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Cancer Kills Some People, Others It Sets Free by Khalida
September 26, 2008, 3:17 pm
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Hakimah’s Corner

Disclaimer: The information provided is not intended as medical advice; consult your health practitioner.

By Hakimah Razia A. Mumin, Islamic Post Staff Writer

Allah knows best why a person gets cancer. Believers have a better understanding of the pre-ordained life span on this earth, and the tests and trials we must endure (and pass) as well. All of this may in turn assist with the healing process, or the transition to the Hereafter.

Cancer is not one disease but many diseases brought about by abnormal cell growth. With almost all illnesses, if you act quickly to remove the problem, you will have more success in eliminating and destroying the source (God willing). In the case of cancer, the source of the problem are the invading parasites and bacteria.

The most commonly found parasite in cancer patients is called (Fasciolopsis buskii) the human intestinal fluke or flatworm. These parasites live quietly inside of our bodies mass-producing, passing their excrement and eggs out along with our waste. When their eggs and waste leave the body on a regular basis (as ours should), the parasitic infestation stays at a low tolerable level. However, when they don’t leave, due to a continued poor diet, constipation, excess sugar, stagnation, stress, low water intake to (flush them out), what ever the many possible reasons; millions of parasites continue to mass produce inside of us, completing their full cycle of life, this becomes the proper environment for cancer cells to grow. If they go through their development in your breast it becomes breast cancer. If they go through their development in your prostate it becomes prostate cancer.

Cancer is an illness that usually occurs when people consume large amounts of devitalized foods on a regular basis. Some people call them ‘comfort foods’. Other factors in this equation are chemical toxins; radiation, environmental pollution, stress, and poor nutrition which break down the immune system and cause our bodies to become ‘auto intoxicated’. We poison ourselves with poor food choices. Processed foods which have been robbed of their natural minerals and vitamins are the culprits here, and as a consequence, do much harm to us. Their low costs have a lot to do with the fact that we eat them so frequently, and in such abundance.

In order to decrease the occurrence of cancerous cell growth, we must stop destroying our health, by eliminating artificial foods from our diet. On an average, we excrete about a pound of artificial substances monthly; dyes, preservatives, and unnatural fillers. We should eat more organic foods; green vegetables, fruits, wholesome grains, and foods that are in season. Grow them in your garden. You can par boil them and freeze them for winter use.

Every minute of the day and night, our bodies are fighting, a never ending battle, to detoxify and eliminate noxious substances that invade our bodies. Good health is a blessing, worth its riches in gold. We seem to concentrate on good health after we, or someone very close to us, becomes sick. We can help our bodies’ task of keeping us healthier, by cutting back on denatured foods. Our digestive, immune, and respiratory systems must be in, top notch, shape at all times to help in the battle to stay well. It is important to have a good balance oxygen, water, salt, potassium, fats (oils), and lack of exercise, otherwise, there can be serious illnesses.


Here are the reasons why:

Oxygen: It is outside and inside of our blood which flows throughout the body. If our levels are low we become tired, we lack mental clarity, and memory loss, and the blood can’t carry the toxins out of the body promptly. A raised oxygen level saturates the blood by keeping our blood acidity levels down. Without oxygen our blood becomes thick and it makes for a very unhappy life that is certain to involve illness. Air pollution, and lack of deep breathing, cuts our oxygen supply dramatically; and we suffer physically as a result.

Water: As with oxygen, our blood becomes thick without it, then we can’t push the toxins out of our systems and our blood becomes acidic (another cause of arthritis). This condition may cause the cartilage in the bones to dissolve. Water puts much needed oxygen into the blood stream and helps us with digestion. Nothing kills life quicker than the lack of water. Those with the worst health conditions drink less water than healthier people. Asthma is a condition resulting from lack of water. Water can be harmful if it passes through corrosive pipes. City dwellers need to investigate water filters for their faucets. Check your city’s water source. You could be drinking purified sewer water!

