the rest of the world, Robert Mugabe continued to go ahead with the voting process; however he looked a bit subdued at his inauguration in Harare on Sunday. If all continues according to his plan, he will preside over the country for a sixth term.
This sixth term will come at a major price for him and his country.  He will now face growing scrutiny, stricter sanctions and even warrant armed peacekeepers to enter his country as a result of his stolen presidency. Archbishop Desmond Tutu said, “I think that a very good argument can be made for having an international force to restore peace.” The U.S. said that it will call for UN action against Zimbabwe such as an arms embargo. US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice made it a point to say, “It makes sense to deny the government of Zimbabwe the means to conduct violence against its own people.”
His arrogant behavior knows no bounds as he stated that “only God” could remove him from power; but, after such a statement, he now realizes that he may be forced to share his authority to some degree. Forced to eat his words, just before his trip was due to depart for the African Union Summit, he promised to hold “serious talks” with those in opposition to his election.
Nelson Chamisa, spokesman for Movement for Democratic Change, said, “But when all is said and done, there has to be dialogue about a transitional period that would lead to a free and fair election.
He continued, “The politicians of this country need to set aside their egos and think of the future of this country. We need to put a full stop on our people’s suffering.”

Natural Disaster or Wrath? by Khalida
July 21, 2008, 3:01 am
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By Durdana Jamaal Qadria, Islamic Post Staff Writer

Scientists and government agencies are baffled by the constant barrage of floods, tornadoes, and wildfires occurring simultaneously in several different locations.
Many of these storms have eluded all scientific detections and are only discovered when it is far too late to implement evacuation plans. There was a time when such devices were of value and offered enough warning to the people whose lives would be affected; however, predictions of mega-storms like Louisiana’s hurricane Katrina have fallen short in estimating the danger and destruction caused.
Floods in Iowa have swallowed entire towns, breaking or weakening the levees that were constructed to protect the masses. Many rely on the weather agencies to give concrete information substantiated by scientific facts as to the severity of a storm; however, Ron Fournier, a spokesman with the Army Corps of Engineers in Iowa , said,“There is no way to predict whether these levees will break. That’s a crystal ball that nobody has.”
In other states like Kansas, Oklahoma and Mississippi, tornadoes have leveled residential communities and small towns. Horrific tornadoes-sometimes two or three touching down in the same area at the same time- have exceeded the estimations of the agencies that tract them. Preliminary statistics from the National Weather Service show that 172 tornadoes have been reported in Kansas this year — the most in the nation.
Wildfires have charred and destroyed thousands of acres in California with its newest destruction in Hollywood. There has been speculation as to the origins of these wildfires but no evidence to corroborate such ideas. At best the reason given is that the heat combined with the lack of rain makes for an easy target for ‘wildfires’ to occur. Scientists, who would have the masses believe that these mega-storms are the results of mixes in climate from one region of the country to another, know all too well the reasons for such horrific occurrences.
When the people of New Orleans, Louisiana returned to their homes, they were more concerned about reviving Mardi Gras then repairing the damage done to some of the poorest areas in the city. State funds were allocated for the sole purpose of rebuilding New Orleans-a haven for all that is impure and against The Almighty Creator’s Law.
Homosexuals have been granted the right to ‘marry’ in California thus they are flocking to the state in droves seeking to make lawful what the Almighty Creator has deemed unlawful. This in the face of the fact that he sent the Great Flood of Noah (peace be upon him) to destroy them for the same actions.
One should pay careful attention to arrive at the conclusion that history is repeating itself. The crimes against the Almighty Creator are more prevalent now than in the past; bringing a multitude of calamities. Instead of one great flood, we suffer several of them. Instead of one tornado or forest fire, many storms befall our nation leaving us with nothing but memories.
How selective are our memories that we forget or  refuse to acknowledge the one thing that makes complete sense? The Almighty Creator’s Laws are being broken therefore He sends the Wrath. Even worse is the wrath upon those who chose to ignore the signs as a punishment, not a natural disaster.

