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Army Specialist Initiates Lawsuit For Injuries Sustained on 9/11 by Khalida
January 2, 2009, 8:13 am
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On December 15, 2008 Specialist April Gallop, a former administrative specialist for the United States Army with top secret clearance, filed suit in a New York district court against former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, outgoing Vice President Dick Cheney, and unknown culpable parties. In the first lawsuit of its kind, a 9/11 survivor and Pentagon official is seeking damages for injuries sustained on the fatal day of the terrorist attacks for herself and her son, who was 2 months old at the time. California attorney William Veale, a member of Lawyers For 9- 11 Truth, represents Spc. Gallop in the demand-for-trial document which, in general, laments the thousands of American lives lost on 9/11. In particular, it seeks answers for the 125 killed at the most secure building in the United States and headquarters for the Department of Defense, the Pentagon, almost one hour after the initial plane struck the Twin Towers in Manhattan. The majority of the complaint rests with the allegation that “no alarms, no hints, no warnings, nothing” indicated that Pentagon officials should evacuate the building or take any precautions for their safety.
The lawsuit also alleges there to have been a widespread conspiracy that allowed 9/11 to happen in the first place, and that the real terrorists in the case were government and military officials. The main purpose of the lawsuit is to force telling documents to be submitted to public record. “With a lawsuit and with legal action you can get those documents (by subpoena) and then you can put the pieces of the puzzle together,” said Spc. Gallop told Alex Jones of Info wars in an interview.
The following account from Gallop, a first hand witness at the scene, is compiled from the actual text of the lawsuit:
April Gallop’s desk was roughly 40 feet from the point where the plane allegedly hit the outside wall. As she sat down to work, just when she turned on her computer, a huge explosion occurred, and at least one more that she heard and felt. There was an explosion and then another. Walls collapsed and the ceiling fell in. April Gallop and her baby both suffered substantial head and brain injuries, which seriously affect them still today. She alleges to have been directed by her supervisor to rush and begin work, as soon as she arrived that day, without dropping her baby off at child care until she was finished. Hit in the head, she was able to grab the baby and make her way, along with other survivors caught in the area, towards the daylight showing through a blasted opening in the outside wall.
According to her account, there was no airplane wreckage and no burning airplane fuel anywhere; only rubble and dust. A number of those present inside the building and out have attested to this fact in published reports.
April Gallop asserts that injuries to herself and her son (and the injuries and innocent deaths of other civilian and military officials at the Pentagon that day) could have been avoided had an alarm been sounded. However, despite the undoubted knowledge of the defendant commanders and operators in the system that an unknown aircraft was headed towards Washington, possibly as part of the apparent terrorist suicide attack begun earlier in New York — and in spite of well-established Pentagon emergency evacuation procedures and training — there was no alarm. The lawsuit questions why, when an unauthorized non-military plane was headed towards the Pentagon on a day when two apparently hijacked planes had hit the Twin Towers, wasn’t she evacuated with her baby? Why weren’t alarms going off and all the people in the building rushing to safety? Due to the conspiracy and defendants’ actions and flagrant failures to act, in furtherance of it, one hundred and twenty-five  members of the Military and civilian employees died in the bombing. Many more, including Spc. Gallop and her child, were seriously hurt.
April Gallop insists that the deaths and injuries were needless as the government and military were well-aware of the threat of Al Qaeda. At the time the Clinton Administration was succeeded by that of George W. Bush and defendant Dick Cheney,  an extensive, complex U.S. counter-terrorism effort against Al Qaeda was in progress, involving personnel and resources from a number of government agencies in January 2001. This included the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the U.S. Military, and others, requiring coordination between these agencies at the highest levels. The Chief of Counterterrorism under President Clinton, Richard Clarke, was retained by Bush, but later strongly criticized the Bush Administration for ignoring the Al Qaeda threat, allowing the effort begun under Clinton to lapse, to the point where he felt constrained to apologize to the families of those who died, for the failure he said led directly to the devastation of September 11th.
This is only the tip of the iceberg of the allegations set forth by Spc. Gallop., some of which mentioned testimony from the 9/11 Commissions, which the lawsuit claims were not followed up on, as well as various technical expert opinions used to cast serious doubt upon the 9/11 official story. “We’ve got the law on our side,” said Gallop’s attorney, Mr. Veale, to Stephen C. Webster of, where the complete text of the lawsuit can be found.