Salt: Sodium is an indispensable mineral which helps maintain proper water balance, assists in muscle contraction, aids in proper functioning of nervous system, and maintains the correct balance of acid in our blood and urine. One teaspoon of salt has about 2000 mg of sodium. The average recommended daily allowance is about 8 grams. Iodized salt is a poison, as is white sugar. Kelp or dolce ( which are two different forms of sea weed) is healthier and also a good sea salt. One of the best salts to ingest is Celtic Sea Salt, which is grey in color and full of vitamins and minerals. In early European history, people were deprived of salt as a form of torture; they literally went mad. Visit the web site .

Potassium: It helps release energy from cells, and is important in maintaining a normal heart beat. This element, helps regulate acid-base balance, manufactures glycogen and protein; and is found in the following foods; prunes, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, mangoes, wheat germ, peanuts, broccoli, carrots and bananas.

Fats/oils: . Fat is an essential part of every cell in the body. Stored fats act as a concentrated form of energy, which can replace carbohydrates. Since vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble; fat is necessary for their proper utilization in the body. Good fats are ghee, coconut oil, organic butter, olive oil and 100% natural oils. Man made oils such as Canola, vegetable (genetically engineered soy bean oil), corn, and cotton seed oil are harmful and should be avoided at all costs. They cause free radical, which cause cancer, [free radical is closely associated with oxidative damage more familiar by analogy with the process of rust formation of iron exposed to oxygen]. These oils don’t fare well with high heat during frying. Their compositions are changed into chemicals which are carcinogenic.

Exercise: The best form of exercise is walking. Moving the body on a regular basis is the best medicine for keeping circulation flowing and health at it’s maximum. There is NO way around exercise, you must do it to become, and maintain good health!

There have been many tried and true remedies for cancer, however, altering the way you think is the first step in conquering this illness God willing. Your emotional health and stress level can definitely contribute to the healing process.

In many people illnesses are created by way of negative emotions and bad habits looming from the past. Pain, be it physical or emotional, is a difficult test to conquer. When you are free from physical and emotional pain, you can then become more receptive to healing. You must forgive and let things go (as taught in Islam). Healing is a spiritual, physical and emotional process, which takes strength, and endurance.

When treating cancer the first line of attack is to clean the blood stream and the colon. Skin brushing helps eliminate trapped toxins from the skin and helps with circulation. Deep breathing exercises help the lungs get ride of toxins. Drinking the juice of an organic lemon and water every morning helps the liver and the kidneys with the tasks of processing and removing toxins. Organic or home-made vinegar is also a good start for the day. You should do combinations or all of the following things to combat cancer.

Drink six to eight glasses of herbal teas/water daily. Vegetable juices are very helpful. Try: celery, carrot, beets, parsley, cucumber, and ginger. Fruit juices are also beneficial, however, be aware of food combinations. It is very important, at this time, to never combine fruits and vegetables in one sitting, unless authorized by a Hakeem/Hakeemah.

Get plenty of exercise, fresh air and sunshine. Never cook in aluminum utensils.

Sweat baths and a rubbing with mineral salts are a good stimulant for the body.

Eliminate meat from your diet for a good, long while because it is hard to digest and full of chemicals. Eat lots of pumpkin seeds; parasites don’t like their taste.

Enemas are a very fast way of removing toxins and will also bring down fevers.

Remember, it has been shown that this illness is brought about by a parasitic infestation and when you cut off their food supply by changing your diet, you can flush them out.

There are many accelerators that cause cancer, here are a few:

Microwave ovens ~ Studies are finding all kinds of carcinogens in microwave plastic, which also seeps into your food.

Hair Dyes ~ Chemicals such as diaminoanisole and FD& C Red 33 are found in most hair dyes. Both chemicals are carcinogenic and linked to Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and Multiple Myeloma.

