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Dominican Republic Doctor Praises Quranic Therapy by Khalida

In an interview with the Islamic Post, Dr. Syed Muzaffar Hassan explains his affinity with Qur’anic therapies and for El Gilani Methodology.

Dr. Syed Muzaffar Hassan works from his family clinic in the Dominican Republic through which he hopes to assist afflicted persons. (IP File Photo)

Dr. Syed Muzaffar Hassan works from his family clinic in the Dominican Republic through which he hopes to assist afflicted persons. (IP File Photo)

Islamic Post Interview

Q. Salaam Alaykum, I greet you with peace, Dr. Syed Muzaffar Hassan, please tell me the name of your clinic.
A. The name of my clinic is Centro de Salud Familiar, when translated from Spanish this means the Family Health Center. It is located in the Dominican Republic.

Q. Do patients come to you with long term or short term illnesses?
A. As a general practitioner, I treat almost all types of patients, long term and short term illnesses. I treat all types of ailments from the simple flu to life-threatening diseases and psychological problems.

Q. How do you explain to non-Muslims the healing effect of zikr, the remembrance of the Almighty Creator?
A. I explain to my patients that both health and sickness are blessings of Allah the Most High, but that sickness itself is a very weighty blessing. Because we are very weak and have difficulty bearing this blessing, we must remember the Almighty Creator, do His zikr, and ask His Merciful Divine help to bear this blessing. We can also ask His Divine help to lessen the burden for us due to our weakness. The mode of action, or the real healing effect of zikr of the Almighty is only known by Him and His Beloved Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, and also His sacred friends, who are known in Islam as awliyaa.’ My belief is that if Allah the Most High put so much healing power in something man-made like Tylenol, so that people may get relief from headaches and fever, than what can we say about zikr of the Most High, who is the ultimate Creator of all?

Q. How do your patients view your being Muslim?
A. Alhamdulillah, Allah deserves all praise as they respect me very much.

Q. How do you explain the same to Muslim patients?
A. For my Muslim brother, I remind him that Allah the Most High says in Holy Qur’an (5:3), “Today, I have perfected for you your deen (way of life) and completed my favor upon You and granted you Al Islam as a deen.”
Al Islam means total submission to Allah, and total submission can only be achieved by following our Beloved Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, peace be upon him. In Sahih Muslim it is narrated from Abi as-Zubayr, reporting from Jaber bin Abdullah (may Allah be pleased with them) that the Holy Messenger, peace be upon him, said, “Each disease has a remedy, if the remedy is suitable for the disease, the sick person recovers by the permission of Allah the Great and Almighty.”
The Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, would use various medicinal remedies and also advised the sick persons of his family and companions to use these as well.
Allah the Most High says in Holy Qur’an (33:21), “Surely in the Messenger of Allah is a beautiful pattern of conduct to follow for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day, and who engages much in the zikr of Allah.” We now have the psychology of the mo’min, the believer who practices his faith, and also the psychology of God-fearing men who are both led by that pattern of men and of leaders, the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, peace be upon him.
The bodily diseases are more or less similar to the diseases of the heart, which are referred to as psychological diseases, in that Allah the Most High has determined a remedy for each disease as its opposite.
Nowadays, it is common thinking that we have to take care of our physical and “psychological” health, but we are forgetting about the root of all health or illness, which is the heart. Our beloved Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, may the peace of Allah be upon him and his family, has told us, “There is a piece of flesh in the body. If that piece of flesh is sound, the whole body is sound; but if that piece of flesh is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted. Indeed that (piece of flesh) is the heart.”
According to commentators of the Holy Qur’an, in reference to, “Is one who was dead, and then we gave life and made for him a light by which to walk among the people, like one who is in darkness from which he cannot exit?” (6:122), the “one who was dead” refers to a person having a dead heart. The Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, peace be upon him, has said, “The difference between the one who remembers Allah and the one who does not is as the difference between the living and the dead.”
The mo’min is one whose heart is alive, while the disbeliever is one whose heart is effectively dead. The hypocrite, however, is one whose heart is diseased, as Allah the Most High has said (2:10), “In their hearts is a disease, then Allah increases for them the disease.”
That the heart starts beating in approximately the eighth week after conception, before the brain is fully fashioned, demonstrates that the heart is not controlled by the central nervous system. Heart activity is self-initiated in a small accumulation of tissues situated in the right atrium of the heart, a natural pacemaker. Many in the West have long proffered that the brain is the center of consciousness, but Allah the Most High has told us in the Holy Qur’an that it is the heart. There are those who “have hearts with which they do not understand.” (7:179).
One can say that Islam, in essence, is a program to restore purity and calm to the heart through the remembrance of the Almighty. “Most surely in the remembrance of Allah the hearts find contentment.” (13:28) Islam provides the methods by which our hearts can become sound and safe again.
These methods have been a subject of brilliant and insightful scholarship for centuries in the Islamic tradition. After being introduced to EGM, or El Gilani Methodology, by my good friend Muhammad Ahmad al Hajji, I have come to see EGM as a set of formalized therapies extending back to the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, peace be upon him, the scientific demonstration of which, in modern times, has been conducted by El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani.

Q. Please give examples of zikr you have prescribed.
A. I never recommend any zikr or prescribe any zikr to any non-Muslim patients, but what I observe is that when I prescribe any treatment or employ any treatment while I am doing my zikr, the patients’ recovery is expedited, and in a very short period of time.