Dr. Jemille, The Methodology Behind Qur’anic Psychiatry, Part 1 by Khalida

By Dr. Jemille Wasi, Islamic Post Contributing Writer

In the April 2008 edition of the Islamic Post, I introduced the first of a series of articles whose purpose was to establish El Gilani Methodology (EGM) as a viable, proven treatment option for those suffering from a multitude of disease processes. In that article I focused on introducing the historical background of EGM and the events that were transpiring that necessitated its development. Now we turn our attention to the components of the methodology itself.
Lines of Holy Quran have been used since times past as a means to cure disease. The Holy Last Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) used a compilation of 34 such ayaats (known as the Manzil) to cure mental disease. After the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him), Sufi scientists used the 6 Ayaats of Shifaa, healing various ailments.
EGM was developed from the mold of the practices of the early sufis, including the ultimate sufi, the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him).
EGM is a standardized systematic approach that institutes the application of the healing properties of the Holy Quran for the general population at large. It centers on the use of the projection of a highly concentrated visual image of the name of Allah ta’ala, who is the Most High,  and the name of the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him).
Originally it consisted of audiotapes of the method’s founder reciting various ayaats. Although El Sheikh still dispenses treatment, the method now also consists of highly trained therapists administering prescribed therapies on an individual basis, often in person, to the afflicted individual.
Patients are given specific prescriptions for the disease process. Some aspects of each prescription are generic for a particular ailment, but some parts of the treatment regimen  are customized to an individual patient.
As is the case with most formal systems of medicine, the practitioners must take courses specific to the method. This often occurs at one of the many campuses of the International Quranic Open University. Students must pass examinations in order to become qualified therapists and receive certifications. Another facet of the training is that students must adhere to the same principles as the patients, which include a belief in one God, following the Ten Commandments, performing good deeds, and shunning the committing of sinful acts. Once a fully competent therapist, one is released to provide services to all that seek assistance. For difficult cases, the more accomplished therapists are available to render services.
EGM has met some resistance in the past which, I believe, is due to the fact that it is often mistakenly grouped with forms of non-traditional medicine. Unlike these practices, this is a medical system that includes a medical code, texts, and formally trained therapists.
A book called Treatment of Mental Disorders: A Review of Effectiveness, edited by Norman Sartorius, describes how various forms of indigenous medicine often showed greater success rates in healing diseases than did commonly used practices. Westermeyer had reached this same conclusion in a previous study in 1979.
Although EGM is applicable to all forms of disease, its primary focus is the treatment of mental disease. Upon further review of this unique methodology, one will find that it focuses on the true nature of many diseases. If given the proper audience one will find the results of instituting this treatment strategy effective in curing many of the incurable diseases that afflict mankind!!
As always…only from Allah ta’ala can we be healed!

Dr. Jemille graduated in 1998 with honors from Longwood University, with a Bachelors in Chemistry. In June 2006, he received a Medical Degree from International Quranic Open University (I.Q.O.U.). In September 2006, he received his M.D. from Eastern Virginia Medical school. Dr. Jemille is scheduled, this year, to participate fully as a physician at St. Francis Family Residency Program.

For any comments or concerns send an email to Dr. Jemille:

Dr. Jemille Series: The Introduction to El Gilani Methodology Intro| Part 1| Part 2 | Part 3

Hate-Mongers Posing As Christians Visit Holy Shrine by Khalida

Will the Hate Campaign Ever Stop?

By Islamic Post Staff Writers
The Christian Action Network (CAN), a racist faction of hate mongers, has selected the Holy Shrine in the Village of Holy Is­lamville, York, South Carolina, one of the holiest places in America and the world, as a target for their cam­paign of hate and religious preju­dice.

This obsessed group of anti-social misfits greatly maligns Jesus, son of the chaste Mary, by calling themselves Christians. Their sinis­ter, terrorist type tactics range from throwing bundles of hate pamphlets out of low flying planes over Mus­lim villages, to obstructing traffic and agitat­ing and harassing Muslim women and children. Their literature and posters are crammed with rambling hateful venom and their public ad­dress system spews out inflamma­tory anti-Islam propaganda. It is obvious their underlying intent is to incite a clash between the fol­lowers of these two great religions.
In the serene Muslim village of Holy Islamville, thousands of people, of different faiths, have visited the Holy Shrine from around the world.  They have beheld the miraculous manifesta­tions. Some have been cured of  ailments and so-called “incurable” diseases.

(Right) People of all faiths are welcome anytime at Baitun Noor, the Holy Khanqah of the Sufis. The Muslims of the Americas are working to prepare for the return of Christ Jesus who will unite our two great reli­gions into one (Herald photo).