Talc ~ Which is a mineral found in mines, when processed to become a minute fiber, is very similar to asbestos. If not removed, inhalation of this powder is sometimes cancer causing. Talc is found in medicated powders, baby powder and perfumed powders. An alternative is to make your own. Add essential oils to rice flour which works just as well and isn’t harmful.

Cosmetics ~The human skin is extremely permeable; what ever you apply to it soaks into your blood stream. A warning is “if you can’t eat it don’t use it.” An experiment proving this point, is to weigh yourself and then sit in a bathtub full of water for 1hr (if you can). You will find that you are heavier!

Radon ~ a common gas emitted from, say, a furnace. Have your home checked for it.

Ex-Rays ~Avoid at all costs

Mycotoxins (from mold) ~These are toxins produced by fungus. Cheaply produced foods are more likely be contaminated. Moldy cheese, fruits, nuts, bread, cereals, corn, wheat, and vegetables can all develop Mycotoxins. The consumers can do nothing to control Mycotoxins except to stay away from cheap foods and anything with mold on it.

Asbestos ~Nearly every American will or has been exposed to some sort of asbestos in their lives. Over 5000 products still contain asbestos. It is linked to lung, kidney, abdominal, and gastrointestinal cancer.

Cell Phones ~Read the fine print!

Sanitary napkins ~Make your own!

Herbs that can be used for cancer are as follows:

African cayenne, blood root, burdock root, violet leaves, yellow dock, blue flag, red clover, dandelion root, golden seal, chaparral, garlic, pau D’ arco, parsley, echinacea, guggul gum, green tea, tumeric, garlic, milk thistle seed, cordyceps mushroom, maitake mushroom, astragalus root, poria mushroom, and rhubarb root. The list truly goes on. Each country has thousands of successful remedies for this disease. The most important thing to do is to strengthen your immune system.

Use these herbs combinations that are good for you. You can put them in [vegetable] capsules or drink them as tea.

Multi vitamins can be taken daily with excellent results. Of benefit are extra A, C, B-complex as are the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium and zinc.

This remedy was used by American Indians but has been changed throughout the years.


20 parts burdock root

4 parts slippery elm bark

1 part rhubarb root

16 parts sheep sorrel

1 part blessed thistle

1 part kelp

1 part red clover

1 part water cress

Use stainless steel pots, or glass

2 gallons of water

Add herbs in your desired amounts, such as cups or ½ cups, or tablespoons if you want a smaller batch

Example; 20 cups of burdock root, 4 cups slippery elm etc

Add herbs to a pot of water, bring to a boil, let stand in water for at least 6 hours, stir vigorously, let stand another 6 hours.

Strain, store in a cool dark place, and seal in air tight containers.

The Hoxey Formula

This is a classic American formula used by Harry Hoxey. His grandfather used it to cure farm animals with cancerous lesions. This formula is a blood purifier; it cleanses the liver, and lymphatic systems. Use equal parts of the following herbs:

Red clover blossoms

Licorice root

Buckthorn bark

Oregon grape root

Stillingia root

Burdock seed

Prickly ash bark

Wild indigo root

Phytolacca root

Potassium iodide


We should fear none save Allah the Most High, the Knower of all our affairs. Know that there is no substitute for Allah Almighty.

The Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him) said “What have I to do with this world? As regards this world, I am like a rider who rests under the shade of a tree, and continues his journey, then leaves it.”

The soul was created before the body. Allah is the Healer, and in this place of test and trial, each challenge is another hurdle to jump. This is why we say cancer kills some people and, others, it just sets them free!


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Very informative. I enjoyed reading this.

Comment by Dave

Thanks Dave, I will inform the author. May the Almighty be your Guide.

Comment by IPblog

Thanks a lot for the info,though i knew most of it ,i loved the spiritual is leading me to finally deal with my questions as i am now Hodgkin free but dread of it coming back,each day is a nightmare for me,but i hope to resolve it soon enough.tanks again for the boost!

Comment by Amena

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