Q. Have you seen your patients draw closer to Allah the Most High in some way?
A. Only Allah the Most High and His Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, know best. What I observe in my non-Muslim patients is their curiosity and interest in Islam is peaked. They ask questions about my manner of praying. As far as my Muslim patients, I observed that, before treatment, some were living their life contrary to the teachings of Islam. After the treatment they received, which incorporated some zikr, they not only were cured but also showed their nearness to Islam by ceasing to disobey many commands of the Almighty in their daily lives.

Q. Please describe the Islamic cultural background which inspired your love of al Islam as a way of life.
A. It is a great blessing of Allah, Glorified and the Most High is He, and the mercy of the Mercy to All of the Worlds, who is the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, that I was born in a Muslim family and received my Islamic education at home in Pakistan. My childhood and some part of my adult life were spent with people who had great light and spiritual guidance in Islam. The Almighty has given me much through the recitation of Durood o Salaam, the sending of abundant peace and blessings upon the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him. Other than this, I am nothing. All knowledge is from the Almighty and His Blessed Messenger, peace be upon him, the Mercy to all of the Worlds.

Q. Thank you Syed Dr. Muzzafar Hassan. I understand you have made your clinic available as an avenue to treat afflicted persons?
A. Yes, and may Allah bless our small Muslim community here with the ability to invite more people to the way which brings peace to the souls and bodies, al Islam. All praise is due to Allah and peace and blessings be upon His Beloved Messenger, Muhammad.


Pharmaceutical Ethics Remain In Question After Child-Deaths by Khalida
October 3, 2008, 8:45 pm
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Dr. Joseph Glenmullen, above, concluded in his assessment that GSK knew about suicide risks of their drug Paxil.

Dr. Joseph Glenmullen, above, concluded in his assessment that GSK knew about suicide risks of their drug Paxil.

By Safiyah A. Khafidh, Islamic Post Staff Writer

Local authorities in northern Argentine province of Santiago del Estero are investigating the deaths of 7 children, out of a total of 14 Argentinian youth, who had apparently been administered Synflorix, an anti-pneumonia and antibiotic vaccine under testing in Latin America.
Synflorix is manufactured by the British company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), which company is the result of a merger of Glaxo Wellcome and the popular SmithKline Beecham in the year 2000.
There were also two reported deaths in Panama.
Although GSK refutes the possibility that the deaths are linked to Synflorix, the Health Professionals’ Labor Association (HPLA) in Santiago del Estero, one of the groups that notified the Argentine food and drug administration, believes the pharmaceutical giant bears some of the responsibility and is guilty of unethical testing.
“They didn’t explain to the parents that this was an experimental vaccine, and a lot of the parents who signed consent forms were illiterate,” Ana Maria Marchesse, a pediatrician at HPLA, told the Associated Press. “In some cases, they first gave them the vaccine and then gave them a 13-page consent form to sign that I had to read three times to understand,” she added.
GSK has also come under the scrutiny of U.S. Senate Finance Committee for not disclosing an alleged high suicide risk associated with children and adolescents taking their anti-depressant drug, Paxil.
Senator Brian Downey in February of this year and, in June, Senator Chuck Grassley   submitted reports in which they alleged GSK to have been aware of the suicidal effects of Paxil since 1989.
“The British counterpart to our country’s FDA found that GlaxoSmithKline withheld important safety data on Paxil,” Grassley said. “If the company engaged in this behavior in the U.K., then I want to make sure that the same didn’t happen here in the U.S. The FDA should investigate this question thoroughly and be forthcoming about its findings,” he stated in an official press release.
In a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Senator Grassley claimed GSK hid deadly information about Paxil:
“For the last few years, I have been looking at how drug companies try and influence medical care in America. Companies can do this by, for example, creating studies favorable to their drugs, by hiring doctors to promote their products, and in some cases even intimidating critics of their drugs.
“Today, I would like to talk about a different tactic –drug companies hiding data. I don’t mean that they actually hide the data. But they make these numbers so difficult to find that they might as well be invisible.
“Last February, I asked GlaxoSmithKline to turn over a couple of reports on Paxil, a drug used to treat depression. These reports were written by Dr. Joseph Glenmullen, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard.
“Based on the review of documents uncovered in litigation, Dr. Glenmullen concluded that GlaxoSmithKline knew for almost two decades that Paxil is associated with an increased risk of suicide. He submitted these reports as an expert witness in several lawsuits now pending around the country.
“So what did GlaxoSmithKline do with these reports? Well, the company tried to hide them. They went to the judge and asked to have Dr. Glenmullen’s report and all the confirming documents placed under seal-that means that no member of the public could see them. In fact, Glaxo has been doing everything possible to ensure that this information remains under court seal.”
The senator subsequently requested a formal inquiry into the drug maker.
GSK, in their response to Sen. Grassley, called the issues raised by Dr. Glenmullen “scientifically flawed;” “old news” which had been “created to support plaintiffs’ allegations in litigation against GSK.” The response, however, dealt mainly with adult reactions to the drug and made no mention at all of a 64 million dollar settlement in 2007 made with parents of children who had taken Paxil.
GSK manufactures numerous vaccines besides Synflorix, along with other drugs such as Nicoderm, Zantac, Panadol, and Flonase. The company also produces common household items like Aquafresh toothpaste, and the Ribena nutritional juice supplement sold in the U.K.
GSK and Merck & Co., another pharma giant, are currently competing in the production of cervical cancer vaccines which are being heavily marketed in the U.S. and Canada to young girls and their mothers. The vaccine, said to help prevent the occurrence of the cancer in sexually active girls and young women, are on the required list for school vaccinations in one state so far, Virginia. Cervical cancer is classified as a sexually transmitted disease.
The Canadian government, in turn, plans to spend $300 million on the cervical cancer vaccine program, a move which has sparked debate. “This kind of money could be better used to solve so many other problems in women’s health,” Dr. Abby Lippman, a professor at McGill University in Canada and policy director of the Canadian Women’s Health Network told the New York Times, “Some of our provinces are running out of money to provide primary care. I’m not against vaccines, but in Canada and the U.S., women are not dying in the streets of cervical cancer.”
(It is of note that parents may, in fact, legally refuse to have the cervical cancer vaccine from being administered to their girls without offering an explanation, while other vaccinations may be refused for religious reasons as applies.)
The New York Times also reported Merck’s version of the vaccine as having received expedition from the FDA, and went from the application to approval stage in only six months. The process usually takes three years to complete and “5 to 10 more for universal acceptance,” according to Dr. Diane Harper, a professor of medicine at Dartmouth Medical School who worked with the World Health Organization on cervical cancer vaccine programs. She claims that those families whose girls are receiving the vaccines after the rush through FDA procedures should be “willing to accept the risk” as only adequate timing will reveal the side effects of the vaccine.
Both GSK and Merck continue to insist that safety is their primary concern.

