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Upcoming Book: Pir:Pearls from the Ocean of His Secrets by ipinfo2
December 1, 2008, 3:01 pm
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From the upcoming title being published by Zavia Books:

Pir: Pearls from the Ocean of His Secrets

The Tavern

By Ahmad Qadri

Islamic Post Contributing Writer

Ihave been to your tavern.

Oh, I thank you for the wine.

One sip of your secret elixir and my animal self began to die.

In ecstasy, I found myself chanting Allah’s Holy Name:

Allah-Hu, Allah-Hu, Allah-Hu,  again, again and again.

I lost myself in your tavern,

where your brand of wine has gained much fame.

Travelers come from far and wide to drink.

Yes, jinn, man, and malaaikah (angels) come to quench to their thirst.

Drinking the wine of Love like pilgrims drink

from Zam Zam, their stomach about to burst.

I sat as listener to the dhikr.

As the intoxicated tavern keeper began to sing;

sakinah (peace) fell upon us all,

as the malaaikah began to spread their wings!

The keeper in Love’s ecstasy started to cry,

as he began to describe:

“With this wine of ishq

your spirit will fly!”

“Believe me” he said confidently,

“I do it all the time!

I have flown the fourteen valleys.

I have known hardships, test and trial.

“This atom you call the universe

is truly not worth your while.

“Only to roam inside your soul

is where you will find true gold.”

Dig fast and deep,

before you grow too old!

Outside my tavern is the life of this world,

the jahil’s (ignoramus’) amusements,

the bakhil’s (miser’s) delusion,

a place of endless doubts and confusion.

“Have another cup with me,

if you have the capacity!”

Why do you wait? Life is short.

For this you can make haste.

Drink to your fill.

This wine of love makes none ill.

In fact,  you will become one

with t he One’s  will.

“What was a secret shall become known!

Why, my dear friends…

Shall I tell where I have flown?!”

One drunkard in the tavern said,

in a soft intoxicated moan…

“I have seen the white hawk flying high and alone, circumambulating the throne.”

*This poem was written in the Zavia of El Sheikh Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, Hashmi, in the Himalayan Mountains after El Sheikh delivered a discourse in which was said:

“The sheikh is the tavern keeper.

The Zavia is the tavern. Love is the wine.”


Poetry Corner: Rabbee, I Have No Complaint. by Khalida
July 26, 2008, 1:45 am
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*Rabbee/Cherisher and Sustainer, refers to the Almighty Creator

By Rasheeda Ameera Amatullah, Islamic Post Contributing Writer

In a world where they seek entertainment,
instead of the pleasure of their Lord;
where money is the priority,
Amidst chaos and disdain for accord:

This place is the proving ground
for those who truly believe,
to stay away from temptation
and the worlds deadly taint.
Rabbee, I have no complaint.

With so much to be thankful for:
each day of life,
the many opportunities to please you
in the midst of struggle and strife.
Rabbee, I have no complaint.

The bounty of your blessings:
infinite mercy, abounding grace,
the privilege of living on
Your beautiful earth, so full of space.
Rabbee, I have no complaint.

You provide for us everyday,
whether or not we see the way.
You gave us prayer to repent our sin, show patience with us again and again.
Rabbee, I have no complaint.

Through test and trial and adversity, from anger, show restraint.
We bear this for a little while.
Rabbee, I have no complaint.

With the gift of Kalima Shahada: the privilege to be your slave.
You guide us through the sea of truth;
from darkness, us You saved.
Rabbee, I have no complaint.

On the wave of certainty
we ride, in awe and hope,
holding fast with conviction
to Islam’s sturdy rope.
Rabbee, I have no complaint.

Thank you, Rabbee, for everything:
Your loving kindness, mercy and grace.
Without you we would be nothing,
lost and desolate in this place.
Rabbee, Rabbee, Rabbee,
You grant us so many things.
I truly have no complaint.

Mathnawi of Maulana Jami by Khalida
July 26, 2008, 1:39 am
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In the book by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Virtues of Salaat ‘Ala-n- Nabi (peace be upon him), which has all but disappeared from the shelves of Islamic book stores,  the Mathnawi of Maulana Jaami r.a. is quoted, a display of affection and love for the Holy Rasool, peace be upon him. An excerpt is displayed here on the most honorable occasion of Lailatul Mi’raj, the Night of Ascension.
Bestow your generous attention, oh Seal of the Messengers, for greatly bereaved is the world since your demise, oh Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).