Muslim First Responders’ ‘No’ to Religious Clash in America by Khalida
October 3, 2008, 11:18 am
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Naimah Azza, Rafia Muqit, Suleiman Muqit)

Muslim Scouts of America. Above are pictured a few of the Muslim first responders who engaged in relief work at Ground Zero just after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. (Flag photo: J.P. Coleman, Muslim responders’ photos: Naimah Azza, Rafia Muqit, Suleiman Muqit)

By Muhammad Ahmad, Islamic Post Staff Writer

Immediately after the initial tragedy that took place in Manhattan on September, 11, 2001, thousands of Americans responded to the emergency situation at Ground Zero. Among them were the Muslim Scouts of America.
As night fell over the rubble, melted steel, and innocent victims buried underneath the collapsed Twin Towers, the Islamic Post received reports of numerous incidents: Muslim  ladies killed on the streets of Philadelphia, a man mistaken for a Muslim shot in the face in Brooklyn, and numerous “drive-by” shootings taking place at Arab-owned gas stations. These reports illustrated the ill-educated assumptions regarding a portion of America’s citizenry, Muslims, who have no intent to destroy their own homeland. Despite this logic, IP correspondents observed a man in their path holding a large sign saying, “Bomb Them All,” etched in red on cardboard.
Many in the United States, having had limited direct contact with Muslims, submitted to the propaganda offered by the mainstream media which attempts to promote Islam as a non-peaceful religion, or one which condones horrible acts.
It was in this chaotic atmosphere of fear and reprisals that the Muslim Scouts of America convened from their various chapters across the United States, to assist their Christian brothers and fellow Americans at Ground Zero.
Muslim ladies volunteered directly to scoutmasters, hoping to help bridge the widening gulf between the two faiths. “The situation is too volatile,” they were told, “Muslim women are being attacked because of their head scarves and clothing.”
The scouts, however, in khaki uniforms and bearing the insignia of Muslim Scouts of America were, by the permission of the Almighty, able to successfully team up with other first responders at Ground Zero, amongst them brave firefighters and rescue workers, to bring peace, law, and order back to Manhattan.
In so doing, the scouts hoped to thwart some of the effects of the Zionist-controlled media, whose primary current role is promoting a “clash of civilizations,” and drawing positive mental images of an Armageddon between Christians and Muslims. (No media coverage was given to the Muslim Scouts’ first responders.)
Benjamin Netanyahu, who was the Israeli Prime Minister at the time did expressed his sentiments to The New York Times when asked what the attacks of 9-11 would mean for American-Israeli relations. He replied, “It’s very good. Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.”
Such sympathy would be generated as increased hostility of Christians towards Muslims, coupled with the inciting of Muslims to commit wrong acts: a never-ending cycle designed to destroy both religions.
Perhaps in anticipation of said sympathy –and while the American public as a whole, citizens of all backgrounds, religions, and nationalities, were in a state of awe, disbelief, and overwhelming sadness– celebratory that day in the heart of New York were unidentified Israeli men filming the attack on the Twin Towers from an adjacent roof top. The alleged Mossad agents were detained for two months and then deported.
It can be said that, in many ways the Zionists have succeeded. Their lobby in Washington, which has an effective vice grip on America’s domestic and foreign policy, on the American taxpayer, and on the blood of America’s soldiers, is operating in the open with full support of the powerful in this country.
Yet, this tide also leaves the door open for peaceful cooperation and well-informed dialogue between Muslims and Christians, which is the cornerstone that would compromise the goals of World Zionism. –Abu Rashid Qadri contributed to this report.


Hundreds of Billions Spent to ‘Secure’ Homeland Post 9/11, While First Responders Refused Basic Medical Care Funding

There is a discrepancy between  the hundreds of billions of dollars spent in global wars and homeland security platforms to make America safe, while the well-being of Americans, specifically those first responders who suffer debilitating and, in some cases, life-threatening illnesses after breathing toxic dust from debris while doing relief work at Ground Zero, has been pushed aside. The amount of responders affected totals 70%, according to Dr. Larry Norton of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, who wonders why “the whole nation isn’t mobilizing to take care of the chronic health impact of this disaster?”
Congressmen have repeatedly requested a “grant program for individuals still suffering health effects as a result of the September 11, 2001, attacks in New York City and at the Pentagon (HR 1414 in 2007 and HR 6954 this year), to no current avail.
Nor have the psychiatric issues of American tops been adequately researched or handled (See “Troops Face Suicide in the Quest for a Perfect Soldier”).
The callous disregard for heroes, and those who have served their country, demonstrates that the ongoing global wars have rendered its soldiers expendable. The concern for the well-being of American citizens has thereby been shown to be minimal.