Dr. Jemille: Psychoactive Medication: Why is it so hard to quit? by Khalida

Dr. Jemille Wasi, Islamic Post Staff Writer

On a daily basis I have patients who come to the office asking for every type of psychoactive medication known to man.  The most popular ones on the list include antidepressants, antixylotics (for anxiety), and pain medications.  A great majority of these individuals are not even suffering from the conditions that these medications are, so-said, designed to treat.
Worldwide this problem has become so great, and now it is even spilling over into our microcosmic Islamic community.  People go to the doctors with all of their various complaints and issues, and most of the time we are sent home with some type of medication.  What a lot of people don’t know —and are sadly quite often not told by many doctors— is the addiction potential of these medications. Chemical dependency is an issue that affects many countries in the world today.  In the past most drugs of addiction were of the recreational variety.  Now the trend is that prescription drugs are becoming the major agents of abuse.  These medications are given on a daily basis to treat a multitude of medical conditions. Most of these drugs have the potential to create chemical dependency, and this is a fact that I see on a daily basis.
The threshold between therapeutic levels of drug, and amounts that produce side effects, is a balance that doctors tightrope everyday. Most doctors know the side effects, and the dependency potential, but continue to prescribe these drugs because of the apparent “benefits outweigh the risk.”
This is particularly problematic for psychological conditions because the true etiology of these conditions is under-recognized in the medical community. This leads to the prescribing of drugs for conditions that are not truly understood by the medical community at large so the benefits cannot assuredly be determined.
The evidence that is used to continue to prescribe these drugs is rooted in tests that are performed on animals or trials in which human beings are given the drug and asked about the desired effects.  Most of the people involved in these studies are not asked what they feel. Nevertheless, many people who test pharmaceutical drugs—or most patients who have tried these drugs —often report not feeling anything at all, a feeling of numbness to everything around them.
Added to this, many of these drugs cause euphoria.
The end result is that patients receive likely addicting drugs that may or may not work for their particular condition, but leave the patient numb and euphoric in many cases. Here lie two common problematic symptoms of drug addiction.
So why are these drugs addictive?  It is believed that most of these drugs act in the brain by replacing deficient amounts of natural occurring chemicals.  In route to doing this they are said to act on the so called Emotion and Reward centers in the brain that are thought to be responsible for emotional elevation and making one feel good about themselves.  Also these drugs are said to block unwanted emotional responses such as anxiety and sadness. Additionally there is the social aspect.  There is a negative stigma associated with recreational drugs of abuse. This is not the case for prescription drugs.  Not only is it socially acceptable, it is often championed for people to be on these medications.  Moreover those who promote the drugs create desperation in the patient to keep taking it.  Added to this is the constant bombardment of drug companies advertisements persuading us about the benefits of their drug. Have you seen those commercials where someone is happily skipping along the beach after taking the medication?  Do you also notice the comforting, sly way in which they tell you about the side effects?
Conversely this issue affects the medical profession itself. Many doctors and nurses are finding themselves addicted to the same medicines that they are prescribing to their patients.  The number of medical personnel afflicted by prescription drug dependency increases everyday.  This has led to more exposure given to the matter.
It may not surprise some to know that addiction to prescription drugs is now outweighing dependency to recreational drugs worldwide.
This growing trend has spilled over into the Muslim community.  Some of us have strayed away from our traditional values and means of dealing with health issues, only to fall victim to this ever-growing plague.  It is sad to know that there are members of the Islamic community dependent on pain medications and antidepressants.
This downward spiral of addiction needs to be stopped.  People need to take a more active approach at trying to understand exactly what they are taking and why.  We have to continue to try bringing to the forefront the true nature of some of these diseases in order to benefit mankind in finding adequate cures. In our own households and communities we need to care for and support one another so that the desire and need to seek these interventions become unnecessary.  As Muslims we cannot be concerned for only our community but we must take the position of El Sheikh Gilani and show concern for all of mankind. Let the addiction end and the recovery begin.  As always only from Allah, Glorified is He, the Most High, can we be healed!