You who are indeed the Last of the Messengers and their Seal, sal Allahu alayhe wa sallam, how can you ignore us when drowned in wretchedness and ill of fortune we are?

Through your evergreen freshness, oh dearest one, grace now this world, and from your restful sleep awake, to fill us with guiding light.

Lift now your countenance from within your Yemeni shroud, for your blessed face is the very life and light of day.

Turn for us the darkness of our sorrowful night into blessed light of day, and crown for us our day with successful accomplishments.

And now do don your fragrant smelling garments, and on your head the white turban do place.

Let your dark and precious locks of hair hang down, that their shade fall upon your blessed feet.

Wrap your feet in your shoes from mountainous Ta’if, and make their straps bind our souls to you.

This entire universe desires to be spread out for your feet, and sincerely wishes for the honor that you tread upon her.

Come forth from your sepulchre into the Nabawi Mosque, that we may kiss and lay our heads on the dust under your feet where you do tread.

Oh Messenger of Allah, sal Allahu alayhe wa aalihe wa sallam, grant refuge and help for the needy, and console the hearts of those filled with love for you.

Sinners are we, drowned in the sea of our iniquity. Yet great is the thirst of our endeavor to follow your way.

You are the rain cloud of mercy, and your generosity demands that succor be granted to the thirsty seeker in search of you.

IP Magazine: Writing of Love…and Hope by Khalida

By Maryam A. Latif,

the Dominican Republic

(Click on the original link above for the Spanish of this post.)

Sometimes, I have thought…
Here with the most humble remembrance,
that awakens during the night, when I’m sleepy;

He soothes me, He overwhelms me, matchless,
covering more than half my thoughts, those that
turn around in my mind and finally turn to You…

I hold on, in hope of some sign that will end
the uncertainty of that longing, for You, and what
You represent to me.

You love me with a pure love, sincere and with
compassion, and this is in what I hope.

You make me happy with each small thing, You give me
everything and at the end, after finding You and
knowing You, I will not have to hope nor desire,
for You are here.

You turn my shadow, in the light it travels, and
returns to me filling me with hope, an immense
serenity of peace that clothes my being, my soul
flaming to have found You, and to be taught by

What happiness is this which overwhelms
the uncertainty, arriving at Your path and coming
to know You?

So I come to understand that You are the
most pure and beautiful, all that I hoped for.

Never does it matter the stones, rocks, voids in
my path, every pain is worth you in the end. I
will come back to You and I place my hope in you
because You have filled me with life and flashes
of light, having fallen upon a dry earth, which
made me into Spring, for You.

For You are who I love in truth, Who has made me happy, so…
Can I live my life to Your desire, because
of You and for You, and renounce that which I
thought at one time was happiness?

Can I accept a way of living created by You which will bring me
nearer to You?
The answer is, yes, ya Allah
From me to Thee, oh Merciful One.

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IP Magazine: Rosebush – Poetry Corner June Vol. 1 by Khalida
June 16, 2008, 4:50 am
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Poem by Baji Halimah

I have a rosebush and each flower is a friend,
And through the years this bush keeps growing, and some new flowers begin.

Among these are my close companions, who’ve grown roots here in my heart,
And every day I love them more, even though in earthly miles, some are apart.

But the “Bond” of Bonds unites us. And all across the universe,
For the love of Him, who loves us most, our beams of love are sent forth.

And on occasions, when we are all together again, the joyfulness of our union is great!
O my sisters! My brothers! True family are we! We are one, all for Allahu’s sake.

And just to let you know how special you are,
Upon each of you beautiful roses, I have placed a bright shining star.

For, my love for you overflows, my sisters, my brothers, my friends.
Our bounding grows stronger and stronger as we approach this life’s journey’s end!

And to my many beautiful children, I’ve attended some of you in birth and watched you grow
Into very fine adults and Muslims. Please! Keep the faith in every seed that you sow.

For it is for you we’ve paved the roads. And you or yours must shield the banner.
Through you Islam shall prevail. Its victory will come in like manner.

Many of us have grown old together, and together yet we still strive,
As the fingers of “Maut” come closer to carry us over to the other side.

To those whom I have wronged, I ask forgiveness, in case I haven’t managed in the past.
The same for you I have already sent forth; my forgiveness you don’t have to ask.

You know the path of Deen-ul-Islam is so awesome and splendid to me,
And I hope to ride the rainbow across to eternity.

Here’s hoping we all make it to Heaven’s gate, and that its doors be open wide
To receive all of you, my friends and me, when we are home on the other side..

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