UN: Muslim-Christian Rally For World PeaceUN: Muslim-Christian Rally For World Peace by Khalida
June 22, 2008, 4:56 am
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By Umm Shadzia, Islamic Post Staff Writer

United We Stand. “On this day, we stand on common ground… we will no longer be duped or manipulated by a “hidden hand” into fighting or going to war with each other.” (R-L) The distinguished Ms. Mary Yele­nick of the Na­t’l Catholic Social Services Lobby; the Hon­orable Earnest Davis, former Mayor of Mount Vernon, NY;  Muhammad Haseeb Qadri, International Quranic Open University rally coordinator; the Hon­orable Khalifa Muhammad Atiq Qadri, President of Muslim Vet­erans of America; and the Honorable Khalifa Muhammad Hussein Qadri, Deputy Direc­tor of IQOU.

NEW YORK- An impres­sive crowd of over 3,000 Muslims and Chris­tians were not deterred by the warnings of severe thunderstorms and hail as they boarded buses, vans, trains and planes throughout the United States and Canada to participate in the Muslim-Christian ‘World Peace Rally’, held in New York City, USA. The participants gath­ered on the corner of 47th Street and 2nd Av­enue, and boldly marched toward the United Nations building. The Muslims and Christians joined by peace activists, humanitarian orga­nizations and politicians collectively initiated the first annual, “Rally for World Peace” of this type.
A newly established group, ”The United Muslim-Christian Forum” (UMCF), hosted the historic event as they publicized their aims which include but are not limited to, Muslim–Christian Unity, taking a decisive stand against worldwide suffering, and launching a vigorous and unyielding advocacy campaign for world peace and against war and terror. During the program, the crowd was awed and invigorated as it was announced that the lifelong humani­tarian and advocate for world peace, His Eminence, the Vice Chancellor of the International Quranic Open University, El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, called via telephone to send his regards and admiration for such efforts.
As they stood, at Dag Hammerskjold Plaza, in the shadow of the United Nation’s building, the theme of the gathering was encompassed in the opening remarks made by Mr. Muhammad Hasib Qadri, a ral­ly coordinator, when he stated: “On this day, we stand on com­mon ground. We serve notice to the world, that as Muslims and Christians we will no longer be duped or manipulated by a “hidden hand” into fighting, or going to war with each other.”
Amongst the distin­guished guests were: the Hon­orable Earnest Davis, former Mayor of Mount Vernon, New York, Mr. Naquan Muhammad, representative of “The Islamic Political Party of America”, the distinguished Ms. Mary Yele­nick, representative of the Na­tional Catholic Social Services Lobby, the Honorable Khalifa Muhammad Hussein Qadri, Deputy Direc­tor of the International Quranic Open University, and the Hon­orable Khalifa Muhammad Atiq Qadri, President of Muslim Vet­erans of America Inc.

Further into the program UMCF made its dynamic demands clear:

-We demand world peace and no more war!
-We demand that no more lives be wasted!

-We demand an independent inquiry into the absence of 4000 Jews from the World Trade Center on 9/11 and why it is being covered up.
-We demand to know who actually carried out the 9/11 at­tacks.
-We demand to know what happened to the 5 Israeli men, dressed in Arab clothes, dancing and jeering on the other side of the river and filming while the attacks were being carried out.
-We demand to know why Building 7 crumbled without being damaged in any way by the attack.
President of the Mus­lim Veterans of America Inc., Khalifa Muhammad Atiq in his forceful speech demanded to know why 4,000 Jews had prior warning of the devised attack on the World Trade Center and stayed home while Muslims and Christians were kept in the dark and left to perish.
The Muslim war vet­eran quoted from Andrew Car­rington Hitchcock’s popular book, The Synagogue of Satan which stated, “On September the 11th, the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon is orchestrated by Israel with the complicity of Britain and America, under the orders of the Rothschilds (international bankers), which they in turn blame on so-called Muslim ter­rorists.
This is Stage One of get­ting the Western World, on be­half of the Jews, to go to war with the Arab world. Here lies another text­book Mossad false flag opera­tion; one should remember well their motto ‘By Way Of De­ception, Thou Shalt Do War’.”