Cancer Kills Some People, Others It Sets Free by Khalida
September 26, 2008, 3:17 pm
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Hakimah’s Corner

Disclaimer: The information provided is not intended as medical advice; consult your health practitioner.

By Hakimah Razia A. Mumin, Islamic Post Staff Writer

Allah knows best why a person gets cancer. Believers have a better understanding of the pre-ordained life span on this earth, and the tests and trials we must endure (and pass) as well. All of this may in turn assist with the healing process, or the transition to the Hereafter.

Cancer is not one disease but many diseases brought about by abnormal cell growth. With almost all illnesses, if you act quickly to remove the problem, you will have more success in eliminating and destroying the source (God willing). In the case of cancer, the source of the problem are the invading parasites and bacteria.

The most commonly found parasite in cancer patients is called (Fasciolopsis buskii) the human intestinal fluke or flatworm. These parasites live quietly inside of our bodies mass-producing, passing their excrement and eggs out along with our waste. When their eggs and waste leave the body on a regular basis (as ours should), the parasitic infestation stays at a low tolerable level. However, when they don’t leave, due to a continued poor diet, constipation, excess sugar, stagnation, stress, low water intake to (flush them out), what ever the many possible reasons; millions of parasites continue to mass produce inside of us, completing their full cycle of life, this becomes the proper environment for cancer cells to grow. If they go through their development in your breast it becomes breast cancer. If they go through their development in your prostate it becomes prostate cancer.

Cancer is an illness that usually occurs when people consume large amounts of devitalized foods on a regular basis. Some people call them ‘comfort foods’. Other factors in this equation are chemical toxins; radiation, environmental pollution, stress, and poor nutrition which break down the immune system and cause our bodies to become ‘auto intoxicated’. We poison ourselves with poor food choices. Processed foods which have been robbed of their natural minerals and vitamins are the culprits here, and as a consequence, do much harm to us. Their low costs have a lot to do with the fact that we eat them so frequently, and in such abundance.

In order to decrease the occurrence of cancerous cell growth, we must stop destroying our health, by eliminating artificial foods from our diet. On an average, we excrete about a pound of artificial substances monthly; dyes, preservatives, and unnatural fillers. We should eat more organic foods; green vegetables, fruits, wholesome grains, and foods that are in season. Grow them in your garden. You can par boil them and freeze them for winter use.

Every minute of the day and night, our bodies are fighting, a never ending battle, to detoxify and eliminate noxious substances that invade our bodies. Good health is a blessing, worth its riches in gold. We seem to concentrate on good health after we, or someone very close to us, becomes sick. We can help our bodies’ task of keeping us healthier, by cutting back on denatured foods. Our digestive, immune, and respiratory systems must be in, top notch, shape at all times to help in the battle to stay well. It is important to have a good balance oxygen, water, salt, potassium, fats (oils), and lack of exercise, otherwise, there can be serious illnesses.


Here are the reasons why:

Oxygen: It is outside and inside of our blood which flows throughout the body. If our levels are low we become tired, we lack mental clarity, and memory loss, and the blood can’t carry the toxins out of the body promptly. A raised oxygen level saturates the blood by keeping our blood acidity levels down. Without oxygen our blood becomes thick and it makes for a very unhappy life that is certain to involve illness. Air pollution, and lack of deep breathing, cuts our oxygen supply dramatically; and we suffer physically as a result.

Water: As with oxygen, our blood becomes thick without it, then we can’t push the toxins out of our systems and our blood becomes acidic (another cause of arthritis). This condition may cause the cartilage in the bones to dissolve. Water puts much needed oxygen into the blood stream and helps us with digestion. Nothing kills life quicker than the lack of water. Those with the worst health conditions drink less water than healthier people. Asthma is a condition resulting from lack of water. Water can be harmful if it passes through corrosive pipes. City dwellers need to investigate water filters for their faucets. Check your city’s water source. You could be drinking purified sewer water!

Salt: Sodium is an indispensable mineral which helps maintain proper water balance, assists in muscle contraction, aids in proper functioning of nervous system, and maintains the correct balance of acid in our blood and urine. One teaspoon of salt has about 2000 mg of sodium. The average recommended daily allowance is about 8 grams. Iodized salt is a poison, as is white sugar. Kelp or dolce ( which are two different forms of sea weed) is healthier and also a good sea salt. One of the best salts to ingest is Celtic Sea Salt, which is grey in color and full of vitamins and minerals. In early European history, people were deprived of salt as a form of torture; they literally went mad. Visit the web site .

Potassium: It helps release energy from cells, and is important in maintaining a normal heart beat. This element, helps regulate acid-base balance, manufactures glycogen and protein; and is found in the following foods; prunes, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, mangoes, wheat germ, peanuts, broccoli, carrots and bananas.

Fats/oils: . Fat is an essential part of every cell in the body. Stored fats act as a concentrated form of energy, which can replace carbohydrates. Since vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble; fat is necessary for their proper utilization in the body. Good fats are ghee, coconut oil, organic butter, olive oil and 100% natural oils. Man made oils such as Canola, vegetable (genetically engineered soy bean oil), corn, and cotton seed oil are harmful and should be avoided at all costs. They cause free radical, which cause cancer, [free radical is closely associated with oxidative damage more familiar by analogy with the process of rust formation of iron exposed to oxygen]. These oils don’t fare well with high heat during frying. Their compositions are changed into chemicals which are carcinogenic.