Local newspaper and other media have visited the Holy Shrine on numerous occasions, and reported what they beheld. Photographs and video recordings that support the miraculous manifestations are available for public viewing.
It was on the 13th of Shabaan 1416, of the Hijri calendar, the 5th of January 1996, at the Banaa tun Noor, Ladies Retreat, held in Holy Islamville, York, South Carolina, USA, that those present were in­formed that a special dua, to be re­cited on the 15th of Shabaan-Shab-e-Bara’at, (the mid of the month that precedes the fasting month of Ramadan) was being faxed. Joyous cries of “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great) were heard when the fax ma­chine came to life. The sheet with the dua (prayer) on it appeared to have become jammed while emerging, but when it was retrieved, the mes­sage was completely intact.
While the ladies began read­ing the fax, Afifa Begum looked up at the ceiling and noted a spe­cial sight. “I looked and yelled, ‘Look! There’s a rainbow on the ceiling.” Adeelah Ahmed went to the sink to see if the light reflect­ing off the water was causing the rainbow and found that the rainbow was not caused by any reflection. However, she did find something else: she found the name of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him), appearing on the wall in vivid, shimmering and brilliant colors of green, yellow, blue and streaks of red. For a good 25 minutes the name of the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him) appeared on the right and on the left; a viv­id rainbow appeared on the wall. Each time someone tried to take a picture with a camera, both would disappear. When the camera was put down, both reappeared. When some of the ladies tried to block the miraculous manifestations with their hands the name still appeared on the wall.
Amira Najah remarked, “Each letter was clear and easy to see and easy to trace. It was written as though it were a staircase and the meem was the highest step and the dal was the first step.” Ladies kept coming in and out and the joy, ec­stasy, and excitement were beyond compare.
The dua was faxed to the la­dies by His Eminence, El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, El Hashmi, Al Hassani wal Hussaini, the Vice Chancellor of the Intl Quranic Open University with per­mission to recite it, along with the correct method of recitation. The dua was to be recited on the Nifs of Shabaan (middle night of Sha­baan) and was written by El Sheikh Gilani’s direct ancestor, Ghausul Azam, Muhayyuddin, Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani of Baghdad.
There were at least 125 la­dies on that blessed night (the 15th of Shaban, the Night of Predesti­nation) at the Holy Shrine where much worship, dhikr and recitation took place. It was then that the prayer was recited in Arabic. The English version of the prayer fol­lows:
Ya Allah, Thou favor all and needs the favor of no one. O most Exalted and Supreme and Be­stower of Rewards, there is no De­ity save Thee, O the “backbone” of those who seek Thy help. Thou art the Refuge of those who seek Thy protection and Thou art the Abode of Peace for those who are stricken with terror.
O, my Allah, if Thou hast writ­ten my name in Thy Book (Loh-e-Mahfooz) as unlucky, miserable or destitute or deprived of Rizq (pro­visions) in abundance, then Ya Allah delete that.
O, my Allah, for the sake of Thy Fadl (Favor) may my misery, my depravity, my destituteness and shortness of rizq (provisions ) be changed in Thy Book (of destiny) and be written as lucky, bestowed with rizq in abundance and may I be the one granted com­petency to do virtuous deeds because (Ya Allah) Thou hast spoken and Thou speakest the HAQQ (the truth) in Thy Revealed Book (Holy Quran) and Thy Messenger hast also spoken that, “Allah deletes whatever He willeth and pre­serves whatever He willeth and with Him is the Book of Destiny (Holy Quran).”
Ya Allah, for the sake of Thy greatest Tajjaly [Divine manifestation of His Noor (Light), Names or Words] during the mid-half night of Shaaban in which the Al­mighty, All Wise gives judg­ment on every issue (to be­fall until next Shaaban) and fulfills it as well, we beseech and implore Thee (Ya Allah) to save us from all adversities, miseries, trials about which we know and don’t know but indeed Thou art the Best Knower, the most Exalted and Supreme One. Blessings be upon our Lord the Last Mes­senger Muhammad and upon his descendents, companions and walees (friends).
Mrs. June, a Christian lady, began a conversation at a local shopping mall with a couple of Muslim ladies that reside in Holy Islamville. She disclosed that her husband’s health was failing and was encouraged by the Muslim ladies to visit the Holy Shrine where others had been cured of numerous ailments. Short­ly thereafter, Ms. June and her husband, Muhammad Najjar, who was diagnosed with can­cer, by doctors at Piedmont Medical Center, made a visit to the Holy Shrine to pray for a cure. The personal name of Allah appeared before her on the walls of the room she was in but Ms. June could not read Arabic and did not realize what it was that she saw. It wasn’t until Ms. June embroi­dered a tapestry to commemo­rate her visit that she was told and shown what she had seen. On her tapestry was embroi­dered the very name of Allah in Arabic script. When her husband returned to Piedmont for further examination and treatment his doctors were amazed that the cancer was gone! No doubt this was done by the permission of the One Almighty Creator.

(Right) the distinguished Dr. Syed Malik Hamid Hussain Qadri, Member of the Sudanese Parliament, showed utmost respect before miraculous manifestations in the Holy Khanqah Gilaniyah. which he visited at the behest of His Eminence Al Imam Sheikh Syed Mubarik ‘Ali Shah Gilani.