The president of Muslim Veterans of America Inc., went on to show a glaring similar­ity with what transpired at Pearl Harbor when he quoted from the same book: “Interest­ingly, back in 1938, President Roosevelt tried his hardest to railroad the United States into the war in Europe to accom­modate the Jews in the United States and the world, but when that failed he knew he had to try a different tactic. That was, of course, what happened at Pearl Harbor.”
Today, many books state that the US had broken the Japa­nese code and had prior knowl­edge of the pending attack by the Japanese but allowed it to take place to bring about Amer­ica’s entry into the war.
Earnest Davis, the for­mer Mayor of Mount Vernon, New York, made note that the crowds stand against the rain was like unto their “stand for peace against war and terror and remarked, “Our commit­ments may not take shape and force today, or immediately, but it will take shape and the an­nals of history and will make note that today we started a move­ment that leaves behind all else and moves toward peace in the world.”
Mayor Davis was fol­lowed in the program by the distinguished Ms. Mary Yele­nick, representative of the Na­tional Catholic Social Services Lobby, who added, “What we do as a Catholic organization is what Muslims around the world have been, and still are do­ing: reaching out to others and standing strong for what is right and good and true.”
At the end of the pro­gram, as the rain came to an abrupt end, bringing forth the sun which shone fiercely, the Muslims and Christians joined hands and together with one voice repeated again, and again, Allahu Akbar (“God is Great!”)
It should be duly noted that, the inspiration for the rally took shape after both Muslims and Christians gathered earlier this year to celebrate the august birth of the Holy Last Messen­ger (peace be upon him).
It was then that both groups vowed that they were “fed up” and would stand to­gether against those who are actively instigating clashes be­tween Muslims and Christians any where in the world.
At this time, the interim board members of the United Muslim-Christian Forum are launching a worldwide mem­bership drive, and will be hold­ing a conference in the very near future.

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Despite Attacks of Conscience, Guantanamo Arraignment, Tribunals Continue (Updated June 19) by Khalida
June 17, 2008, 1:27 pm
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<<Doubts. Yosri Fouda (bottom left), claimed in 2002 that although Khalid Shaikh Mohammed tries to appear the  “religious leader, or the leader of a political party…his shallow knowledge of both religion and politics” paints a different story; Top Pentagon lawyer William Haynes (middle left), who came up with a legal framework that would allow the military to ignore a law prohibiting American soldiers from engaging in torture, was initially rewarded a nomination for a life term as a federal judge, then fired upon pressure from Congress; the fourth chief prosecutor at Guantanamo to quit, Col. Morris Davis (bottom right), claims he was pressured by Brig. Gen. Thomas Hartmann (top) to rush the military tribunals before the presidential elections. Hartmann was disqualified from the trial recently after his impartiality came into serious question.

By Khalida Khaleel

Even without additional legislation to justify the proceedings, the tribunals are forging ahead as if the Supreme Court had not spoken at all.
The Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) made their own decision in May in regards to Canadian Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr. Their ruling was based on the original decision in 2004 by the U.S. Supreme Court, which said  the Guantanamo Bay process “violates international law,” as reported by CTV. “The process in place at Guantanamo Bay at the time Canadian officials interviewed K(hadr) and passed on the fruits of the interviews to U.S. officials, has been found by the U.S. Supreme Court … to violate U.S. domestic law and international human rights obligations to which Canada subscribes,’’ the ruling said.
Jurist reported the U.S. Department of Defense as having dismissed Col. Peter Brownback, the judge presiding over the military commission trial of Khadr. No explanation was given for the dismissal, but Khadr’s defense lawyers speculated that it was  related to Brownback’s threat last month to suspend the military commission proceedings against Khadr until and unless the U.S. government submits daily records of Khadr’s detention. Khadr’s military lawyers had requested the records to corroborate allegations of abusive treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay. Reuters reported that at a pre-trial hearing in the Khadr case, Brownback said that the Pentagon was unhappy with his decisions in the case, and that he had “taken a lot of heat” for dismissing charges against Khadr in June 2007. Those charges were later reinstated.
Most recently, the BBC reported that defense attorney in the case Lt. Cmdr. William Kuebler alleged that Guantanamo Bay interrogators were told to destroy handwritten notes in case they were called to testify on detainee treatment during the trials. He was, however, able to obtain a procedures manual which reportedly contained the torture instructions.
Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has “strongly” objected to a resolution passed by the Icelandic parliament on human rights abuse in the Guantanamo prison. The resolution “condemns the inhumane treatment of prisoners at the U.S. detention camp” and “urges that the camp be closed,” according to an English translation of the text, AFP reported.
“I strongly object to the notion that there are human rights violations at Guantanamo, as is suggested in the resolution,” Secretary Rice said Friday during a press conference with her Icelandic counterpart Ingibjoerg Solrun Gisladottir.
A bit of hope.Sami Al Hajj
Recently, a celebration was held in Sudan, with hundreds of well-wishers in attendance, after the release of Sami al-Hajj, an Al Jazeera cameraman, from Guantanamo Bay.