Exercise: The best form of exercise is walking. Moving the body on a regular basis is the best medicine for keeping circulation flowing and health at it’s maximum. There is NO way around exercise, you must do it to become, and maintain good health!

There have been many tried and true remedies for cancer, however, altering the way you think is the first step in conquering this illness God willing. Your emotional health and stress level can definitely contribute to the healing process.

In many people illnesses are created by way of negative emotions and bad habits looming from the past. Pain, be it physical or emotional, is a difficult test to conquer. When you are free from physical and emotional pain, you can then become more receptive to healing. You must forgive and let things go (as taught in Islam). Healing is a spiritual, physical and emotional process, which takes strength, and endurance.

When treating cancer the first line of attack is to clean the blood stream and the colon. Skin brushing helps eliminate trapped toxins from the skin and helps with circulation. Deep breathing exercises help the lungs get ride of toxins. Drinking the juice of an organic lemon and water every morning helps the liver and the kidneys with the tasks of processing and removing toxins. Organic or home-made vinegar is also a good start for the day. You should do combinations or all of the following things to combat cancer.

Drink six to eight glasses of herbal teas/water daily. Vegetable juices are very helpful. Try: celery, carrot, beets, parsley, cucumber, and ginger. Fruit juices are also beneficial, however, be aware of food combinations. It is very important, at this time, to never combine fruits and vegetables in one sitting, unless authorized by a Hakeem/Hakeemah.

Get plenty of exercise, fresh air and sunshine. Never cook in aluminum utensils.

Sweat baths and a rubbing with mineral salts are a good stimulant for the body.

Eliminate meat from your diet for a good, long while because it is hard to digest and full of chemicals. Eat lots of pumpkin seeds; parasites don’t like their taste.

Enemas are a very fast way of removing toxins and will also bring down fevers.

Remember, it has been shown that this illness is brought about by a parasitic infestation and when you cut off their food supply by changing your diet, you can flush them out.

There are many accelerators that cause cancer, here are a few:

Microwave ovens ~ Studies are finding all kinds of carcinogens in microwave plastic, which also seeps into your food.

Hair Dyes ~ Chemicals such as diaminoanisole and FD& C Red 33 are found in most hair dyes. Both chemicals are carcinogenic and linked to Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and Multiple Myeloma.

Talc ~ Which is a mineral found in mines, when processed to become a minute fiber, is very similar to asbestos. If not removed, inhalation of this powder is sometimes cancer causing. Talc is found in medicated powders, baby powder and perfumed powders. An alternative is to make your own. Add essential oils to rice flour which works just as well and isn’t harmful.

Cosmetics ~The human skin is extremely permeable; what ever you apply to it soaks into your blood stream. A warning is “if you can’t eat it don’t use it.” An experiment proving this point, is to weigh yourself and then sit in a bathtub full of water for 1hr (if you can). You will find that you are heavier!

Radon ~ a common gas emitted from, say, a furnace. Have your home checked for it.

Ex-Rays ~Avoid at all costs

Mycotoxins (from mold) ~These are toxins produced by fungus. Cheaply produced foods are more likely be contaminated. Moldy cheese, fruits, nuts, bread, cereals, corn, wheat, and vegetables can all develop Mycotoxins. The consumers can do nothing to control Mycotoxins except to stay away from cheap foods and anything with mold on it.

Asbestos ~Nearly every American will or has been exposed to some sort of asbestos in their lives. Over 5000 products still contain asbestos. It is linked to lung, kidney, abdominal, and gastrointestinal cancer.

Cell Phones ~Read the fine print!

Sanitary napkins ~Make your own!

Herbs that can be used for cancer are as follows:

African cayenne, blood root, burdock root, violet leaves, yellow dock, blue flag, red clover, dandelion root, golden seal, chaparral, garlic, pau D’ arco, parsley, echinacea, guggul gum, green tea, tumeric, garlic, milk thistle seed, cordyceps mushroom, maitake mushroom, astragalus root, poria mushroom, and rhubarb root. The list truly goes on. Each country has thousands of successful remedies for this disease. The most important thing to do is to strengthen your immune system.

Use these herbs combinations that are good for you. You can put them in [vegetable] capsules or drink them as tea.

Multi vitamins can be taken daily with excellent results. Of benefit are extra A, C, B-complex as are the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium and zinc.

This remedy was used by American Indians but has been changed throughout the years.


20 parts burdock root

4 parts slippery elm bark

1 part rhubarb root

16 parts sheep sorrel

1 part blessed thistle

1 part kelp

1 part red clover

1 part water cress

Use stainless steel pots, or glass

2 gallons of water

Add herbs in your desired amounts, such as cups or ½ cups, or tablespoons if you want a smaller batch

Example; 20 cups of burdock root, 4 cups slippery elm etc

Add herbs to a pot of water, bring to a boil, let stand in water for at least 6 hours, stir vigorously, let stand another 6 hours.

Strain, store in a cool dark place, and seal in air tight containers.

The Hoxey Formula

This is a classic American formula used by Harry Hoxey. His grandfather used it to cure farm animals with cancerous lesions. This formula is a blood purifier; it cleanses the liver, and lymphatic systems. Use equal parts of the following herbs:

Red clover blossoms

Licorice root

Buckthorn bark

Oregon grape root

Stillingia root

Burdock seed

Prickly ash bark

Wild indigo root

Phytolacca root

Potassium iodide


We should fear none save Allah the Most High, the Knower of all our affairs. Know that there is no substitute for Allah Almighty.

The Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him) said “What have I to do with this world? As regards this world, I am like a rider who rests under the shade of a tree, and continues his journey, then leaves it.”

The soul was created before the body. Allah is the Healer, and in this place of test and trial, each challenge is another hurdle to jump. This is why we say cancer kills some people and, others, it just sets them free!

Dr. Jemille Warns Islamic World of the Falsehood of Modern Medical Science, Proposes Solution by Khalida
September 26, 2008, 1:18 pm
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By Dr. Jemille Wasi, Islamic Post Staff Writer

American Muslim Medical Relief Team Establishing Maternity Clinic

American Muslim Medical Relief Team (AMMRT) members Dr. Bashir Abdul Wadud, Dr. Jemille Wasi, and Bilqis Begum Ata Abdallah R.N., will be opening a new prenatal and maternity clinic in the rural upstate New York village of Holy Islamberg, in response to the emergence of a recent and unpublicized medical emergency.
C-Sections: Be Warned.
Over the last couple of months there have been a rash of medical occurrences involving Muslim obstetrical patients.  Many of these ladies have gone to the hospitals to deliver their children and, when faced with the slightest sign of complications, medical staffs have resorted to unnecessary surgery. This body-damaging procedure, the Cesarean Section (C-section), has become routine in most hospitals. Hospitals have moved away from the natural process of childbirth.
According to the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General, roughly 29 per cent of live births today are by C-section. This figure is escalating due to many factors, among them, inability or failure of the expectant mother to fully prepare physically and psychologically for labor and delivery. There is a subsequent tendency to inhibit the childbirth process due to extreme tension and fear. The 2005 Surgeon General’s report has confirmed that C-sections are usually performed in the doctor’s haste under stressful delivery conditions. There is an obvious lack of knowledge on how to stabilize the patient (See “Success to Life-Threatening Delivery,” this page).
Of concern also is the growing number of abortions in the United States due to the high cost of health care.
C-sections are often conducted in tense environment where practitioner and patient are simultaneously experiencing panic.  This charged atmosphere can in many cases, lead to long-term physical damage  including scar tissue, thin uterine walls, and damage to the bladder and intestines. The procedure also lessens the chance of future, healthy natural deliveries and decreases fertility.
Decreased fertility & population control.
Such population control policies have been put into place with the express intent of decreasing the amount of births, especially amongst people of color.
As regards open anti-fertility methods like birth control pills and injections, Planned Parenthood –which began as the American Birth Control League– has become an effective machine for population control. Planned Parenthood legitimizes and propagates promiscuity, and there appears to be financial gain involved. Pharmaceutical companies have received billions of dollars in government subsidies to provide cut-rate birth control pills to Planned Parenthood, for the sale by the organization to all those who enter their doors.
All of these unethical practices are detrimental to women, and our society as a whole. There is an urgent need to return to viable remedies.
Before the advent of modern medicine people were born into the world and survived in good health.
Regulation or research?
There has been a revival in natural approaches to childbirth, midwifery, and treatment of diseases, but the desire of the majority is being suppressed under the guise of regulation.
A major propagator of healthcare misconceptions is the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO is a global organization, established as part of the United Nations from the outset of the UN, and claims to be responsible for “setting norms and standards” in the health industry. This UN body is also engaged in “articulating evidence-based policy options,” and “shaping research agenda.” It would seem, from perusing their objectives, as if there is no other treatment option which, even when based on evidence of formal research, has proven acceptable. El Sheikh, Dr. Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, established a ward in the Taif psychiatric hospital, proving the results of El Gilani Methodology (EGM) under controlled circumstances decades ago, upon the request of WHO-sponsored psychiatrists for the purposes of establishing a spiritual treatment method. But the scientific results led to unscientific responses. One of the psychiatrists involved rejected the research outright upon his stated premise, “I don’t want to believe in God.”
The Islamic Post has been instrumental in displaying the results of EGM over the years. Spiritual and natural remedies have been successfully used by EGM practitioners for treatment of cancer, kidney disease, jaundice, AIDS, and other ailments.
After leaving aside spiritual modalities, WHO’s agenda for traditional medicine now focuses on herb regulation and creating fear regarding remedies unknown to modern medicine.
While history bears testimony that few people have suffered death or accumulated side effects from the use of natural therapies, the same cannot be said of surgery and pharmaceuticals. To completely negate the validity of centuries-tested therapies for decades-old approaches which hinge upon the profit-based sale of unaffordable pharmaceutical products and the edge of the knife to remove an effected organ in a instead of healing it, can be likened to a return to the Dark Ages.
The current condition of the approach to disease is dismal at best in regards to true patient care. Moreover, if the present healthcare movement continues to ignore the full aspect of the nature of disease, which includes the spiritual aspect this is a trend that will continue to spiral out of control. Let us pray that it will not come to that.
El Gilani Methodology (EGM) (See the Dr. Jemille column below) is a non-invasive treatment modality in which people have been cured by the word of God Almighty. One recent instance involves a young girl complaining of frequency of urination every 2 hours. A urologist in Lahore examined her and performed many tests to figure out a cause. It was determined that her bladder was too small and couldn’t hold her urine. Special prayers of the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad. peace be upon him, and a command from the Holy Quran –“Oh Earth, take back your water, hold it back.”– were written and placed about her neck, along with the last lines of Sura Mulk. A short time later the disease was cured.
Western scientists have deemed many ailments “incurable,” and have no real knowledge of them. This is especially the case with regards to curing aids.

