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International Islamic Museum of America Opens in Atlanta by ipinfo2
March 25, 2009, 6:07 am
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New Islamic Museum Seeks to Unite People of Faith

IMA Press Release

Al-Farooq Masjid of Atlanta and the Barakat Foundation are proud to announce the Grand Opening of Atlanta’s first Islamic museum, The International Islamic Museum of America (IIMA). IIMA is dedicated to educating the public about Islam, as we believe it is simpler to embrace differences when you better understand them.  By making interreligious and intercultural dialogue front and center, we are hopeful that IIMA will generate an atmosphere conducive to learning and a greater appreciation of the world’s diverse cultural and religious traditions.  Through educating the public, we can better understand our differences, build on our similarities, and bridge the gaps that divide us.
With these goals in mind, IIMA selected the “Families of Abraham” exhibit for its debut.  “Families of Abraham” is a photographic narrative exhibit of 180 photos.  It features 11 families, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim who were selected to participate in one year of photography of their day-to-day life and faith traditions.  Voted top exhibit of the year in 2006, the exhibit began at the Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte, NC and drew in 31,000 visitors from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds during its time there.  The curator, Eleanor Brawley, a photographer and poet of Charlotte, NC said that “what triggered her idea for this project was the knowledge that nearly half of humanity are Jews, Christians, or Muslims and claim the same ancestor—Abraham.”  Brawley said, “Through the eyes of these families we explore what we have in common in today’s world.”  IIMA will be the sixth venue to host the exhibit.  Recently, the University of Wisconsin and Edgewood College at Madison hosted the exhibit, followed by Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, NC.
Mr. Muataz Malik, the President and founder of The International Islamic Museum of America said, “When we heard about the exhibit, Families of Abraham, opening at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, we traveled up to see it.  It was there that we knew it was the exhibit we wanted for our opening because the aims and intent of the exhibit are similar to those of our museum- to provide greater understanding and opportunities for dialogue between people of faith.”
The photographers captured faith events—wedding celebrations, worship, and also the rhythms of day-to-day life, major holy days such as Yom Kippur in the Jewish tradition, the Christian Easter observance, and the month long Muslim Ramadan fast from sunrise to sunset.  Photographers also captured the Bar mitzvah of a young Jewish boy and the greeting of a newborn Muslim baby as the father whispers the Call to Prayer in the infant’s ear.
There are 180 photographs in the exhibit by some of Charlotte, NC’s best-known documentary photographers:  Byron Baldwin, Donna Bise, Eleanor Brawley, John Daughtry, Donna Foster, Chris Keane, Tina Manley, and Nancy Pierce.  Interviewers conducted extensive sessions with each family—these words appear below their photographs and form a narrative of a year in these families’ lives.  Interviewers were Judy Simpson Cook, Linda de Castrique, and Linda Newcom.
The content advisors to the exhibit were Imam Khalil Akbar of Masjid Ash-Shaheed, Dr. Jonathan Berkey of Davidson College History Department, Rabbi Murray Ezring, Rabbi Judy Schindler, Dr. Greg Synder of the Davidson College Religion Department, Reverend Kathleen Crowe, Dr. P.D. Miller, Professor Emeritus of the Princeton Theological Seminary, and Shaun Ahmad of the Council of American Muslim Professionals.

The soft opening of the International Islamic Museum of America will be on March 27, 2009 from 3-7PM.  The Grand Opening of The International Islamic Museum of America and showing of the “Families of Abraham” exhibit will be March 28, 2009, from 12-7PM.  The exhibit will be on display through June 30, 2009.  The public is invited.

Regular museum hours: open seven days a week, 10:00AM-7:00PM, limited hours on Monday, 2-7PM.  The museum is located at 410 14th Street NW, Atlanta, GA, 30318.
Groups wanting tours and workshops should contact Karla Evans, Public Relations Officer at 404.254.0042 or e-mail at

For more information please contact the Islamic Museum of America
Mr. Muataz Malik, President and Founder
Karla Evans, Public Relations Officer
410 14th Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Phone: 404.254.0042
Fax: 404.254.0048 or 877.678.1560

Invitation: The Banaatun Noor International 2008 Ladies’ Summer Camp by Khalida
July 26, 2008, 1:23 am
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Under the auspices of His Eminence, El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, an invitation is extended for you to please join us at the Banaatun Noor International, Incorporated,
2008 Ladies’ Summer Camp,

From August 2nd through August 30th, 2008 in Holy Islamberg, New York.

As Salaamu Alaykum
Here lies an opportunity to strengthen Iman, culti­vate the spiritual self, and in so doing effect change within and without.
The 22nd Annual 2008 Ba­naatun Noor Ladies Summer Camp [Invitation] has been, and contin­ues to serve as, a retreat through which ladies can discover, then be­queath, an enriched Islamic identity with confidence and without reserve.
Come partici­pate in strengthening the bonds of love and unity that can only be found in coming together for Allah’s pleasure, and learning His Deen and the sunnah of the Holy Last Messenger, Our Master, Syedina Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him.
Strength is Iman; and Iman is the foundation of life. We, the Banaatun Noor Staff, anticipate pro­viding a service that, Allah willing, will bring every participant success. Please take special care in preparing for this camp. Purify the inten­tions; open the heart and mind; and prepare to receive all that Allah, the Most High, has in store.
Make intentions clear to travel, study, and absorb the knowledge that will be made available to all for the pleasure of Allah, who is Glorified and the Most High. By seeking knowledge, one may then adhere to the commands of the Holy Quran, and sunnah of our Holy Master, Syedina Mu­hammad, peace be upon him and his family.
The BNI Camp Staff  sends its warmest regards, and is looking forward to your response.

For more information please contact Khadijah Smith or Tahirah Khaliq.

International Quranic Open University Sponsors Its Annual “Boys’ Summer Program” by Khalida
July 21, 2008, 3:41 am
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For the graphic version, click here.

Attention neighbors, come join us at our annual summer program held in the Catskill Mountains for anyone coming with a positive attitude.

The International Quranic Open University (IQOU) is pleased to announce the Annual Boys’ Summer Program in the rural upstate New York village of Holy Islamberg. The Program is for all boys 15 years of age and older, and lasts for 30 days, beginning on the 5th of July, 2008. Participants are invited to attend with open minds, a positive attitude, and a willingness to follow the Ten Commandments.
Outdoor activities for the Program include: basic hiking and mountaineering; wrestling; swimming; boating; fishing; and basketball. The ancient sport of kabbadi will be featured as well for various levels of competition.
The standard IQOU curriculum includes: recitation of Holy Quran, to be completed by all within 30 days; studies from Bukhari Sharif and knowledge of Hadiths; research in Islamic Studies and Islamic Law;  the Sirah, or life study, of the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him and his family); as well as Conversational Arabic, which will be taught beginning with Book One by the IQOU staff , including staff members who have recently returned from studies at The National University of Modern Languages in Islamabad , Pakistan .
Seniors may look forward to a curriculum including an in-depth study of Holy Quran, Islamic History, Islamic Calligraphy, and Modern English reading and writing.
To qualify as a senior one must have at least a High School Diploma; and must have graduated from three previous IQOU summer programs with the completion of the Holy Quran and its translation at least once.  Basic knowledge of Sharia, or Islamic Law, is also necessary to qualify.
The fee for the 30 day program is $125 per student participant, to be collected at the time of registration.
For further information, please contact IQOU staff members: Khalifa Khalid Ihsan (607) 624-3338, or M. Ahmed A. Mumin (434) 426-5083.