(…article continues below)


>>Sami Al-Hajj (center) with his son (left) and Wadah Khanfar (right), Al Jazeera’s director general, at al Hajj’s welcome home gathering. Officials told ABC news that al-Hajj’s claims of torture are false, calling him “manipulator” and “propagandist”. Al Jazeera photo.>>


Civil society groups and the Al Jazeera television network organised the gathering in the capital, Khartoum, to mark al-Hajj’s freedom. He addressed the attendees and said that his U.S. captors had hoped to turn him into a spy. “I was subjugated to more than 130 interrogations, 95 of them were about my work and Al Jazeera,” he told the crowd, which included Wadah Khanfar, the network’s director general. “They wanted me to betray the principles of my job and to turn me into a spy. Al-Hajj had been held for nearly six and a half years without charge or trial. He was subjected to harsh psychological and physiological torture.

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Arizona Legislator Asks McCain to Meet on 9/11 by Khalida
June 17, 2008, 8:47 am
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Arizona state senator Karen Johnson (R) delivered a letter to the office of U.S. Senator John McCain asking him to meet with a group of professionals to discuss the events of –9/11 when terrorists hijacked four airplanes and attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
“Even the chairman of the commission has announced his dissatisfaction with the [official] report,” said Johnson in her support of a new, independent investigation. “Anyone who reads the report can see that much was left out and that there are many discrepancies,” she said.

(…article continues below)


Architect Richard Gage (above), using a steel beam exhibit, alleges that thermite could have been used to collapse the Twin Towers. A number of researchers, Gage among them, have made the connection between the buildings’ collapses and a controlled demolition often used in the construction industry that would have required carefully placed explosives planted at a critical number of locations within the buildings.


Johnson’s letter requests that McCain meet with Scottsdale professor, Blair Gadsby, who has been on a hunger strike outside McCain’s office on 16th Street for nine days. Gadsby has arranged for architect Richard Gage and physicist Steven Jones to meet with McCain, at his convenience to present evidence of controlled demolition gathered from the ruins of Ground Zero. Gage is the founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth – a group consisting of hundreds of building professionals who want Congress to open up a new investigation of 9/11. Dr. Jones is a physicist who has done laboratory analysis of residue from the rubble of the World Trade Center and found evidence of explosives. Both Gage and Jones believe that the Twin Towers and Building 7 collapsed from explosives planted in the buildings before September 11.
The researchers allege there to be a connection between the buildings’ collapses and a controlled demolition used often in the construction industry which requires explosives to be placed in critical locations throughout the buildings.
“Their evidence is very significant,” said Johnson, “because it wasn’t presented to the 9/11 Commission when they did their original investigation, and it completely changes the conclusions of the Commission. There’s nothing wrong with going back and having another look. If the Commission didn’t have all the facts, then so be it, but we need to know what happened on 9/11. Nearly 3,000 Americans died that day, and we deserve to know the truth about what happened. It’s time to get to the bottom of this.”
“Senator McCain wants to be elected to the highest office in this country,” said Senator Johnson, “and he needs to know the truth about 9/11. Finding answers to 9/11 should be a significant part of this presidential campaign. The events of 9/11 led to this war with Iraq, to the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, to the loss of habeas corpus, the use of wiretaps, the push for a national ID and other legislation that deprives us of freedom. This is a very significant issue, and no one is discussing it. Our presidential candidates need to talk about this.”

…read Senator Karen S. Johnson’s full article

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