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During Ramadan, Divine Miracle Explained in NY

Spending The Last 10 Days of Ramadan In The Tradition Of The Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him)
A Blessed Eid of Best Wishes from Muslims of the Americas –includes the full page from the print edition.

Muslims in Texas Assist With Ike Relief

Front cover stories:

Muslim First Responders’ ‘No’ to Religious Clash in America

Naimah Azza, Rafia Muqit, Suleiman Muqit)

The scouts were, by the permission of the Almighty, able to successfully team up with other first responders at Ground Zero, amongst them brave firefighters and rescue workers, to bring peace, law, and order back to Manhattan, despite instigation towards a “clash of civilizations.”

Human Trafficking Lawsuit Filed Against Halliburton’s KBR

Troops Face Suicide in the Quest for the Perfect Soldier

Iraq Final Phase: Operation Disneyland

In Stunning Move, Court Decides to Reconsider Case of Rendition Victim, Maher Arar

The Islamic Post hopes that your Eid was blessed and joyous.

The Islamic Post hopes that your Eid was blessed and joyous.

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