Sudanese Ambas­sador, Syed Dr. Malik Hus­sein Hamid, President of the Sudanese Data Bank, member of the Sudan National As­sembly and candidate for the Presidency of Sudan (2000) accepted the invitation of His Eminence, El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani and arrived at the Holy Shrine on the 16th of December 2003 and engaged in vigorous prayer, dhikr and contempla­tion. He dozed off and beheld beautiful man­ifestations. It impacted him so much that he dictated his account which was printed in both the U.S. and the Sudan and reads in part:
“I saw with my own eyes the following. Accom­panying the witness of Al­lah ta’ala before whom I am responsible and will hold so, until I see Him on the Day of Judgment Insha Allah.
I saw a cluster of rainbows spread over the eastern and southern walls of the house in such a way that indicated independence from presence of water in the area. These rainbows were of simi­lar essence, but different from all those rainbows which I saw since I was young and associated with rainy days, clouds, and light. But these rainbows made me feel that they are associated with ex­traordinary happenings and they remained there even during dark and that was the amazing thing about it. They never changed their places which indicate their disasso­ciation to other factors.
This observation was then followed by the big cul­minating miracles and that was the presence of the light at quite a number of places manifesting Arabic letters composing the Name of Allah (Jallah Jallalahoo) very clearly displayed in a consistent and organized handwriting fol­lowed by the name of Rasulullah Muhammed (sal Allahu alayhe wa sallam).
On the corresponding wall, I saw the two names for­warded by Shah Mubarak Gi­lani to be used for zikr by the followers. Later on we came after dark to find the same rainbow and Allah’s name also showed on the walls. We all gathered and I gave a lec­ture about the issue which is already documented on tape and can be included with this statement since it was inspired by the scene itself. I was cher­ishing my heart and mind in a unique blend when I went to my bed and saw the whole scene again. When I came for Fajr prayers, I saw the same. During a short nap which I had in the shrine, I saw my son Hussein (10 years old) asking me why you did not take me to see these Karamat. While I was there a Christian came to see the miracles and he confirmed the same. My whole visit to this shrine was instigated, inspired, and or­dered by the Maulana Shah Mubarik Gilani who made his orders to his followers to re­ceive me and take me around. They really did it with Islamic generosity and love.
These accounts are not contrived stories but are in fact divine manifestations and are a sign of the divine mission of our blessed Sheikh…His Eminence El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani El Hashmi, El Hassani wal Hussaini and the Almighty’s Love and Favor for this jamaat.

FBI Special Agent in Charge, Leslie Wieser (right), Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, South Columbia,  felt very welcomed addressing a  Muslim Scouts of the Americas graduating class in Holy Islamville, SC.

The residents of Holy Islamville, other villages of International Quranic Open University, and Mus­lims of the Americas Inc. are neither soldiers nor terrorists. Rather they are American citizens who are dedicated lovers of the One Almighty Creator and the Holy Last Messenger, and adhere to the Ten Commandments as do our good Christian brothers. We are working diligently to join forces with our Christian brethren through increased dialogue and cooperation and are helping and preparing for the return of Christ Jesus who will unite our two great reli­gions into one.
The campaign of hate against our leader and our organizations has been launched by the same ones who conspired and manipu­lated America into WWII by allowing the tragedy of Pearl Harbor despite having prior knowledge of the attack. The same culprits allowed thou­sands of Christians and Mus­lims to die while knowing full well what was planned for the 11th of September, 2001; they also knew about the planned bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Lebanon before it was carried out and did noth­ing to warn America of the impending danger.
Whatever the case, they will not be able to deter Mus­lim/Christian unity. Prepara­tions and readiness are being made for the return of Jesus, born of the chaste Mary, and on his return he will settle things and expose the wrong­doers. Those terrorist hate mongers may do what they will but they won’t be able to stop the inevitable. They should remember the wrath of God comes in many forms; floods, fires, earthquakes and tornadoes, etc. “You reap what you sow.” Our work to bring Muslims and Christians together is divinely inspired and we will not be stopped. We don’t fear anything or any­one, nor will we be intimidat­ed or provoked. Nothing can stop us; nothing will change our goal for we are Sufis, and that is what makes us differ­ent. The hate mongers will not goad us into a confrontation of their making. We will use every legal means to address them and avoid their scheme which is to wreak havoc and to destroy this nation. We know well who they are… These culprits are none other than the ADL and the JDL. This cult of vipers, (CAN), in lamb’s clothing have noth­ing to do with Christ Jesus and shouldn’t even call them­selves Christians. When Jesus returns he’ll expose their evil and give them their just due and about that there is abso­lutely no doubt!