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Welcome to the Islamic Post Online: July Volume II, 2008

This site is updated twice a month.

Front cover stories:

The Spectre of Intrigue in Malaysia- Raheemah Atif

Women Detainees in Mosul, Bagram- Muhammad Ahmad

National Security Presidential Directive 59: This is Not a Conspiracy Theory- Khalida Khaleel

Egypt-Sponsored Peace Deal in Question After Bulldozer Incident- Abu Aasim

Rescue of Ingrid Betancourt Baffles Many- Farhana Jamal

Also in the news:

Abu Ghraib Prisoners Sue Private Firms- Durdana Begum Qadria

Opinion: The Quest for an Intelligence Quotient Illusion- Noora Ahmad

Did the Christian Action Network Hire Waitresses to Trick Local Muslims?- Mark Beardsley

Operation: Mountaintop Removal- Aisha Faruq

Congressman Kucinich’s Call for Presidential Impeachment- Mubeen Khaleel

Thomas Lubanga on Trial- Nafisa Begum

Dr. Jemille: El Gilani Methodology, Pt. 2- Dr. Jemille Wasi

Paraguay’s Duarte Fails to Get Ahead of the Game- Noora Ahmad

Food Cooperatives: A Means to Combat Escalating Food Prices- Safiya A. Khafidh

Organized Criminals Do Not Use Leon Torture Methods- Mubeen Khaleel

Inside the Magazine:

From the Desk of the Sultan: Know and Understand Your Salaah- El Sheikh Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani

Photo Essay: IQOU Boys’ Summer Camp 2008- Naimah Azza

Late Summer Gardening- Saudah Umm Nur

Touring: The Sisters of Naumaan- Asma Yunus

Reflections on the Sacred Month of Rajab- Words from Ghausul Azam Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani and also Qadi Iyad (may Allah have mercy on them)

Mathnawi of Maulana Jami

Always Ether – An English adaptation of “How Sings the Andalusian Poets” by Juan Jose Ceba (sroll down)

Events: An Invitation ot the Banaatun Noor International Inc. 2008 Ladies’ Summer Camp

Poetry Corner: Rabbee, I Have No Complaint- Rasheeda Ameera Amatullah


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I very much enjoyed reading about Rajab, salaah, and the El Gilani Methodology. Thank you.

Comment by rafiabegum

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