In an attempt to assist the reversal of the negative trend of human suffering, the American Muslim Medical Relief Team (AMMRT) has worked fervently in many areas. AMMRT members have placed their lives in jeopardy and selflessly given their monies, time, and medical expertise in the emergency rescue and medical relief efforts of catastrophic disaster sites such as the Ground Zero site in the aftermath of September 11, Hurricane Katrina, and the devastating earthquake in Pakistan in 2005.
Today AMMRT is responding to the need of mothers who are put at risk, in an effort to end unwarranted maternal surgery, and to provide a positive childbirth experience.
Towards these ends, three team members will establish a fully equipped and fully staffed maternity clinic along with staff members Nabila begum Muhammad Siddiq, R.N.; Habibah Abdallah, R.N.; and Hakeemahs Khadijah Ansar, Naima Azza, and Razia Abdul Mumin.
The medical facility will specialize in midwifery, childhood illnesses, prenatal care, and general well being. Through this new facility, medical assistance and counseling will be given to all that are in need.
The maternity care and health crisis is urgent, and long overdue. The construction of the clinic is to begin immediately. Over the years the AMMRT has, without prejudice, has answered your calls and pleas for assistance and help and will continue to do so.

Dr. Jemille: Summary to the Series on El Gilani Methodology (conclusion) by Khalida

Dr. Jemille Wasi, Islamic Post Contributing Writer

If you have been reading the Islamic Post in the last few months you would have seen that I have been writing on the subject of El Gilani Methodology (EGM).  Starting in the April 2008 edition of the Islamic Post, I began a series whose intended purpose was to formally introduce EGM to those who may not know exactly what it is.  This final article serves as a conclusion or summary to the entire series.
The history of EGM is an important factor in understanding the Methodology.  At the time of the inception of El Gilani Methodology, many psychiatrists from all around the globe were meeting at a World Health Organization (WHO) conference in Egypt in hopes of finding a way to standardize treatment approaches to mental disease.  The idea was to pool the practices of many cultures to come up with one general approach.  Meanwhile, EGM was reaching acclaim in Pakistan.  Due to success in the subcontinent, the Methodology soon began to garner attention on a larger scale.
As a result, El Sheikh Gilani, the developer of the method, formalized the process into a system.
One of the psychiatrists present at the WHO conference, Dr. Usama Radi, believed that aspects of Quranic therapy could be beneficial to WHO’s worldwide treatment approach.  Recognizing that El Sheikh Gilani of Pakistan was an authority on such matters, Dr. Radi contacted El Sheikh to enlist his assistance in proving the science behind the healing with chapters from the Holy Quran.
A special research facility was set up in the psychiatry wing of a hospital in Taif, Saudi Arabia. Scientific experimentation commenced on many subjects suffering from a variety of psychiatric maladies.  The effectiveness of the method was noted immediately by all who were present including world renowned psychiatrists from a variety of different countries.
Upon further examination however, those in attendance with formal western psychiatric training began to feel that the foundation of the method was incongruent with their beliefs. They began to find fault and attempted to “fit” the results into something that made sense to them.
The “radical” idea that human flesh is a covering for the true spiritual beings that we are, was in total contradiction to the belief system of the psychiatrists involved, who thought that our extraordinary physical bodies merely house our minds –which are but impressive centers made of neurotransmitters and complex tissue.  Moreover, the psychiatrists came to realize that EGM gives mankind a firm understanding that he is a spiritual creature whose deeds and actions determine his place in the universe, as opposed to being an animal governed by his carnal desires and primal urges.
In protecting their unfounded, materialist dogma, the resistance of these psychiatrists escalated to the point where they began to oppose anything to do with the Methodology. Even after viewing miracles never before seen, with their own eyes, they continued to ignore the scientific results of EGM in order to return to the “safe” world of theory and conjecture to which they had become accustomed.  Consequently, this great scientific breakthrough was ignored. No longer were attempts made to incorporate the Methodology into the global treatment strategy for which it had originally been sought.
The psychiatrists conjured up an objection that EGM had no structure, and was not scientifically based. They claimed the Methodology required no formal training for those who wished to practice it, only some sort of special powers being necessary to be considered for training.
None of these objections have basis in fact.  EGM is a unique branch of Divine science with a complete doctrine and manual for practice.  Therapists are formally trained at one of the few Quranic Science Institutions and must receive certification before implementing the Methodology into practice.
The training is often more rigorous and detailed than Western psychiatric programs because of the subject matter being dealt with.
Once the program is complete, students go through an intense period of testing that can often last for many months before they can be certified.  An extra caveat to this is that therapists MUST adhere to the same spiritual and moral standards that are required by patients receiving EGM treatment.
If a person meets the prerequisites, he or she is an acceptable candidate for training in the Methodology.
In conclusion, the current condition of the approach to mental disease is dismal, at best, in regards to patient care.  If the present psychiatric movement continues to ignore the true spiritual nature of mental disorders, the trend of mental illness will continue until there will be no hope for those suffering from psychiatric maladies.  Let’s pray that it will not come to that!
As always, only from Allah (Glorified and the Most High is He) can we be healed!

