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Welcome to the Islamic Post Blog: August Volume, 2008

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Front cover stories:

Muslim Scouts of America Receive Awards for 9/11 Relief Work- Abu Rashid Qadri

Muslim Scouts of America 2008 Boys’ Camp Commencement and Awards- this article has been updated with a correction

Omar Khadr’s Guantanamo Defense Attorney: “What Would Jesus Do?”- Khalida Khaleel

Karadzic’s Occult Ties Recall That of Previous Genocidists- Noora Ahmad

The many personalities of Dr. Radovan Karadzic seem at conflict to the common perception held of the ethnic-cleansing psychiatrist, but are typical of past and present-day globalists.

From Auschwitz To Abu Ghraib- Mubeen Khaleel

Cayman Islands See US Offshore Firm Investigation, Again-Mubeen Khaleel

The last time the Cayman Islands came under wide government scrutiny was the 1988 probe that tied international bankers to the likes of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Beijing Executes Two Ethnic Muslim Uyghurs for Plotting Against the State-Safiya A. Khafidh

Also in the news:

Arab World ‘Not Too Amused’ Over Bashir Indictment– Abu Aasim

Dr. Jemille: Summary to the Series on El Gilani Methodology (conclusion)- Dr. Jemille Wasi

Italian Officials Convicted For Abuse Of 2001 G8 Summit Protesters-Noora Ahmad

President Bush Says Mugabe ‘Should Not Ignore the Will of the People,’ Meanwhile US District Court Revokes Neocon ‘Immunity’- Muhammad Ahmad

Transport Security Administration Tries to Boost Image After Death Of New York Woman Last Year– Khalida Khaleel

Commentary: Muslim and British Jurists Promote State Tolerance, Mutual Respect – Khadir A. Ghani

Explanation of Islamic Miracle in Nigeria – Farhana Jamal

Commentary: All Rights Reserved for Divine Texts – Afifa Begum

Zimbabwe: No Real Outcome to Talks – Durdana Jamal

Afghan President Implicated as ‘Hindrance’- Raheemah Atif

Latin American, Caribbean Troops Being Recruited For Iraq, Afghanistan- Muhammad Ahmad

Haiti’s Real Problem- ‘Negative Spirituality‘-Raheemah Atif

Voodoo and witchcraft are no boon to any society.

New Rule of Law in the Caribbean?- Farhana Jamal

Inside the Magazine:

A Bit of Advice Concerning The Tests & Trials of This Life…– From the Desk of Sultan Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani

15 Sha’baan (Nisf)- Lailatul Baraat– ‘Asma Bibi Abdul Haqq

School Approaches: Designing a Curriculum for Muslim Students– Zahidah Faruq

Tips for New Educators: Preparing a Standard School Curriculum

Remembering the Night of Ascension- poetry

The Hakimah’s Corner: This Issue: Fat For Your Life!– Razia Abdul Mumin

Touring- Egypt of My Heart – Abu Aasim


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