Dr. Jemille graduated in 1998 with honors from Longwood University, with a Bachelors in Chemistry. In June 2006, he received a Medical Degree from International Quranic Open University (I.Q.O.U.). In September 2006, he received his M.D. from Eastern Virginia Medical school. Dr. Jemille is scheduled, this year, to participate fully as a physician at St. Francis Family Residency Program.

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Dr. Jemille Series: The Introduction to El Gilani Methodology Intro| Part 1| Part 2 | Part 3

Dr. Jemille’s Introduction to Qur’anic Psychiatry : The El Gilani Methodology by Khalida

Dr. Jemille Wasi, Islamic Post Contributing Writer

“I am at my wits end!”
This is the thought that invaded my mind as I listened to my patient tell her story. She is a 19 year-old European-American woman who had experienced a multitude of abuse starting around age 11. Over the years these events have taken their toll.
The patient has been suffering from depression since the age of 13 years old. Since being diagnosed at that age, she had tried nearly all of the available mainstream methods of combating depression including counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), and of course antidepressive medications.
Upon hearing the shopping list of medications she had tried, I was in shock because she was so young. Of all of the antidepressants available, she had tried all but 2. Additionally, I believe she had even experimented with “off-label” methods, including teas and acupuncture.
As I sat there listening to her, she began sobbing and asked that I help her. I thought, “How can I be of any help to her?” She had already exhausted most of the available medical options; and as a proponent of EGM (El Gilani Methodology) I wanted to suggest the Methodology as an option; but the hospital system in which I am employed has “standard of care” guidelines for us to follow and this modality is not contained therein.
The solution became clear: I must try to convince physicians and patients that this methodology should be mainstream and considered standard of care.
The best way to prove the worth of EGM is to inform that the Methodology is a scientifically proven method of treating psychiatric maladies. This next series of articles should do just that.
Although this methodology has its roots in ancient times, El Gilani Methodology (EGM) became an established treatment system in the last 30 years. In the 1960s the founding researcher of EGM, Dr. Mubarik Gilani, was known all throughout his country, Pakistan, for his ability to heal patients with Divine words. In 1968 Dr. Gilani invented EGM as a FORMAL treatment strategy, due to the increased demand and success of the informal method.
Between 1965 and 1972, the World Health Organization (WHO) carried out a major international effort directed at the standardization of psychiatric diagnoses, classifications, and statistics; WHO involved authorities from some 30 countries.
At a WHO conference in 1976 one such expert was a Dr. O. Radi, the director of Psychiatric Hospital Shahar Taif in Saudi Arabia, who recognized the significance of Quranic Psychiatry. He proposed to continue research into this premise and present the findings at the next conference. The idea was to exhibit modern, documented, scientific evidence to continue the research so that discussion of the subject became reasonable.
Dr. Radi started out trying to find a competent Sufi scientist in Saudi Arabia but was unable to locate one. His search led him to Dr. Mubarik Gilani whose healing methodology (EGM) was increasing in acclaim in Pakistan. He told the researcher that he had a problem to solve and that if he would help him, it would be a major scientific breakthrough. Dr. Gilani agreed to run the project as an honorary Professor of Psychiatry at the Taif hospital.
A special wing at the Shahar Hospital was constructed specifically for this research endeavor.
Dr. Gilani ran the team which included Dr. Radi, Dr. M. Gaber, and Lady Dr. Mahmuda. Dr. Radi selected, diagnosed, and approved the patients to be admitted. Drs. Gaber and Mahmuda were the observers and interpreters, and also recorded the data from the experiments.
All trials were conducted under controlled situations and test results were meticulously analyzed. Additionally a team of psychiatrists various countries around the world was at hand to directly observe the methodology.
The following Professors of Psychiatry were present:
1. Dr. D Leigh, Hon. General Secretary, International
Psychiatrists’ Federation, London (Maudsley Hospital)
2. Dr. O. Shaheen, Professor of Psychiatry, Cairo, Egypt
3. Dr. A. Okasho, Professor of Psychiatry Cairo, Egypt
4. Dr. U. Alhaj, Professor of Psychiatry, Khartoum, Sudan
5. Dr. R. Chaudhry, Professor of Psychiatry, Lahore, Pakistan
6. Additional physicians not mentioned heralded from the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.
The researcher was able to heal a multitude of patients suffering from a variety of disease states including epilepsy, schizophrenia, psychosis, neurosis, depressive states, insomnia, night terrors, and chronic joint pain with edema. Additionally Dr. Gilani gave regular lectures to all of the psychiatrists on Quranic topics.
The institute was opened to any and everyone who wanted to attend and observe; and, as is the Sufi tradition, no fees or salaries were accepted for any treatment provided, it being the practice to render any services merely for the pleasure of our Creator and Sustainer.
EGM continues to have worldwide success and the offer is always open to conduct experiments in the methodology wherever there is the need and desire for such assistance.
An in-depth look into the Methodology follows in the next edition of the Islamic Post.
As always, only from Allah, the Most Glorified is He and On High, can we be healed!

Dr. Jemille graduated in 1998 with honors from Longwood University, with a Bachelors in Chemistry. In June 2006, he received a Medical Degree from International Quranic Open University (I.Q.O.U.). In September 2006, he received his M.D. from Eastern Virginia Medical school. Dr. Jemille is scheduled, this year, to participate fully as a physician at St. Francis Family Residency Program.

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Dr. Jemille Series: The Introduction to El Gilani Methodology Intro| Part 1| Part 2 | Part 3